Tiger & Bunny 20

After reverting Barnaby’s  memories back to the false ones he had already planted, Maverick notices his phone with a call from Kotetsu and remembers that he knows the truth as well.

Following this Barnaby is believed to be missing and the other heroes start to suspect the worst, informing Kotetsu when they meet him and pushing further to find out what happened only to have him run off. The excuse for this was of all things a call from Maverick asking if they can talk, and when they meet he drugs his coffee but as they talk about what happened, Kotetsu for one reason or another doesn’t drink it and finds a familiar pin before he gets a call from Samantha about the photograph she found.

Seeking to intercept this Maverick makes a call to have a nearby mall bombed, allowing him enough time to have his men meet her first while Kotetsu races to rescue the civilians. Later that day Barnaby wakes up in Maverick’s vacation home, and when Kotetsu returns to his car he finds another pin, meaning the one in Maverick’s office was Barnaby’s. Due to this he calls him to ask if anything had happened to Barnaby at his office, inadvertently revealing his hand to the one he should be hiding it from. And because of this he comes up with a plan to both get rid of him and get a boost in the ratings.

At this point Kotetsu has made his way over to Samantha’s house and heads in when he finds the door ajar, however at the same time Maverick has erased Barnaby’s memories of Kotetsu and has gathered the other heroes and those who he knows know Wild Tiger’s identity to erase their memories of him as well. Alongside this he also destroys the photograph that Samantha had and has his men kill her, pinning her murder on Kotetsu who had been at her house just before. And the next day Kotetsu heads to work only to find that no one recognises him and that his ID card doesn’t work, soon finding that he’s being hunted by his fellow heroes for Samantha’s murder. And as the episode ends Barnaby finds out about Samantha’s death, Kotetsu’s mother struggles to hide the news report from Kaede, and Yuri learns of it.

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Things may be kind of cheesy at this point (in a good way) but it really feels as if we’re approaching the climax for this half of the show, Kotetsu has approached the truth but because of it he now finds himself alone and framed for a crime he didn’t commit. Not to mention that Barnaby will likely be after his head because of it.

Aside from that Maverick was creepier than ever, he’s messed around with Barnaby’s memories to pretty much groom him to be on Hero TV, and after the events of last week’s episode he had taken him home and once more played the role of the false loving-foster-father. Above all though his attempts to keep the situation under control seem kind of futile, it’s as if all the years of covering it all up have come surging back and in tying up one end he’s allowing another to become untied, in short each hole he fills is replaced with a few more. It really just gives the impression that no matter what happens the truth will come out eventually, and that for Maverick this time is soon approaching.

His methods this time also seemed a little extreme to suit this, like he said he could have just changed Samantha‘s memories while getting rid of the photograph but instead he got rid of her entirely and pinned her murder on the one closest to the truth, Kotetsu. It may just be a ploy of making it a way to gain some good ratings again but it really is over doing it. If anything by erasing the memories of all those who knew that Kotetsu was Wild Tiger also comes across as the sort of thing that could be his undoing as well, like we’ve already seen, if a single contradiction shows up it will all fall apart and what’s more it’s not like he can erase Wild Tiger. It really just sits as one giant hole in his plan.

Most of all though I’m interested to see what will happen to Kotetsu from this point, following the events of this episode he’s pretty much alone and on the run, most of his friends have forgotten about him and are against him. It will be interesting to see just how he and the other heroes conflict in the next episode, more prominately Barnaby, we’ve seen what Jake did to him and with Samantha’s death pinned on Kotetsu this time I don’t expect it to carry out much differently. Aside from that I’m interested to see if Kotetsu will make an unlikely ally in this situation, Yuri/Lunatic should know his identity as Wild Tiger, so perhaps in Kotetsu’s time of need the two of them will team up. Though it would depend on Yuri’s grasp of the situation. Finally I’m also wondering whether Kaede will learn the truth in the next episode.


2 Responses to Tiger & Bunny 20

  1. paper says:

    It’s really frustrating to see everyone being manipulated and used by Maverick. It’s ironic how Maverick stands on the side of heroes as he created Hero TV but he would resort to such low tactics in order to keep his TV show a success.

    I like how Tiger is a very honest person who trusts others but he needs to know that it’s precarious to trust everyone he meets and believe that they are his ally. If only he were more cautious and didn’t reveal every single suspicions of his to Maverick, he wouldn’t have been so easily used as a pawn in Maverick’s schemes.

    I think it’s about time that Kaede learns the truth about her father.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Yeah, it’s either she learns the truth or believes that he kills old ladies, so there isn’t much of a choice.

    To be fair he didn’t have any reason not to trust Maverick, however he really should have been more cautious, finding that pin should have been a dead give away that something was wrong. Let alone he outright exposed his hand, a few details is understandable but all of them was too much. In a sense you could probably say that he’s just as responsible for Samantha’s death and what’s going on as Maverick is because of that.

    I agree, it’s also interesting to see that something like it has a darkside as well. Where a good portion of the major crimes and rescues are set up with the intention of hauling in ratings.

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