Gintama 221

In order to curb a pet monkey’s behaviour so he can pass it on to a relative, the Shogun entrusts the Yagyu with its training who put Kyubei in charge.

The monkey however doesn’t have a name and has a nasty habit of flinging its poop at any one who he thinks is insulting him, and of course Gintoki becomes the prime target for this when Kyubei meets Otae and the Yorozuya for help. As for the name after a few suggestions Kagura throws out Balmung Fezalion, the name of a young hero who battles against his father the Demon Emperor and later becomes Kaiser Fakinaway, and Otae takes it further by suggesting Isaac Schneider, his twin brother and polar opposite who found out about his father’s evil plot but instead went and formed a band with Balmung.

After much debate its finally decided that the monkey will be known as “Jugem Jugem Shit-Tossing the Life of Shin-chan’s Two-Day-Old Underwear Balmung Fezalion Isaac Schneider 1/3 True Love 2/3 Hangnail Anxiety Betrayal Knows My Name Or Does It Really Ignore Calls Squid Dogfish Halibut Trout Cod Dogfish This Is a Different Dogfish, I’m Talking About The Dogfish Shark Kaluga Angler Ray Yuuteimiyaoukimukou Pepepepepepepepepepepepe Runny Diarrhea” (like hell I’m typing that more than I have to). However even with a name the monkey doesn’t drop it’s habit of flinging it’s poop, so Kyubei takes up training it with a mask of Gintoki’s face and as time progresses it stops and the two of them become the best of friends.

The time soon comes in which she will have to hand the monkey back since she was only meant to train it, so her retainer Toujo goes to the Yorozuya for help with breaking the news to her, fearing that she would hate him if he did it and being jealous of the monkey. But as he was asking them to do this for him, Kyubei appears behind him having heard it all and while she doesn’t really show it by putting on a tough front, she appears heartbroken and the two of them can barely sleep in different rooms. And the next day she and her family pass the monkey on to its new owner.

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I must admit it feels like it’s been a while since we had an episode revolving around the reverse-trap Kyubei, and even with the comedic aspects of the episode aside it turned out to be mostly heartwarming. Telling a tale of a girl and her pet monkey who despite becoming the best of friends were destined to part from the start.

First off even if she may have appeared in a few episodes almost recently, it still feels like it’s been a while since she’s appeared in an episode that truly focused around her, not just as a character thrown in on the side for a few comedy segments but one who could almost be considered the temporary lead for the episode itself. Giving her a chance to shine without Zura barging in and accusing her of clashing with his character, even if seeing that happen can be pretty fun.

Most of all though it was a lot of fun to hear her/Fumiko Orikasa repeat the extremely long name that was decided for the monkey at each opportunity, which despite how long-winded my posts can already be I won’t be repeating. I’ve heard long names before but this easily takes the cake, just like Shinpachi said it takes an entire thirty seconds, if not more, to pronounce. Yet still it wasn’t really that annoying, being just about as comical as many times it was repeated. Aside from that the process in which it was created was also a lot of fun, being obvious that Kyubei took everything they said as a suggestion along with Kagura and Otae throwing out presumably made up RPG/card game heroes, complete with back stories and ultimate techniques.

Finally looking past all the comedic things in this episode the story it told was also kind of heartwarming in seeing Kyubei and the pet monkey becoming friends over time and eventually becoming inseparable. And while the part about how they would have to separate soon was made clear from the start it was still pretty sad to see. Aside from that it even gave us a chance to see her hidden feminine side by giving her a small chance to act herself beyond the tough masculine side that she must have been pressured to put up. So given this heartwarming aspect I’m really looking forward to seeing how things will play out in the next episode, will Kyubei get to keep the monkey or will they have to part again on a tearjerking moment once they’ve reunited.


2 Responses to Gintama 221

  1. hirokuza says:

    what is the anime in the wallpaper form the left side???? i know that this question is not in the right topic but i hope if anyone know the name of the anime tell me

  2. へけもこ says:

    Good job for typing all the monkey’s name!
    Did you notice the lyrics of inserted song sung by a woman’s voice were the name of moneky?
    Also, this story bases on a classic Japanese joke “Jugem”, which is all about long name.

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