Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou 07

Rikuo’s attempt to invoke fear in Itaku fall short when he takes his own attempt a step further by having it possess his sickle blades, resulting in razor-sharp blades of wind capable of cutting through Rikuo’s fear.

Following this he realises that a technique on this level will be what he needs in order to go to Kyoto, and after a hard day training he and the others rest in the hot springs where Rikuo gives them an idea of why he needs to go to Kyoto as soon as possible. Upon hearing this Itaku explains how their village has always produced many skilled fighters who swear loyalty to no one but for one reason or another the Youkai of Kyoto have always spat on them. Aside from this Rikuo is also surprised to learn that Awashima has a night form of her own.

And as it would so happen one of Hagoromo-Gitsune’s retainers Kidoumaru arrives in Touno the next day with the intention of collecting their best for their cause, threatening to crush them alongside the Nura clan if they don’t comply, however their leader simply doesn’t care. Because of this Kidoumaru and his underling’s leave empty-handed and kind of irritated when their eyes catch a glimpse of a face he could never forget, and because the owner’s lack of skill he deduces that he must be the Nurarihyon’s grandson. Making their trip to Touno actually worth something as Kidoumaru declares to Rikuo that he’ll present his severed head to Hagoromo-Gitsune as a gift and his body to his grandfather as a declaration of war. And in this sort of situation Rikuo struggles to figure out just what the fear of a Youkai who sneaks into people’s houses and drinks their tea would be.

And with time against him he finally figures it out, Kyokasuigetsu, which doesn’t erase his prescence but instead shifts it, making any attack aimed at him go straight through him. It’s also at this point that Kidoumaru realises that this fear can’t be something he can leave be and attempts to step in, but as he does this he himself frozen in ice by Reira and upon escaping with ease is forced to retreat. Elsewhere the present day incarnation of Hagoromo-Gitsune wakes up and gets dressed to move in on the fifth seal, however as all her retainers push for a full assault, Minagoroshi-Jizou tells them that it’s impossible with the seal in place, that which surpasses the one set upon Edo by Master Tenkai. Hagoromo-Gitsune however finds all of this amusing and declares that they will build a castle upon the site of the first seal when their work is done, then heading out towards the fifth seal.

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Once again another episode passes and this show is still going solid, really this second season has been amazing so far, in the course of one and a half episodes the training arc is pretty much over. Rikuo has got what he came for and all he needs is to meet up with his bros back in Tokyo. Not to mention that this episode also had the ‘grand introduction‘ of Hagoromo-Gitsune as well.

For what it is however I’m not exactly sure how to feel about Rikuo’s new technique, which will effectively be the mainstay of everything he will do on his own. It just has a lot of potential to be abused. To be used as a last-ditch way of reverting any attack that actually hits him for no other reason than he was actually somewhere else during it all, simply put it would just be incredibly lazy. That said however it still isn’t really that bad, if used right it should be pretty cool just to watch him drift through his opponent’s attacks and I liked the way his grandfather talked about it. Describing how it turns them into the reflection upon the water, an illusion that shifts your awareness of something.

Aside from that I also liked how this episode gave the chance to give some of the new characters a chance to shine a bit and further detail Touno’s stance, the older Youkai don’t care either way but the younger ones are sick of always being looked down upon and spat on. Showing that despite their neutrality they still have something against the Kyoto Youkai and with them Hagoromo-Gitsune, that despite it they’ll still be tagging along with Rikuo on his trip to Kyoto. Next to that it was also great to see them show off a bit, allowing Itaku to show case his wind blades, Awashima her gender bending, and even the chance for another Yuki-Onna Reira to take the stage.

Following that there was also the grand introduction of Hagoromo-Gitsune’s present form, she may have had a brief appearance before, being shown attacking the sixth seal, but I think it goes without saying that this was the point in which she was truly introduced. The impression it left was just too much, she wakes up at sunset, dresses into her school uniform, eats breakfast/dinner, and then heads out with enough retainers and followers at her back that the sky is almost blacked out. It was all so elegant and seductive yet sinister in nature. She’s the first truly ‘evil’ antagonist in the series. But among her retainers there’s one who stands out who wasn’t present 400 years ago Minagoroshi-Jizou, all of them particularly Kidoumaru have either aged or changed a bit in some aspect but he’s completely new. Of course having read the manga I know exactly how he fits into it all but I’m still looking forward to seeing things unravel this time around.


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