Steins;Gate 20

Upon learning of the IBM 5100’s location in a coin locker Okabe wastes no time in grabbing his crowbar but Kurisu affirms that it may not be possible to even attain it unless specific conditions are met. Leading to the decision to stake it out instead.

I hate it when wordpress eats my posts. But anyway I did not see this coming.

As he does this Moeka also happens to show up and asks if she can tag along, wanting to see the truth and just who FB really is. At this point Kurisu and Mayuri happen to be heading back, feeling as if it’s been a while since Okabe really talked to them, and on their way they bump into Mr Braun and Nae, the former reflecting on how Okabe really has it all before heading home with his daughter. Back at the coin lockers Moeka starts to open up a bit more to Okabe, telling him of her codename and the place FB gave her.

Eventually the time comes when one of Rounder’s members comes to retrieve the IBM 5100 and so with Moeka’s help, he tails them, observing each switch until they spot a familiar man at the end of it, Mr Braun who they see send the IBM 5100 on a plane to France to SERN. Following this they meet up with Kurisu who’s frustrated at how he’s barely talked to her over the past few days and for Mayuri as well, and the three of them move on to confront Mr Braun. They meet him early in the morning and while he first talks about the usual things, Okabe quickly confronts him on their desire to meet FB. The answer to this is quite surprising though, by referring to Moeka by her codename Mr Braun reveals that FB is noneother than the man who sits in front of them. That the alias comes from the inventor of the Braun Tube, Ferdinand Braun.

With Nae still asleep though he wants to go somewhere else to talk, leading them to an abandoned construction site where he divulges that he messages his members in the guise of what they need the most, using them for whatever purpose and disposing of them when they’ve served their purpose. Upon hearing this Okabe confronts him on being SERN’s dog and that this was not what Hashida Suzu or Suzuha would have wanted, but to this Mr Braun briefly talks about how he’s had a shitty life and he took the only path he had before presenting Moeka with the end befitting of a traitor. He then goes on to tell them that he’s lower than a dog, that he now does everything they tell him out of fear of what would happen to Nae if he didn’t, and so having failed he takes the only way out to keep her safe. And to make things worse, at this point Nae is shown to have woken up and made breakfast for her father, now waiting for him to come back.

Still coping with what’s happened before him Okabe is beckoned over by Moeka who in her final moments apologises for the pain she’s caused him. After this Okabe then picks up Mr Braun’s phone and uses it to send a Dmail to Moeka regarding the IBM 5100, sending him to a worldline where everything seems to be in peace, Moeka is still alive, Mr Braun still happily spends time with his daughter, and Okabe obtains the IBM 5100 and has Hashida use it to erase the data on them that SERN has. However as they all talk about how crazy it all is, Kurisu asks if the original worldline was the one where she was stabbed.


Wow, in my previous posts I may have gone on about how all the twists and such were predictable but I’d have to admit that I didn’t really expect for Mr Braun to be FB, the main antagonist of the show. That aside I just thought that this episode was a good one, Moeka was able to redeem herself a bit and we got an idea of where the story will be heading.

First off I’m not exactly sure of what I think of Mr Braun being the antagonist of the series, it has its pros and it has its cons. Simply put it’s just kind of comical how the grumpy landlord who’s always bumping up the protagonist, Okabe’s rent and shaking his fist at their antics would be the one in this position. It’s just ironic. Next to that it also sits in with that stale feeling of how after the first few episodes there have been no new characters introduced, exception’s aside even minor ones. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing but it just serves as a reminder to it by shoehorning an already established character into the position of the antagonist.

Putting those parts aside though there were some parts that I liked about it and made me think that he did well in the role, we’ve had quite a few things thrown in to develop his character, making his actions more understandable and most of all he felt conflicted by his actions. He didn’t take much joy in them and ultimately he was backed into a corner to do them, he didn’t have anything against Okabe and if anything must have covered for him until SERN pressured him to do something. I also thought that Nae did a good job at humanising him as well, it was her safety and innocence to everything he was doing that forced him to follow SERN’s orders. In all it really just makes that segment with Nae all the more depressing as well, just as he had taken the only way out he had she had made breakfast for the two of them, waiting for him to come back.

After all of that I also liked how Moeka attempted to redeem herself in this episode, in my last post I had suspected that she would join up with Okabe in the search for FB and she ended up doing just that. In doing so gaining a bit more independence and becoming a bit more self-reliable by being able to do something without being given orders by FB, even opening up a bit more towards others in doing so. And with all of that she even apologised to Okabe for what she had done in the other worldlines, something I didn’t think she needed to do but was still nice to see. All up I still don’t think she holds a candle to Kurisu or Feyris, but my opinion of her has definitely improved. It actually made me feel kind of sorry for her when she received the traitor’s end.

Finally it was also interesting to see the direction that the story will be heading from this point, just as I had expected by moving back through worldlines Okabe will soon find himself at a point where he’ll have to make a tough decision upon arriving in what could be considered the paradise he sought. Finding that it isn’t as bright as he thought it was. Will he choose to save his inseperable childhood friend or the assistant who he’s only just met but has quickly grown close to. Either way I’m interested to see what choice he’ll make.


4 Responses to Steins;Gate 20

  1. へけもこ says:

    Nice review. I feel sorry for Moeka, too. \for, she has done nothing wrong to Mayuri in this time line.

    As for Mr. Braun, I don’t get fully why he has to kill Moeka and himeself.

    Firstly, he didn’t fail. He has succeeded in sending IBM to Sern.
    So he has basically no need to kill himself, leaving his beloved daughter alone.

    Secondly, he has no faith in Sern. He obeys their orders just for the safety of his daughter. Then why did he have to kill the traitor?

    Will they kill him for not killing the traitor? But he’s already decided to kill himself anway. Then will they kill his daughter? This makes sense if killing the traitor saves her life. But in this case, he has no reason to kill himself.

    If his failure to hide his identity causes Sern to kill him and his daughter, killing himself has no reason as well. For Sern will kill her whether he is dead or alive.

    I learned that in VN, Mr.Braun didn’t kill Moeka but just killed himself to save her life. For only he knows the true identity of Moeka.
    But in Anime, they decided to kill Moeka to avoid introducing another divergence. So they made Mr. Braun shoot her. I think that’s why this scene gave me forced feeling.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I think he had to do it because he messed up, his cover is blown and now he can’t really act without making a bigger mess of things. Aside from that at this point he simply could have just had enough of the jobs that SERN makes him do. Okabe confronting him and mentioning Suzuha in this episode easily could have done that, and to make things worse he can’t just run away. So it was the only way out he really had.

    The reason Moeka died kind of goes without saying, plus the aspect of fatalism is still in play. She would have died at that point no matter what.

    I still haven’t read the VN yet but doesn’t Moeka still die after that? Instead of being shot by Mr Braun, I heard that Nae time leaps from 2027 and kills her before revealing to Okabe that in the future she’s a SERN commander and will be coming back in 17 years to torture him to death for killing her father. It’s all kind of different but the sad note we got instead was better.

  3. へけもこ says:

    I can understand the reason he shot himself. He may be weary of his life as an agent and messed up etc.
    But why Moeka? Yes, her death is destined anyway. But he shot her not because destiny forced him, but of his own will. I don’t think they showed enough reason here.

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    The impression I got of how Mr Braun did it was that it was the last job he had to do to tie up any loose ends, allowing him to kill himself in a way in which he believed that Nae would be free of harm. That’s only the way I saw it though.

    But anyway like you’ve said there was a signifigant deviation from the VN there (which is almost never a good thing), so you could almost say that it was improvised just to get us to the result that the episode had.

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