Tiger & Bunny 21

In order to find out what’s going on Kotetsu calls Agnes only to have it backfire when it exposes his location, putting him against of all the other heroes, Sky High.

And just as he’s narrowly escaped the episode cuts back to Kotetsu’s hometown where Kaede believes that her father could never kill someone and her grandmother tells her the truth about him, that her father is Wild Tiger. Elsewhere at the Justice Bureau Yuri decides to look into it all and notices something strange when all the data on Kotetsu has been deleted and when he can’t access Wild Tiger’s file. Back on the streets of Sternbild Kotetsu finds himself up against Origami Cyclone, Dragon Kid, and Rock Bison and finds that even his best friend has forgotten about him as he escapes into the sewers.

At this point Barnaby is ready to head out and is told by Maverick that a new suit has been completed for him, and at the same time Kaede looks through some old magazines and when her grandmother and uncle come to check on her she’s gone. Once again Kotetsu also finds himself up against another one of his friends, this time Blue Rose but just as he’s able to convince her he’s telling the truth by mentioning the towel he gave her, his attempt falls apart when his replacement arrives. However just as he’s about to be captured an unlikely ally comes to his rescue, Lunatic, holding his replacement, Blue Rose, and Fire Emblem off to allow him to escape, interested to see Kotetsu carry through with his own idea of justice.

Following this Kotetsu is shown to have changed into at least some sort of disguise, and as he takes refuge in an alleyway he sees a report of how Barnaby is about to take action, where Maverick explains Samantha’s relationship to Barnaby, and so everything becomes clear. He spots Ben’s taxi and jumps in and just as he believes that he’s forgotten him as well, Ben reveals that he’s one of the few who remember him and had been looking for him. So after driving to somewhere secluded Ben gives him his old, now wrinkled suit, and Kotetsu explains everything that’s going on, however at the same time Kaede has come to Sternbild looking for Barnaby and passes by Maverick of all people. And by talking with Ben, Kotetsu comes up with a plan to get his friends to remember him and starts off by appearing on his workplaces rooftop in his old suit.

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Once again seeing things like Kotetsu trying to get his friends to remember him were kind of cliche, but once again the use of such is easily one of the fun things about this show. Next to that this episode had quite a few things I had wanted to see, Kaede learning the truth and Kotetsu finding an unlikely ally as well as catching up with an old friend.

To start off it was interesting to see how Kotetsu being on the run was handled, as usual with these sorts of scenarios when the hero tries to reach out to his friends only to find that they don’t remember him it was kind of cheesy. But at the same time a lot of fun. However it answered a question that I had about it all last week, just how would Maverick replace Wild Tiger? The answer being quite simple, replace him with a robot. We’ve already seen that they’re capable of fighting on par with heroes so compared to finding a replacement with Hundred Power it’s actually kind of logical and kind of cool at the same time. The new suit is almost reminiscent of a suit of armour and even tends to roar from time to time.

That aside what was easily one of the highlights of this episode was seeing the few allies Kotetsu had covering his back, one was an old friend and the other an enemy he had clashed with a few times already, Lunatic. As expected Yuri was able to see through Maverick’s plot, at least enough to know he was framed and was one of the few people who still knew the connection between Kotetsu and Wild Tiger. If anything his arrival was probably emphasised by how he hasn’t done much in the past few episodes as well. And since there’s still a few episodes left I’m looking forward to seeing whether they’ll team up again and whether Kotetsu will be able to put the ghosts that haunt Yuri to rest. After that of course it was great to see Ben again, to be honest I was actually wondering whether Kotetsu’s old friend and biggest fan would help him out in this situation and it was great to see what it led to, Kotetsu donning his old suit to clear his name. Easily being the highlight of the episode.

Finally if there had been one thing I was looking forward to seeing at some point it was Kaede learning the truth about her father, and this episode definitely delivered that. With what was going on there just wouldn’t have been any other option, at this point she has to learn the truth. And for what it was I thought she handled it pretty well, it would have come as quite a shock for her to learn just why her father hadn’t been around and to realise how selfish she had been for hating him for it. However now that she’s made her way to Sternbild I’m kind of worried about what could happen to her, given how she’s met Maverick briefly she could be the key to fixing everything but if Maverick were to learn who she is he could use her as a hostage against Kotetsu. Either way her role seems like it could make or break everything that’s going on.


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