Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou 08

At the site of the fifth seal the Omnyouji guarding it Keikain Haigo gathers what little courage he has as he prepares a last stand against Hagoromo-Gitsune, only to be accidentally killed by her.

Back in Touno Rikuo’s memories of his father’s death have started to become all the more clear and his clash with Kidoumaru has made him realise he must hasten his training, at the same time Dohiko gives some orders to check on the situation in Kyoto. And as it would happen Hagoromo-Gitsune has effortlessly broken another seal and htis time has been reunited with one of her old retainers who was underneath it Gashadokura. It’s because of this rapid destruction that the Keikain clan calls a meeting with the representitives of their branch families, where the effect of Hagoromo-Gitsune’s curse is shown and Akifusa insists that they go all out at the next seal, as they’ll at least be able to go on the offensive, intending to do this with Masatsugu and Pato.

And so the next night Hagoromo-Gitsune marches on the third seal which the Daughter of Kyoukotsu looks upon in awe and understands her lady’s intentions to turn Kyoto into a city only inhabited by Youkai. However when they arrive Hagoromo-Gitsune finds herself cut off from her retainers and followers by Masatsugu’s ultimate barrier, inside of which Akifusa and Pato are waiting with their ultimate Spirit Lance and Shikigami. But against this she doesn’t even bat an eye, instead she leisurely sits back and waits to see the extent of the things they describe as ultimate. With weakness of such made known when Gashadokuro smashes Masatsugu’s barrier while she effortlessly cleaves Pato’s Shikigami with her tails, but even now Akifusa doesn’t back down and urges Masatsugu and Pato to cover him as he has his Demonic Lance possess him.

At this point Rikuo continues to train with Itaku but realises he doesn’t have the time to do this when Awashima brings him news of the situation in Kyoto, so as everyone is eating dinner he approaches Akagappa and finally gives him a formal greeting. Going on to explain how he thinks that he met Hagoromo-Gitsune when his father was killed and thinks that she and his clan’s decline are related, also taking the chance to turn into a way of asking if there’s anyone who wants to tag along when he goes to Kyoto. Leaving reminding Akagappa of how his grandfather came and did the same thing and that he regrets not going with him. So the next morning Rikuo prepares to head back to Tokyo, receiving Nenekimaru from the Youkai that brought him to Touno as his new friends show up to go with him, Itaku saying that it’s just because his training hasn’t finished yet. And so as the episode ends Rikuo cuts a hole in the village and leaps through with the friends he’s made in Touno.

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Another fairly good episode, I was a little disappointed to see Rikuo only just leaving Touno at the end of the episode but given the gratuitous amount of screen time that Hagoromo-Gitsune received it wasn’t really as bad though. Using at least half the episode to show her steamrolling through the defences that the Keikain clan had put up around the seals.

Alongside that it was nice to get a better idea of the situation that the Keikain clan itself is in, thanks to Hagoromo-Gitsune’s curse the main branch of the family hasn’t been able to produce many suitable heirs over the past 400 years and has been forced to bring any talent from the branch families into the main house. Suggesting that over those 400 years their strength has been continually watered down and is now no more than a shadow of it’s former self, making the current situation all the more dire. Despite taht it was also great to get a further look at some of the other members and things they specialise in, such as Akifusa who not only specialised in forging spirit blades but in his pursuit to surpass Hidemoto has essentially created a demonic blade that possesses its wielder. Something which presents a lot of risk in return for power.

Next to that given the note that the last episode left off on seeing it was great to see a good half of the episode devoted to showing Hagoromo-Gitsune stomping every Omnyouji, and destroying every defence that got in her way on her path to breaking all the seals. It may have been just to show how strong she is and what exactly Rikuo will be up against when he gets to Kyoto, but there was just something about her elegant and sinister way of doing things, and how strongest things the Keikain clan can come up with are more of an amusement than a threat that makes her a lot of fun to watch, to the point where I was actually rooting for her when she was put up against Akifusa, Masatsugu, and Pato. Even if her victory was guaranteed it isn’t often that I find myself wanting the villain to win. And it doesn’t help that she’s voiced by Mamiko Noto either, for a voice actress who usually voices soft spoken innocent sorts of characters it’s just great to hear her in a role like this.

Despite any disappointment I felt about how Rikuo was still intending to hang around Touno for a bit when he’s already got what he came for, on second thought what we got wasn’t really that bad. Only now did he really learn the bleakness of the situation in Kyoto and at the same time his memories are starting to clear up, both telling him that he doesn’t have the time to train at a leisurely pace and giving him a personal reason to face Hagoromo-Gitsune alongside the other reasons he already has. Next to that he managed to announce his departure in a pretty cool way by using it as a way of strengthening his forces, and choosing the point where he heads back with his new bros made for a good point to end the episode on.


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