Dantalian no Shoka 07

The episode opens with another look into the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian where this time the white-haired girl bids Huey to go, wishing that he had never came in the first place as he tells her of how he can take her to the outside world.

After this Huey and Dalian are shown to have gone to a bakery in the city after some fabled buns, but just as they pay for them a woman appears, and taking Huey for a nice person from the way he smells, asking for his assistance in return for the buns she had just snatched from him. Not long after this though she trips and spills them over the floor. Her father however happens to be quite wealthy as the owner of the Famenias Company, and apologises by compensating for the buns, telling them of how his grandfather got the idea to make and sell perfume from a book he read. And now his daughter, Fiona happens to be the owner of this book.

At this point a client for Fiona’s father arrives so Huey takes his leave to see Fiona again, suspecting that this book is a Phantom Book. And when they finally meet Fiona they take a look around her lab before asking why she ran, leading to her telling him how she didn’t like her father’s methods and aspires to create a perfume that will make people feel happy, telling them how smells can be linked with memories. But just as they figure that the book really is a Phantom Book, Gandharva, there’s a knock at the door and a junkie arrives demanding more “Relic” and telling them how the client her father is meeting with intends to kill him. However when they arrive they find him already dead with a man, Noth in the room who take Fiona as the creator of Relic. Something Noth explains is a perfume that makes you feel good but Fiona only sees as a drug.

Following this Vance steps in and gives the order to kill Fiona so that they will be the only ones able to manufacture it, leading to Huey stepping between them to take on Noth with his pistol. But just as Noth closes in with his blade, Fiona jumps between and hits him with something to throw all his senses into overdrive, then hitting Vance with something to hypnotise him. However even with the two of them taken out the knife wound remains, so Huey draws out a Phantom Book to heal her, causing Fiona to believe that the Phantom Book she has must be returned to the owner it chose, knocking Huey out as she promises to return it. Huey then awakes to the kicks of a tied up Dalian who explains how she’s headed to Vance’s hideout. But when they arrive there they find the scene of a massacre where only Fiona still stands, explaining that this is her way of atoning after she used the Phantom Book to create Relic, hiding her wounds as best she could before collapsing, realising that the Phantom Book used before can’t be used twice on the same person.

In the end the hideout burns and Dalian reflects on how she was Gandharva’s rightful owner before she and Huey pick up on a smell coming from the ashes that envelops the town and brings happiness. Which they believe will be Fiona’s legacy, being the smell they’ll always remember whenever they’re happy.


Another good episode, not only did the already amazingly awesome voice cast grow with the addition of Shizuka Itou, but the story that it presented was one that could only end in tragically. Telling of a Phantom Book that presented what could be considered a curse disguised as a blessing.

Presenting with it a reason for why Phantom Books are considered forbidden, there could be exceptions but for the most part they’ll generally bring ruin to their holder and those around them, chosen or not. The knowledge within them distorts otherwise normal ways of doing things and allowing things that could otherwise be considered impossible to become possible, usually in ways that bring out the worst in human nature. Take the one that Fiona had for example, among the many things related to the scents and the sense of smell that it must have contained it contained, a way in which happiness could easily be achieved by smelling something. And considering that one of the main things that people seek in life is happiness it was destined to do just that, anyone who caught wind of it would have been out to secure it and use it for their own means.

Because of this you could also say that Fiona was destined to receive the end she got, as soon as she read that first page and delved deeper into the book her fate became bound to the chain of disaster it would bring. There was just no way she could escape as everything around her destroyed itself. We didn’t really see that much of what her life was like other than her work and that she had a habit of trying to run away, but from what we saw she lost her father and can assume that the company was on the verge of foundering. If anything her death was something that would only happened at the end of it. But almost as if in spite of it, the bittersweet nature to it made the end of the episode itself a nice one. That said however I was quite sad to see her go in the same episode she was introduced in, not just as another lost possible addition to the cast but I actually kind of liked Fiona’s character, she had a fun way of clashing with Dalian and had  badass way of using perfumes that exploited her target’s senses. Not to mention that she was voiced by aforementioned Shizuka Itou, who I thought did a pretty good job with her, it was the type of character she does well with.

That aside after the last episode it was also kind of nice to see Huey and Dalian back, the things they get up to, until they’re pulled into some business where a Phantom Book or magician is included, don’t really seem all that eventful in comparison and it doesn’t feel like they have a general goal at this point. But the way that the two interact together easily makes up for that, it just has a nice yet fun atmosphere about it as Dalian pushes for something, in this case buns, and Huey just goes along with it so she won’t bother him as much about it. Next to that it we also got a slight advancement in the story between Huey the white-haired girl inside the Bibliotheca Mystica de Dantalian, providing a small move forward in an overarching story in an otherwise episodic show.


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