Tiger & Bunny 22

The other heroes and any onlookers are suspicious of just what Kotetsu intends to do by appearing in Wild Tiger’s old suit, and while his plan simply came down to activating Hundred Power and doing a few poses in his old suit, it fails. At the same time Barnaby prepares to move in on him.

With his plan having failed Kotetsu still insists on it, reminding them of all the times they had hanged out together in the past episodes and any secret habits they have, this however simply brands him as a stalker. But he still presses on by asking if he really looks like a murderer, for which only Blue Rose stands up for him, while Rock Bison accuses his best friend of being a criminal as the time limit for his Hundred Power runs out. Back in the studio Agnes watches on as the ratings soar to their highest point and receives a call from Maverick about a plan he has to send them higher.

However just as all hope seems to be lost for Kotetsu, Kaede appears on the rooftop and draws Maverick’s attention as she stands up for her father, in doing so restoring the other heroes’ memories with the NEXT power she had recently copied from Maverick. And with their memories back they wonder just what is going on as Kotetsu both apologises to his daughter for lying to her and introduces her the them. Going on to explain who she copied the power from and making everything clear, but just as she starts to wonder where Barnaby is, he suddenly smashes into the rooftop lusting for revenge. Unfortunately bringing his memories back won’t be so easy as Kaede has ended up copying Sky High’s power instead, so Kotetsu must come up with another plan to do it. Trusting the others with protecting Kaede while he leads him on a wild goose chase, meeting up with Saitou who wonders why he’s wearing his old shitty suit.

After which Kotetsu appears in his usual suit waiting for Barnaby in the same spot they usually meet once they’ve suited up, taking the chase to the highway as the two of them clash over and over again. But just as Blue Rose reassure’s Kaede that everything will be fine, the replacement that Maverick had for Kotetsu appears. At this point the chase for Kotetsu has eventually led Barnaby to the harbour where they first met, where the two of them initiate Good Luck Mode as they clash once more.

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Once again Kotetsu’s attempts to get his friends to remember him (and the way they reacted) may have been kind of cheesy but they were all still a lot of fun to watch. If there’s one thing I really have to say about this show it’s that its use of cliches and otherwise cheesy situations are well done.

Putting that aside though we may have been shown an awesome car chase but this episode really came across as a build up episode. One to further set the stage and mood for the impending clash between Tiger and Bunny that will serve as the climax for this point in the show. So of course as the episode went about doing this it kind of goes without saying that it wasn’t really that exciting, it didn’t really need to be as it went about further connecting Maverick to what’s going on to Kotetsu, restoring everyone but Barnaby’s memories, and pulling Kaede onto the stage. And as suspected she turned out to be the key to everything by doing this, however while seeing Kotetsu apologise to her made for a nice point in this episode, the opposite still stands as well. Just why would Maverick send his robo-Wild Tiger to the rooftops if not to go after her?

That said, despite this being a build up sort of episode it still had its share of exciting moments, like when Kotetsu sought to lead Barnaby on a chase to try to make him remember. Allowing for an awesome car chase as the two of them made their way through the traffic, smashing together at each opportunity in spectacular fashion. Interestingly enough, I don’t know whether I hadn’t noticed it before but it also allowed Scarf-tan her first piece of spoken dialogue, and while what she said wasn’t surprising it was that she even got that chance that was, the simple act alone shifts her from a speechless always-in-the-background-sometimes-in-the-foreground character to a supporting character. In all, Kotetsu and Barnaby’s car chase may have been awesome and all but the fact that Scarf-tan even spoke completely surprised me.

Finally, if anything Kotetsu’s plan to get Barnaby to remember him so far doesn’t really seem like a good one, as he had learned only a few minutes before, attempting to remind someone by pointing out details that only he would know or even appearing in your old suit isn’t going to work. It’s a plan that relies more on getting him to trust him rather than actually bringing his memories back, and while as an issue of trust between them it’s a nice idea, it just isn’t going to cut it. If he intends to make him remember he needs something that causes a contradiction, something that completely messes up everything that Maverick has planted. Second to that if it ever did shift to the two of them fighting, like it has toward the end of the episode, it goes without saying that Barnaby has the upper hand. Their abilities may be the same but the deterioration in Kotetsu’s really places him at a disadvantage unless he gets another boost. In all the situation may seem kind of climactic and fair, but the odds really are against Kotetsu, however perhaps this means that everyone’s favourite Thanatos proclaiming vigilante will come to his rescue.


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