Steins;Gate 22

This time the one found lying on a rooftop is Kurisu, who Okabe finds at the radio building where she was stabbed in the Beta worldline.

Having been found by him, she also asks him a few things but it’s apparent that neither of them really wants to talk, but as things would be it starts to rain and they’re forced to take shelter in the radio building together. And after a few jabs at each other Kurisu notices a tear in his lab coat and offers to repair it, leading to the two of them starting to open up to each other and following a few friendly remarks their talk shifts to something more serious. Of how just like Mayuri in the last episode, Kurisu has faint memories of what happened in the radio building and the desperation Okabe felt in trying to save Mayuri, and due to how much Okabe cares about Mayuri she tasks him with saving her regardless of what would happen to herself. Seeing it as the only way.

However Okabe refuses to accept this sort of end and attempts to time leap once more only to have her stop him, fearing what would happen if he saw Mayuri die over and over again, feeling that he’s broken when she finds out that he already has and is no longer shocked by it. So once more she tells him to save Mayuri, feeling that returning to the Beta worldline is for the best, only to have him embrace her instead. And as he reflects on everything about her, admits she can’t be saved. Following this Kurisu wonders just what happens to the worldlines Okabe leaves behind and takes them all as a way in which she won’t be left behind, and so Okabe responds by telling her he won’t forget about her and confessing that he loves her.

Following this it’s time for Kurisu to head back to America and feeling that it would be tough if Hashida or Mayuri were there as well, Okabe sees her off alone, being thrown a bottle of Dr Pepper, which by the time he picks up she’s no where to be seen. Accompanied by a monologue where she feels he’s going to suffer either way but she’d like him to remember her. After this point Okabe returns to the lab and with Mayuri’s salvation in sight, painfully announces that Operation Verdandi is approaching its end, however just as he pushes the button to delete the Dmail, Kurisu returns and tries to say something but the switch in worldlines happens before she can say it. And now Okabe finds himself at the starting point where Mayuri notices that he’s in pain and tells him it’s okay to cry.

In the end Okabe also gets rid of the Phone Microwave, in doing so parting with Hououin Kyouma as well and feeling that a life without do overs is for the best as he remembers Kurisu. However just as it seems that the series is at an end, Hashida gets a phone call from a certain time traveller for Okabe, calling him to the radio building to prevent World War III.


Undeniably an amazing episode, once again it’s almost as if the show could have ended at this point, Okabe would have acheived his overall goal of saving Mayuri but his victory would have been an empty one. The cost he had to pay it wouldn’t have been easy and in the end he learned his lesson.

Needless to say that because of that for the first time in a while she got an episode where she was the prime focus, where there wouldn’t be anything in the way to obscure it or stand in her way, that what this episode would cover first and foremost would be her and her relationship with Okabe. And I must admit it was nice to see their relationship advance further after Okabe’s pursuit to save Mayuri brought just about any progression it could have had to a halt, even if it had to be under these circumstances. It was just great to see Okabe admit the growing feelings he’s had for her and for her to return them. It just feels like it’s something that’s been on its way for a while now, and regardless of how forced the build up to some of these points can usually be it didn’t feel forced in any way, the progression to this point felt perfectly natural. Undeniably, they would have made a good couple had things been under different circumstances.

Accompanying all of this it was even interesting to see it try to make sense of some of those somewhat cryptic segments that Okabe had dreamed about throughout the past episodes, one for Mayuri and one for Kurisu. Doing this by wondering just what happens to the worldlines that Okabe leaves behind once he sends a Dmail or time leaps, we may follow Okabe to the next one but in the one that he leaves does he remain as he was? No matter what way its looked at the world there must keep spinning. Even going as far as to have Kurisu come to the conclusion that everyone’s multiple consciousnesses throughout every possible worldlone are interrelated and connected into their very existance. It certainly explains how everyone has faint memories from the worldlines that Okabe has experienced and gives an idea as to where some of these segments could have come from.

Finally if this show was ever going to have a bittersweet ending the time for it would have had to have been now, even if there may still be a few loose ends at this point but the end point was conclusive enough. By returning to the lab the way it was in the first episode, even with the same sort of shot that was there of Okabe talking to the monitor back then, things were  brought to a full circle of how they met Kurisu and lost her, of how they messed around with time travel and came back to the starting point by fixing everything, with Okabe accepting that life should be lived without it. However like always, Okabe receiving a call from Suzuha in the epilogue and the distortions in the ending theme meant that the show was far from over. And so because of that I’m wondering just what the next few episodes will cover, will some of those loose ends from the start be cleared up? And alongside that will Okabe finally be able to achieve a more sufficient end for himself?


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