Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou 09

Rikuo arrives back from Touno and decides to pay a visit to his grandfather, and while he does this his new bros get acquainted with his old ones who are surprised to see Youkai from Touno.

Was waiting on a decent raw for screencaps.

And once he meets his grandfather he wastes little time in announcing his intentions to go to Kyoto once more and showing off the new skills he’s picked up, this time however he happily decides to let him go, telling him he’ll succeed him as the head of the Nura clan when he gets back and to pay a visit on his old friend Hidemoto. Aside from this he also has one last gift for him, the fleet he used to travel the country back in the day.

Meanwhile in Kyoto the members of the Kiyo Cross have finally arrived and while they check the sights for a bit, it doesn’t take long for Kiyotsugu to already start heading their investigations. However they’re unaware of just how much danger they’re really in after Torii and Maki get separated, and soon Kana is filled with a sense of dread. But just as some of Hagoromo-Gitsune’s followers move to surround them, Yura arrives just in time to bring her to safety, eventually bumping into Yuki-Onna and Aotabou who’ve went on ahead to protect Rikuo’s friends. Leading to Yura and Yuki-Onna teaming up to defeat the attacking Youkai. Following this Yura takes them somewhere where they’d be safe and explains just how grim the situation is, also going on to tell them that as an Omnyouji of the Keikain clan she must protect the first seal.

After this she steps out to do just this, remembering Akifusa and still unable to believe that he could be defeated, however when Hagoromo-Gitsune’s forces move in on the barrier it’s none other than Akifusa leading the charge having armed various Youkai with his Spirit Lances. Allowing them to pierce the barrier with ease and slaughter the Omnyouji inside. Against this Yura leads the counterattack by summoning as many of her Shikigami as possible, including a new one, to which Akifusa acknowledges her prowess and shocks her with just how distorted his outlook has become. But just as he’s about to deal the final blow Ryuuji arrives just in time to save her, telling her to protect the seal at all costs while he intends to hold back Akifusa. At first appealing with a false sense of comradery before hitting him with a sucker punch in the opening it creates.

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It may have taken a while to get this post up, but first off it was great to finally get an episode to show just what Yura was up to or in a sense at least follow her, even having her team up with Yuki-Onna at one point. Above that though it was something of a relief to see Rikuo finally begin to make his way to where everything is going on, Kyoto.

Sure the training arc that he’s been through didn’t exactly take long, but you still have to remember that we’re already nine episodes into this season, and while I’m still hopeful that it will be a three cours this time to cover everything in the Kyoto Arc, most likely it will probably only be two. Not to mention that he’s kind of left going a little too late, at this point the battle over the seals has pretty much already been fought and won by Hagoromo-Gitsune in a landslide. However putting those sorts of things aside I must admit that he knows how to leave in style, when he does end up getting there it will be with an entire fleet of flying ships, and I’m interested to see how his new bros will interact with his old ones. Quite a few of them end up filling the same sorts of positions and roles that they already fill, so there’s potential for a few rivalries, conflicts, and friendships between them all.

On Yura’s side of things it was also pretty cool to see her able to team up with Yuki-Onna for a bit, as ever since she found out about who she really is they haven’t exactly been on the easiest terms. As you would naturally expect from an Omnyouji and a Youkai in this show, the way that they now interact comes down to neither of them really wanting the other’s help and in a way it’s still like there’s some barrier between them that prevents them from accepting each other as well, but still they tend to get into situations where they don’t exactly have a choice. So even putting the cool finishing move it resulted in aside, as far as the idea of coexistance between humans and Youkai is portrayed in this series it’s really just something that’s nice to see in it’s own way as well.

Most of all though it was just great to finally have an episode that actually followed Yura, alongside Rikuo and Hagoromo-Gitsune she comes across as one of the big three players in this arc in parallel to the way that the Nurarihyon and Hidemoto were when they clashed with Hagoromo-Gitsune 400 years ago. And while the other two have already had a few episodes that could be seen as following them, Rikuo for his training arc and Hagoromo-Gitsune elegantly steamrolling through the seals, Yura just hasn’t had that. We know that the Keikain clan is in trouble, there’s a constant sense of dread and just about every member feels that they don’t stand a chance. But we don’t really know what Yura is up to asude from her “training” or even what’s driving her to risk her life to protect the seal in this arc. And I guess this has been partially answered, from what we could see she’s gotten signifigantly stronger and she was being pushed onwards by her memories of Akifusa. Something which made the brief clash between them interesting to say the least before Ryuuji took over to troll him.


2 Responses to Nurarihyon no Mago: Sennen Makyou 09

  1. randon says:

    My friend likes this show -Breanna Madison.

  2. Rapunzel Kidakagash Morgana Lisanna Lacrimosa Farewell Scarlet says:

    Never for once I see Yuki Onna and Yura together

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