Dantalian no Shoka 08

Once again Camilla decides to visit Huey and Dalian, completely surprising them when she shows up at the door in a suit, top hat, and fake moustache.

And while she teases Dalian again she also manages to gain her favour with sweets again, Camilla also notices that she’s browsing through an auction catalogue and even after she says that it’s just for the item’s financial aspects she still obsesses over them. It’s at this point that she also gets an idea and asks Huey if she can have something that he has on hand, in this case a paperclip, and takes her leave. Following this Huey and Dalian visit their local bookstore where the shopkeeper has supposedly found a Phantom Book, but it turns out that he had already sold it to some strange girl in a suit.

The book itself also happens to be the Book of Equivalence which when read aloud changes the recipients sense of value, allowing the reader to obtain anything for well, anything, however it comes with a cost. And to make things worse, when they arrive at Camilla’s mansion they find that her butler had traded his old pocket watch for the paperclip that Camilla had, and by following the trail of swaps they find themselves outside the mansion of a famous yet stingy collector. But it looks like they’ve arrived too late, as just as the get to the door they find Camilla with a stuffed bear that the collector had believed was worth more than his life. The bear however turns out to the one Dalian was obsessing over earlier though and while Camilla has traded the Book of Equivalence for it, what she really sought was to see Dalian smile when she gave it to her.

Following this though it seems that the story isn’t over as just when Huey and Camilla are reflecting on what happened there’s another knock at the door, Armand who once again needs Huey’s help. So once invited in he explains that he now has a Fiance, Lianna Scholes however once  again he’s been messing around with Phantom Books, this time the Book of Relationship that guides its reader to their soul mate. However while he initially felt that she was perfect, he noticed one bad thing about her, even just talking to another woman will make her think that he’s cheating on her. And unfortunately the curse that this brings about results in death, being referenced in how Jason broke the oath he made to Medea in Greek mythology.

At this point Lianna arrives as well, and as soon as she sees Armand and Camilla she activates the curse. Causing branches to envelop him and burst into flames, and it’s only when there’s nothing but ashes left that she takes her leave, lamenting on the way things turned out and returning her half of the Book of Relationship. However it turns out that this was all an act, in order to free himself from the oath he made to Lianna Armand had to die, and to do this Huey and Dalian used a Phantom Book to send him to the underworld and bring him back. But just when it seems that he’s learned his lesson he’s already hitting on Camilla.


After last weeks amazing episode I don’t exactly think that this one was as good, it wasn’t bad per se but once again the stories that they told felt kind of uninspired, they were either far too simple or just lacking in originality. That said though it was great to see Camilla and Armand again, even having them meet and interact.

It was just interesting to see that the two stories that the episode told were kind of inter-related, before this point everything had been mostly episodic, however in this episode the ending of the first story was the beginning of the second. And even though this connection didn’t exactly have much of an impact on the second story itself, it just feels like another big step beyond the show being purely episodic alongside the steadily advancing story of the white-haired girl and Huey, and what the Professor and Rasiel or even Hal and Flamberge are up to. A sign that the author of the light novels could have been experimenting with their usual style at this point.

Next to that it was also nice to see Camilla show up again, dressing up in strange costumes while teasing Dalian and purposely giving her sweets afterward so she can do it all over again. It’s almost as if she’s setting her up before trolling her, we’ve already seen her actively take amusement in making Dalian feel frustrated. After that though was where I thought that the story wasn’t very imaginative, it may have been nice to see how it ended but I’m sure we’ve all heard the tale of the guy who eventually traded a paperclip for a house. It just felt like a direct reference to it with a Phantom Book tacked on the side.

And after that it was also great to see Armand again, who like Camilla had been established as a character who would show up again amongst the usual throwaway nature used towards them. There may not have been much to the story, coming down to him messing around with Phantom Books again to meet a girl who was eventually shown to become jealous too easily. But it was interesting to see the book he had refer to Greek mythology for an example of its use, and I’d have to admit that I really thought that they just went off and killed Armand off at that point. And despite how weakly it ended with him coming back though, it was also nice to see him hitting on Camilla at the end, the closeness and nature of their appearances in the opening had kind of suggested that they could eventually be a couple.


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