Tiger & Bunny 23

As the duo collide the right vambrace on Kotetsu’s suit shatters, and despite being able to knock Barnaby’s helmet off he finds himself overwhelmed and near heartbroken that he could have forgotten about him so easily.

Trying to reach out once more by telling him what he thought about him when they were first forced to team up and how they ended up being a great team, and as he breaks into tears and Barnaby readies the final blow, he utters his old nickname. Which of all things actually manages to restore his memories and now he wonders just what’s happening.

He also goes on to explain how he had figured everything out about Maverick as well however at this point Maverick has decided to dispose of him as well. And following this reunion Ben shows up to give them a ride, only to have Saito one up him and mention that his car was shitty before analysing the suit that Barnaby had. But just as he’s telling him how they can’t be sure about who’s had their memories altered, Maverick calls and reveals that he’s captured the other heroes and Kaede, and if they know what’s best they’ll come to the Justice Tower. So with no time to waste they head there and take the elevator to a secret floor where they’re faced with a familiar face and his finished product, Rotwang and Wild Tiger’s replacement the H-01.

Which as part of Maverick’s plan will be the replacements to NEXTs and the next step in Hero TV, disgusting them both as they’re forced to go against it in order to save the other heroes and Kaede. To which they resolve to do no matter what. At this point the other heroes have started to wake up and find themselves in strange rooms with bombs strapped to their necks, which as Rotwang explains will go off if Kotetsu and Barnaby lose, or if one of them loses faith in the others and chooses to save themself. Not to mention that Rotwang can just set them off if they try anything funny. And so as the episode ends Kotetsu and Barnaby prepare to face off with the H-01.

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As we approach the end of this season I’m not really sure what to think, in some ways it doesn’t exactly feel as if anything’s being aimed for as the ending steadily draws closer but the show is still a lot of fun. What’s more all the pieces from throughout the past episodes are starting to come together.

First off the way that Barnaby’s memories were restored was well, convenient. As expected Barnaby completely overpowered him when they clashed, Kotetsu wasn’t fighting back but he sure wasn’t able to defend himself either, and as I had said in my last post the plan that he was still going with just wasn’t going to work. It was nice to see him reminisce about things that had happened in the past episodes, including the way that they had interracted in back in the second episode, but if it was really going to work he would have needed something that would bring all his altered memories tumbling down. And it was because of that that I couldn’t really buy how just calling him Barnaby could do it, even if it was something deeprooted to all the fun times they had and the trust they had in each other it just felt too small to do the job.

That aside it’s probably the final face off that Kotetsu and Barnaby are having with the H-01 that’s confusing me the most, I’m probably looking at it harder than I’m supposed to but just what’s being said by having Rotwang come back out of nowhere, supported by Maverick, with the intention replacing the NEXTs on Hero TV with robots. It just doesn’t really make much sense as far as a way of telling a message goes. Could it be Maverick’s way of further eliminating the variables to make Hero TV run more smoothly? As in he wouldn’t just be controlling the criminals but the heroes as well, essentially fabricating everything for a bit of cheap entertainment at the expense of the safety of innocent people. Either way though, it was a neat way to bring an otherwise oneoff villain like Rotwang back into the picture, and with him the conflict in just what he and Barnaby believe his parents intended to do with androids.

Finally the situation that the other heroes are in also makes things kind of uneventful as well, to put it simply they’ve been sidelined off where the only thing that they’re able to do is sit back and hope that Kotetsu and Barnaby manage to beat the H-01. If anything it serves as a way of showing just how powerful it is, but at the same time it really limits what can be done with them to pretty much nothing but a psychological battle of trust based on whether they believe that Kotetsu and Barnaby can win, as well as that one of them won’t attempt to sacrifice them to save themselves. That probably made it sound better than it is, and it’s not that bad but it just could have been far better, personally I was kind of expecting them to be out to save Kaede or foil something in the background while Kotetsu and Barnaby are busy with the final battle.


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