Tiger & Bunny 24

Unable to use their powers for the time being, Kotetsu and Barnaby are forced to stall the H-01 until they can, at the same time Saitou works to find a way in which he can remotely shut it down through its own programming.

At the Justice Bureau things are in a state of distress due to Hero TV’s sudden stop and Maverick’s disappearance as Lunatic remembers how even he wasn’t a match for the H-01, and was not only forced to retreat but took an injury as well. And just as this is completed Maverick makes an appearance to give a false explanation for the current situation, that the heroes are all fighting against a terrorist faction, a lie to make it seem that they died in the line of duty after he gets rid of them.

In reality though cracks are starting to show amongst the other heroes as Rotwang gives them glimpses of what’s going on in the other cells to sow seeds of mistrust among them, aside from that he was lying about sparing the one who pushes their button first. Causing Rock Bison to be torn between them and his promise to protect Kaede. At this point though Kotetsu and Barnaby’s Hundred Power has finally recharged and they’re able to go on the offensive, matching the H-01 blow for blow together before activating Good Luck Mode. However even then the H-01 doesn’t go down, and with its rifle knocked away uses its blade. Landing a slash on Barnaby’s thigh before taking to Kotetsu with a barrage of slashes and punches. And by seeing them unable to give up, Blue Rose makes up her mind and declares that she believes they can win no matter what.

However their attacks have no effect on the H-01 so Kotetsu is forced to come up with a plan, that he’ll restrain it while Barnaby picks up its disarmed rifle and fires through them both. The result completely destroying it. But just as Rotwang prepares to detonate all the bombs attached to the heroes anyway, he’s taken down by Kaede who having copied Blue Rose’s power refers to herself as Wild Tiger’s daughter, allowing all the heroes to finally break out. However while Kotetsu and Barnaby had managed to beat the H-01 it came with a price, when Kotetsu restrained it his Hundred Power had already ran out, leading to him confessing the decline in his powers and Barnaby realising just why he was planning to quit. And as Barnaby tearfully tells him he can’t die he goes silent, his sensor’s signal having disappeared.

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Wow, Sunrise may have always been the sort of studio to always kill off their main characters and I even may have speculated about this sort of possibility earlier, but to tell you the truth I didn’t really expect to see it in this show. Sure the second half so far may have been a bit more gloomy and darker but overall it’s still incredibly lighthearted.

So in a sense I can’t really believe it, there are a lot of things that point to Kotetsu having died at the end of the episode, the wound he took and way he got it, his signal going silent, and even everything concerning Kaede having been resolved by now. But part of me still wants to believe that he’s survived, that there’ll be a happy ending involving him retiring and heading back to his hometown with Kaede, and most of all this show has just been a fun lighthearted show about bros being bros, even if there had been some darker stuff going on regarding the murder of Barnaby’s parents this aspect still shined through it all. However we have to remember that this is being animated and produced by Sunrise, and when you look at their track record it would hardly be the first time they’ve pulled something like this.

On a lighter note though the fight between Kotetsu and Barnaby against the H-01 turned out to be pretty exciting, for the most part they may have been on the defensive until they could use their powers again, dodging heat blades and lasers, and even when they could go on the offensive things still didn’t look that bright for them. Things definitely picked up when they did though, sure they may have been pummeled and took some wounds that look like they could be pretty nasty but they managed to pull off some pretty cool teamwork at the same time. Even using the finisher they used back in the first half of the show to take it down. It was all just a great use of the CGI animation that’s used for the heroes when they’re in their suits.

Finally despite how forced things may have come across whenever Rotwang showed up seeing just what the other characters were up to was pretty interesting, well more interesting than I expected it to be. We saw them not only struggling with the false sown seeds of mistrust between them but also considering pressing their buttons so they could help, Kotetsu and Barnaby were taking a beating and Kaede was still being held hostage. And it was just a nice moment to see Blue Rose declare that she would refuse to even consider pressing her button, and fun to see Kaede step up and free them. On the side to all of this however it was also interesting to see just what happened to Yuri when he attempted to hold the H-01 off, that even he was beaten back and that he now definitely suspects something about Maverick. So perhaps in the end he’ll be the one to save the day and take out Maverick. That said though unless he still has something up his sleeve I can’t see him being much of a threat in the next episode, so it’ll be interesting to see just how things carry out in the next episode.


4 Responses to Tiger & Bunny 24

  1. darkeangelus says:

    I sincrely doubt that “Hey, you have pretty long eyelashes” is going to be the deathbed confession of one of the most popular characters to stir the undershorts of fangirls and fanboys alike. I chalked up the “death scene” as a deliciously cheesy moment- the likes of which the series is noted for, to cement the bond between the two *cough* heterosexual *cough* partners.

    Kotetsu has spent his whole season trying to make right with his daughter. If it would have been a true tearful good-bye, he wouldn’t have wasted it on that putz Barnaby, that’s for sure. It would have ended with her finally telling him his heart’s desire (as revealed in Ep. 16). “Dad, you’re the coolist!” (or some crap like that). Remember, the poor bugger’s been on the run for the last 24 hours. He’s old. I figure he just fell asleep. Hell, it would be in character for him (and the show) if he actually starts snoring next episode!

    I’m cautiously optimistic Tiger’s gonna make a full (if not miraculous) recovery. Sunrise might have a lousy track record, but they’re a company interested in $$$ and Kotetsu translates into a LOT of $$$. You don’t kill the cow if it’s still giving milk.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I hope so but I’m still holding it as a possibility, they could have planned this from the beginning before it became so popular, or maybe some people there are even a bit bitter about its success. A continuation could be possible without him as well (even if it means Tiger & Bunny without Tiger).

    Here’s hoping, though, it could be kind of cheesy but it’s almost like this show runs on these sorts of moments and scenes, not to mention using them well. It could be kind of weak but I don’t think I’d mind it. That said I think Kotetsu’s path to making things right with Kaede has concluded already, everything about him being Wild Tiger between them is out in the open and she’s even proud of him now. There’s just the chance that they won’t be able to go off into the sunset.

    If it does turn out that way it will be pretty ridiculous, same with the part about Barnaby learning to cook fried rice for him.

  3. darkeangelus says:

    God, I love it when I’m right!

    Best. Episode. Ever.

  4. Ginnodangan says:

    I guess so, it really would have been a bit too dark for this show.

    And the episode was a good one, I’m looking forward to seeing what they can come up with next for the series.

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