Dantalian no Shoka 10

On one of Huey and Dalian’s visits to the park he decides to test out a violin he has, and as Dalian berates him for playing it badly they’re approached by a strange girl who wants to play it and the man with her.

The man, Dallaglio Hayward picks up on something wrong with it so he does his best to fix it with what he has on hand, then passing it onto the girl Christabel to try out. But due to the attention that her performance draws, Dallaglio feels pressured and asks if they can borrow the violin before leaving. And following this, Huey and Dalian visit their usual bookstore where they find that the girl was actually Christabel Sistine, famous for her performance of a sonata by Guillermo Baldini, a composer from 18th century Milan who’s music was said to be capable of inducing euphoria. Known for two scores, Utopia and Twilight, yet the level of skill makes playing them near impossible so they suspect that a Phantom Book, or to put it better, Phantom Score is involved.

So because of this Dalian insists that they go to London at once but nearly gets arrested when she tries to barge into the concert hall, luckily Huey spots a familiar face, so they follow them until they reach a strange room. Being knocked out when they find a doll sitting at a piano. And by the time they awake they find themselves face to face with Christabel who greets and offers to play for them, but as she does this Dallaglio arrives back and attempts to untie them, asking that they take Christabel and run. However before they can get away their patron Kendrick arrives and makes it clear that they won’t be getting away, confirming their claims that what he intends to have Christabel play, Utopia is no better than narcotics, and that he intends to use it to take over the country in a bloodless revolution.

However Dallaglio refuses to have Christabel used for such a purpose, and threatens to publish her design to the public. Kendrick simply has him shot, though, knowing that he can simply hire more people to tune her. After which he prepares to go to a soundproof room, leaving Christabel to see that Dallaglio has broken down as she’s lifted up to the stage. But with his last ounce of strength, Dallaglio cuts Huey and Dalian free, explaining how he built Christabel in an attempt to redeem his father’s tarnished reputation, but just wants her to be happy now. However Huey and Dalian notice something strange in what she’s playing, that it’s the other side to Utopia, Twilight. And as the music causes the concert hall to crumble, Huey and Dalian make their escape and notice a faint smile on Christabel’s face.

In the end everyone who could hear the message Christabel played escaped unharmed but the Phantom Score was lost for good, leaving them to wonder whether Christabel made this choice on her own. After this we also get another continuation in the story of Huey and the white-haired girl, where Huey still insists on taking her with him and if not he’ll stay with her, but seeing that he can never have eternity she farewells him as a passing dream.


Another fairly good episode, while the animation may have taken a bit of a dip after last week in return for the usual art style the already amazing voice cast continued to grow larger. With this episode bringing Mai Nakahara into the cast as Christabel.

Who’s story with Dallaglio was actually kind of nice for what it was, it may have started out looking like one just of a somewhat emotionless girl who liked to play the violin and the guy who took care of her. Yet as the episode progressed it evolved, the idea of making a doll capable of playing the violin so well, or even capable of speech and normal human movements may have seemed kind of far-fetched, more especially for a guy shown not to have a Phantom Book, but it wouldn’t be the first time something like this has happened in this show. And with it, the story evolved into one of what makes up the soul, or to put it better is it possible for a supposedly inanimate object like Christabel to have one? She may have been a doll but she seemed to evolve beyond that, as if towards the end she couldn’t bear the thought of living without Dallaglio. So along the way she somehow found one.

Aside from that it was also interesting to see the use of methods of inducing happiness through the senses, overall I definitely preferred Fiona’s version of it, but instead of smell this time it was sound. That there was a Phantom Score capable of inducing euphoria in those who heard it just like what Relic could do to those who smelled it, and once again when it really came down to it they were both no better than drugs in what they did to people. Next to that it was also great to see that there was a second score to this, the shadow to its light, capable of inducing extreme despair instead. That said I still can’t grasp how it alone could bring down an entire concert hall so easily.

Finally after a few episodes without it, it was just great to see the overarching part of the story continue a bit further, I’ll admit that the episodic style has slightly grown on me so far but it was just nice to see this part of the story advance. This time with the addition of how the white-haired girl denies all of Huey’s attempts to coerce her to go with him, knowing that if she did there would also be a time where she would have to part with him, and that pain would accompany it.  And even so, while I’m already expecting that Huey just won’t accept this and come back to finally convince her for the finale, I’m still interested to see it will all carry out. Not to mention that it even looks like we could see Rasiel and the Professor again in the next episode, perhaps we’ll even get a look at Huey’s past given how Dalian regarded him as a veteran in the preview?


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