Fate/Zero PV/CMs

EDIT: May as well use this post for any other PVs or CMs that show up as well, and added the supposedly final one for Rin’s father Tokiomi and his Archer (AKA Gil). Now just looking forward to the one hour special the show will begin with next week.

I was going to wait until the PV showed up on the official site (and I’ll probably update this post when it does), but even a camrip of it has me too hyped to wait. A good half of it being padded with shots of the command seals was kind of disappointing, just like how the last one went about detailing a magic circle before throwing in some quick shots, however what we were shown this time really does look promising. Also I know it’s iconic and all, serving of a way of saying that it’s part of the Fate series (even Fate/Extra had it, with a point just like it once the player receives their servant), but am I the only one getting tired of Saber saying ‘are you my master‘ in every PV she appears in?

There was just a bit more action to them and it finally gave us a look at Kariya and his Berserker, along with a few more shots of Rider and Waver, the former’s tragic tale is one I’m looking forward to while the latter two are probably my favourite two characters. Aside from that, giving every master-servant combo their very own CM is an interesting idea, it should mean that just about everyone gets their fair amount of promotion time while Saber dominates the art. But anyway, it all looks solid so far and if anything I expect it to exceed the expectations I have for it.

Saber – Emiya Kiritsugu CM:

Rider – Waver Velvet CM:

Assassin – Kotomine Kirei CM:

Caster – Uryuu Ryuunosuke CM:

Lancer – Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald CM:

Berserker – Matou Kariya CM:


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