Fall 2011 – At First Glance

I’ve never really done a post like this but I think it’s about time that I do, every season there always tends to be so many wonderful shows that I just don’t have the time to cover on this blog. Let alone there’s always the chance that a show could start off dull but eventually become one of the season’s best, or even the opposite. So basically in this post I’ll be writing up my first impressions and expectations that I have for some of the shows that have interested me so far.


Kind of obvious that I’d start with this one after how I’ve been covering it so far, but as a fan of TYPE-MOON‘s work I’m just really looking forward to it, it’ll be adapting the prequel novels by Urobuchi Gen, covering the Fourth Holy Grail War and the events that would lead to those covered in Fate/Stay Night. But more notably it will also be animated by Ufotable, the same company who animated Kara no Kyoukai, the only TYPE-MOON work with a ‘decent’ anime adaptation and directed by Ei Aoki, the same guy who animated the first movie for that. And of course I can’t forget about Yuki Kaijura‘s involvement as well. So all up, not only will it be part of a franchise I’m interested in but will also be a show with a pretty awesome production team on board.

Guilty Crown:

Airing in the noitaminA timeslot and animated by Production I.G. this is also another show that has potential, I’ll admit I haven’t really looked into it much but noitaminA shows always tend to be fairly decent. As far as the story goes however it kind of looks like it could be a carbon copy of Code Geass, and the same guy who did the series composition for that is involved, but still, it’s not like it’s a bad thing. The idea of Geass was interesting but in the end it just didn’t really live up to the expectations that I had for it, so maybe this time it will meet them. And it should also be noted that it will be directed by Tetsuro Araki with the music done by Ryo/Supercell, either one would have been able to grab my interest on their own.


And secondly in the noitaminA timeslot we have Un-Go, based on the post-World War II Japanese novelist Ango Sakaguchi‘s Meiji Kaika Ango Torimono-chou, animated by Bones, and directed by Seiji Mizushima, it undeniably has the potential to be a fairly good, if not great, show. Alongside which it also has some pretty interesting character designs and an atmosphere to match, with the story that it will cover being about a duo that solve mysteries in a near future timeline. Not to mention that the opening theme is also going to be by School Food Punishment.

Maji de Watashi Koi Shinasai/Majikoi:

Honestly this may not really look like much but after playing/reading a bit of the VN it looks like it could be a fun show, harem, bros, and wacky side characters all with a god tier voice cast. A few of the things about it were incredibly cliche but it was still a lot of fun all the same. So it really just has a lot of potential to be a fun sort of show, however depending on what aspect it chooses to play up it could end up being good or terrible. If it focuses on the comedy and character interactions I think it could end up being pretty good, but if it chooses to play up the harem aspect of it and overloads it with fanservice (like the PV kind of suggests) instead of that, it could end up being kind of disappointing. That said it’s going to be directed by the same director who did Katanagatari, Keitaro Motonaga, and animated by the same company that are doing the Carnival Phantasm OVAs, so perhaps there is hope.

Persona 4 The Animation:

The only experience that I really have with the series of games that this show will adapt is a partial play through of P3P, not really enough to grasp a full understanding of it but it was fun none the less. It was just so time consuming, hours literally seemed to disappear when I played it, so I haven’t really gotten around to playing the fourth game just yet. But I’m still interested to see how this show will carry out all the same, the PVs look great and it’s going to be directed by Seiji Kishi (Angel Beats!, Tentai Senshi Sunred, Seto no Hanayome, and more recently Carnival Phantasm), someone who can balance comedy and action nicely.

Bakuman 2:

More due to having blogged the first the first season and having followed the manga, but this definitely deserves a mention, watching it as it aired the first season may have been pretty disappointing due to its slow pace (adapting a weekly manga at the rate of one chapter per episode). However in hindsight it really wasn’t that bad at all, the music and atmosphere were great and putting aside the recurring working montages, some of the ways it managed to fill in time were good as well. And in this season we’ll also finally be seeing Hiramaru come onto the stage, after his arrival and teaming up with Yoshida were even foreshadowed, and to put it simply the Mangaka-Editor interactions between him and Yoshida are pure gold. That said though, considering how dull the first season was on a week to week basis I’m not sure if I’ll be blogging it, sure I’ll be watching it but I’m just uneasy about dedicating that much time to it.

Of course there’s a few other shows that look like they could be pretty interesting as well but these were just the ones that I thought that I should note, but while I’ve usually been blogging around five shows each season for a while now I think I might only blog four this time. The workload just piles up, so while I’ll keep blogging the shows that I’m blogging now I’ll probably only pick up two more for next season. Which is kind of a shame, the Fall season is usually where all the major titles are thrown. That said if I can find the time I still might be able to keep up with five of them.


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