The World Only God Knows OVA – 4 Girls and an Idol

In the blistering heat of summer Chihiro meets up with the members in her band, her friends Ayumi, Miyako, and Elsie.After which they head to a place where they can practice. But after their first performance they realise something, Elsie forgot to plug in her guitar.

For some reason I always take my time with posts for OVAs.

Opening Theme:

“Natsuiro Surprise” by Kanon Nakagawa (Nao Touyama).

It’s also after this that they realise they have to practice but with all the members being fairly busy it doesn’t seem like they’ll be able to find a chance to do so, but having watched some anime the night before about a similar group of girls Elsie gets an idea, that they should form a light music club so they can practice between classes and after school.

However this request is instantly shot down by their teacher Kodama, who’s sick of students forming trivial clubs and feels that they should be studying instead, leading to him giving them a condition they must fill in order to have their club approved, they must all get 100% on their next English test. Something which seems to spell instant defeat for them with their current grades sitting at an 82 for Miyako, a 68 for Chihiro, a 35 for Ayumi, and an 18 for Elsie who has difficulty with kanji, aside from that it’s also like they’ve put the cart before the horse. They have a name and logo, but no drummer. And as they talk about this they meet a certain idol who’s came back for the tests, Kanon Nakagawa, leading to Chihiro declaring that they’ll meet her on the stage.

So in order to meet the condition that Kodama has set Elsie goes to the boy who always gets perfect grades despite his interest in games, her ‘brother’ Keima and drags him in to tutor them. Something which doesn’t sit well with him as Ayumi and Chihiro were two of his past conquests but he eventually agrees, designating time to each of them and showing them what he expects the next English test to be, simply from Kodama’s personality. However when Kanon shows up for help as well, Elsie’s measly ten minutes disappears entirely, and when he finally gets to her she admantly believes that they’ve met somewhere before.

It was after this that he also took his leave but luckily Miyako arrived just in time to fill in, and in a few days all of them get 100% except Elsie who got a 45% on their English test, and even though Kodama seemed adamant on the matter before, the sight of Keima getting a 99% against his otherwise perfect test results puts him in a cheerful mood and he approves their club anyway. And as the episode ends, Keima suspects that his conquests may possibly retain their memories, Kanon claims she’s found some rivals, and Chihiro’s band the 2B pencils (still without a drummer) practices.

Ending Theme:

“Hajimete Koi wo Shita Kioku” by Chihiro Kosaka (Kana Asumi)


Just when the chances of seeing anything more animated from this series seemed pretty low, it was great to see this come along, even if these sorts of OVAs bundled with manga volumes and cover specific points in the story, kind of seem like a death sentence to the hopes for a full proper sequel. As despite that what it covered made for a pretty fun watch, oddly like something out of a different series at first.

Coming across as something more like a certain moe series about a group of girls forming a band that I haven’t yet, and will probably never, gotten around to watching (which because of, I won’t judge either). Either way, the general feeling of the episode was just something completely unlike the usual nature of the show when it’s following Keima, or at least until the halfway point and even then it was kind of a stretch. Regardless though as something lighthearted even compared to that and something that seemed to follow some of the characters outside of the usual group, particularly Chihiro, it was certainly refreshing and a lot of fun as well.

When it came down to it, it also presented a great chance to see some of the past heroines again like Ayumi and Kanon as well alongside Chihiro, I’ve probably mentioned this in one of my past posts but we see them from time to time but they’re never really in the spotlight. Something which this certainly gave them, it’s even possible to say that Chihiro was the protagonist for it and that she and Ayumi was sitting on the same level as Keima and Elsie for it as well, serving as something of a sidekick for her and overall the focus was placed more on them. It even managed to pull Miyako out of the background and give her a role. Finally while I’m not exactly all that fond of her I also thought it was nice to see Kanon again as well, even if she has marginally been around in spirit since the end of her arc.

Not to mention what it very well might just mean, we’ve seen Ayumi show some signs of residual feelings for Keima, during Chihiro’s arc she was a whole lot more friendly towards him and even suggested that she may now like him. And while these little signs are fun enough to see on their own for all the characters, Kanon took it all a step further, she may have just had the confidence to openly ask, but she clearly felt as if she had met him before. Appearing to have even more significant memories, or at least a better idea or some clarity to them. Seeming to raise the question of just what it could mean? Personally I’m still not exactly up to date with the manga but could it be a sign for the events ahead. And not to mention that it even had an impact on Keima.


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