Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 02

Under the cover of night, Miyako attempts to make her move on Yamato however she finds that she had been fooled by a decoy he had prepared just for this. As at this point he’s currently negotiating with his history teacher about a request to find his dog, which he accepts for 144 meal tickets.

Opening Theme:

“U-n-d-e-r–STANDING!” by Endoh Masaaki, Kitadani Hiroshi, Misato Aki.

Which as he explains to his friends, the Kazama family is because they’ll be able to divide this between the nine of them, and if Cap still isn’t back from Nagoya by the time they’ve finished the request they can simply divide it by eight. However while Chris doesn’t exactly condone accepting this while their rivals in Class S can’t, he puts it down to seizing the opportunity. Unfortunately Matsukaze also lets out how if they do complete this, Mayucchi’s chances to make lunch for Yamato will go down. Aside from that Momoyo is annoyed that he was busy last night and messes with him a bit.

Sadly however Momoyo isn’t exactly as enthusiastic when she learns just what this request is, but with Moro, Gakuto, and Cookie collecting information, she still helps Yamato and the other girls in searching for it. And as it would so happen, not that long after Wanko tries to track it by scent they’re actually able to find it. Leading to a chase through the shopping district where they barge into Chika and Mayo trying on lingerie, and bump into Mayucchi’s friend Iyo and knock over her parfait. And as the sun sets a mysterious man is seen, and Azumi reports to Ageha about the strange foes from before. In the end however it looks as if the dog got away, but as the girls relax in the bath, commenting on Yamato’s past efforts to peek on them, the dog appears, eventually leading them all into Yamato’s room.

Despite being so close they’re still not able to capture it, and their chase this time leads them to an abandoned factory loaded with weapons, and as they wonder just what these are doing here they find themselves surrounded. So using the minigun Momoyo fends them off alongside the other girls, but before they can force an explanation out of one of the grunts, they find themselves attacked by three girls who can somehow use the same Kawakami techniques from the temple where Momoyo and Wanko live. In the end however they’re able to escape relatively unharmed, with Yamato remembering how he met a man who wanted to change the country in the past, and none other than Cap being the one to find the dog.

Ending Theme:

“Kimi no Shinken o Choudai” by Asakawa Yuu, Gotou Yuuko, Hyousei, Itou Shizuka, Tomonaga Akane.


Even though this episode may have brought back those fears that I truly felt were gone after the last one, this was still a pretty fun episode. However if something became apparent in this episode, it’s that this show will be more aimed at those that are already familiar with the VN.

As even after the last episode took the approach of jumping right into the action and throwing all the characters to us at once, and you would usually expect the episode after something like that to actually start introducing them. This episode still took that approach as well, though to a lesser degree. Offering something to the viewers who are already fans to the series rather than going with your standard adaptation aimed at both them and new fans by going with a literal adaptation, in which case with one cour it would have only been able to cover the prologue. Which while fun hardly would have been conclusive enough. Either way however this feels like it could be an interesting approach, all I can really say is that those who are lost should look into the VN first.

Next to that it’s also pretty interesting to see what could be seen as the seeds of the events to come sown, from a glimpse at a disguised certain Norio Wakamoto voiced politician and sniper, and even a vague appearance in a flashback from his rival. The latter being done in a way that could even be something personal for our main if/when he does come back later on. And probably more prominently from the brief fight between the girls of the Kazama family and the Itegaki sisters(and the guy in the back whose name I can’t remember at this point), with it being made clear that they were using similar techniques to those at the temple where Momoyo and Wanko live, and implying that those girls from the last episode are working with them and Shakadou. Just no matter how you look at it, it seems like something big is coming up.

Aside from that, while one of my fears was that this show was going to forgo the wacky side characters and bros in favour of harem antics with Yamato and the girls, along with a good dose of fanservice. And even though it did actually look to go about doing just that in this episode, it really wasn’t as big of a problem as I had feared, if anything the episode was still kind of fun for what it was, annoying in some cases but the good thing is that Yamato along with the other characters seem to have retained his usual personalities, and even though Mayucchi, Chris, and most of all Miyako have shown interest in him he’s still fairly set on Momoyo. Not to mention that even though the bath scene was censored, using Matsukaze and Cookie was a pretty fun way to do it. In all however I’d still prefer it if it focused more on the Kazama family hanging out and the wacky side characters more.

And finally it almost goes without saying, the VN opening is far better than the anime one.


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