Fate/Zero 03

Not that long after Assassin has been eliminated, Archer meets Tokiomi in his study who apologises for having him engage in this trifle and refers to him as the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, explaining that this action was necessary. Archer himself however decides to amuse himself with the modern world for the time being, curious whether there is something worthy of his collection or whether Tokiomi is only wasting his time by summoning him.

Aside from that Tokiomi regrets how the Archer class possesses an ability known as Independent Action, allowing them to temporarily act without a Master or remain longer in the world if the contract is broken. Elsewhere at this point Waver is overjoyed that one of their opponents has been eliminated while Rider is preoccupied with what the modern world has to offer, considering Bill Clinton to be a worthy adversary. However if anything he’s disappointed that Waver wasn’t paying attention to Archer, explaining how a Noble Phatasm is the evidence to a Servant’s identity and that it’s possible to have more than one, so they should be able to figure out who he is from this.

After which he feels that it’s time to make their move, declaring that it’s more fun this way. Having supposedly lost his Servant, Kirei heads to the church to take shelter, but as soon as he steps inside the true nature of his partnership with Tokiomi is revealed. Along with the fact that Assassin isn’t exactly dead at all, with the Hassan-i Sabbah that he summoned possessing the ability to split his self into one hundred personas as his Noble Phantasm, Zabiniya. Following this Irisviel and Saber finally arrive in Fuyuki City, with Saber explaining that her Riding ability could allow her to even pilot the plane they travelled in by instinct alone, and Irisviel finding joy in being outside the castle for the first time in her life, when it comes down to it being a tool for the Holy Grail War. To which Saber feels that they should walk through the city instead, offering to escort her as a knight should.

Elsewhere at this point Kiritsugu meets with his assistant, Hisau Maiya and is informed of the incident with Assassin, and unlike Waver doesn’t buy it at all. That it was all preplanned, and upon learning that his Master was Kirei, requests for a familiar to be stationed at the church regardless of the neutrality regarding it. Following that he also goes through their equipment, including his Walther WA 2000 and his custom Thomas Contender pistol, the closest thing he has to a Mystic Code. Feeling that he’s gotten rusty along with the cracks in his resolve showing when he notes that Ilya weighs less than his rifle. And after this Irisviel and Saber head to the beach, sensing what could only be taken as an invitation as Irisviel happily wanders through the shallows bathed in the moonlight.

So the two of them head to the docks to meet this challenge and find themselves before the sixth Servant, Lancer who recognises Saber by her class and issues a challenge to a duel, regretting that his class is the extent to which he can introduce himself. And so with Irisviel to support her, their honourable duel begins.


More much needed exposition may have been something of a let down but it was still needed all the same, this time explaining the workings behind a Servant’s abilities and Noble Phantasms. And even then it’s fairly safe to say that the plot is heading out of the cordial prologue of the story and into the gritty and brutal nature of the Holy Grail War.

Ending on the eve of what could be considered the first proper battle in the series and at the same time revealing the missing sixth Servant, Lancer voiced once more by Hikaru Midorikawa after he appeared as a secret character in Fate/Unlimited Codes. And just like Archer before him, even from his short appearance in this episode we can already grasp a decent understanding of his character, that just like Saber he’s bound by a sense of honour and respect towards those he faces. He went out of his way to make his prescence known and had been trying to find an opponent beforehand through similar fair means. In a sense being somewhat similar to the Assassin and Lancer from the fifth war in that he just wants a good honourable duel. Also I hope they find a way to keep in his kick ass theme.

If there was one thing that was interesting about this episode it was also that we were able to find out how some of the Servants perceive the modern world, whether they love it, despise it, or simply seem to have mixed feelings about it. With Saber seeming to feel particularly uncomfortable yet enjoying it all the same, Rider interested in just about everything it has to offer, and Archer completely and utterly despising what his kingdom has become in his absence. For what it is it’s just interesting, these figures have been brought forth thousands of years into the future, and regardless of the knowledge the Grail bestows upon them it’s all still completely new to them, so there’s something fun about it in some cases as well.

For what it was there was also something nice about being able to see Irisviel and Saber look around the city, considering that Irisviel has never left the castle in all her life there’s just something sweet about it. Whether it’s the sight of the buildings or the feel of the sand and sea below and around her toes, everything and anything was new to her, and given that she knows she doesn’t have much time left she seems to want to live it to the fullest. Along with all of this it was also interesting to see Kiritsugu meeting up with his apprentice, assistant, and lover Maiya Hisau, revealing that the plan he came up earlier was to have Irisviel pose as Saber’s Master while he acts from the shadows, as well as picking up some equipment. Most of all however we even saw some cracks in his at first glance steel resolve. Showing both that despite everything he just wants to give up, that even now he’s forcing himself to keep going.

Finally on a note not related to the Kiritsugu-Saber duo the interactions between Rider and Waver were as fun as always, we saw the former raid a library to the despair of the latter in the last episode. And in this episode it continued from that, I’d have to admit that seeing how wimpy Waver was in this episode got kind of tiring with what little resolve he had going out the window from time to time. But Rider’s badassery made up for it once more, fascinated by the modern world he simply does what he wants when he wants, showing that he was completely serious about conquering his way home. And that while he seems kind of indifferent towards the war with his motto pretty much being to have as much fun as possible regardless of what you do, he’s actually quite serious about it as well at the same time.


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