Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 04

Opening with yet another one of Miyako’s attempts to win Yamato over, this time we see her sneak into the changing room while he’s in the bath to steal his underwear. After which we see Chris deciding to have one herself and bumping into him on his way back in.

Leading to of all things, a point where he gets embarrassed and declares that she’s a pervert before she can react. And even though she attempts to hold him down to prevent him seeing any more, he still attempts to fool her with a long-winded explanation of how there’s nothing embarrassing about being seen naked. Soon somehow leading to an exchange of how their parents saw Japan, Chris’ father saying it was a good place while Yamato’s abandoned it and moved away.

However after this, while Yamato has managed to sway her a bit, it doesn’t appear to have worked as she declares that his wish to see women naked is based on lust rather than the love he puts it to, leading to her asking him whether he loves the girl he sees or the act itself. In short whether he wants to see her naked because he loves her or because she’s just another girl, but before he can answer this Miyako interrupts and prevents him from answering. And after this Chris later finds a box of her favourite snacks outside her door with a note from Yamato.

In the second half of the episode we see Kazuko/Wanko starting her daily training routine when she hears the sound of a whistle blown by Yamato, having called her to see her sister’s latest challenger and arriving just in time for her to beat him in a single strike. After which Momoyo decides to let her frustration out on Yamato, taking to him with a flurry of punches before finally catching him off guard by manipulating the wind. However just as she has him, Wanko comes to his aid and distracts her by pointing out a cute girl among the onlookers. And so having saved him, Wanko explains that this habit her sister has of hitting on girls is because none of the guys around her are good enough before getting back to her training.

Dragging him along behind in the tire as she tells him how she aspires to be just like her sister, right down to her bust, and how he would be joining her family if he did end up marrying Momoyo. Then talking about their parents, Yamato of how his have moved away and Wanko of how she was adopted by Momoyo’s family, having nearly given up on finding her birth parents. After which Yamato puts the idea in her head that if he were to marry her it would have the same result, and while she knocks him into the river at first, she later entertains the idea a bit.

Ending Theme:


Well just as expected, last week we saw the episode quickly work at better developing Miyako and Mayucchi’s characters with one half of the episode each, and in this one we saw the same for Chris and Wanko, right down to one of them being naked for a good part of it. Once again having all the girls suddenly like Yamato felt odd, but I guess it isn’t really that bad as well.

Aside from developing the heroines it was also interesting to see the matter of Yamato’s parents looked at as well. Mentioned over the course of both halves of the episode, we now know that the reason he lives at the dorm is that his parents have gone abroad, his father having lost faith and left, and from the way he talked about it isn’t likely to return. It wasn’t really completely up front, coming up from time to time when the issue came up when he talked with the heroines, but one can only wonder how much it may have effected him and how much he’s hiding. And now that you think about it, could the guy he had a flashback about in episode two be his father? What we saw of him matches up a bit and what he said then fits in with what Yamato said about him in this episode as well.

Once again, CGs to give the illusion of less text.

But anyway, the first thing this episode seemed to mainly work at was developing Chris’ character. Showing off things like the enthusiasm she has in Japanese culture and of how Yamato uses it to manipulate her into believing things, in this case going into a long-winded explanation of how it’s natural to be naked in order to avoid having her lash out at him for seeing her undress. Which entertainingly enough the tables were actually turned during, he reacted before she did. That said however, regardless of the manner that it took place in, the exchange they had was actually kind of nice as well, on the side it may have worked to bring in Chris’ strong sense of honour and justice, but as it went on it turned to love and a roundabout way of her asking if he liked her. Whether he wanted to see her naked because she was a girl or who she was, say what you will about it but I thought it was fairly cute of her. It’s just a shame Miyako returned at such a crucial moment.

Secondly to that it went on to do the same for Wanko. Starting with things that felt as if they had been left out, like her training routine and the way that Yamato has pretty much been training her. Then going onto more serious things like her family situation and the relationship she has with her adoptive sister Momoyo, who without doubt she must love and aspires to be just as strong and like, even down to small issues like bust size. Yet at the same time I can’t shake this feeling that she may feel kind of inadequate compared to as well, she trains a lot with this goal in mind but no matter how much she does it she doesn’t even compare to Momoyo, that she’ll never reach her goal. Next to all of this it was also great to see her family situation looked at as well, of how she was adopted by the Kawakami family and looks upon everyone at the temple as a member of her family, naively wishing for it to keep on growing. Not to mention the matter of her birth parents as well, who despite having looked for from a young age she hasn’t been able to find yet, if anything she’s near given up on them. But in all her fairly liberal view of a family was pretty nice to see.


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