Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 05

When Yamato returns to his room he finds that his entire collection has been vandalised by Miyako, so to get back at her he glues her to Cookie. Leading to them still being stuck together as the Kazama family walks to school the next day, where the other girls attempt to keep up with Mayucchi when they see that she had made lunch for Yamato, and since it looks like fun Cap, Gakuto, and Moro decide to chip in as well.

However it doesn’t stop there as Momoyo’s contribution could be seen as an indirect kiss, so the other girls now rush in to make it so their contributions can be seen as such as well. At this point Fushikawa Kokoro of Class S has arrived at school, and upon learning from Jun that the reason the other students are smiling is because of the embarassing video of Yamato forcing a surrender out of her, she resolves to get revenge no matter what. But because of their past defeat, Hideo isn’t up for an all out battle so she must take matters into her own hands.

So to do this she seeks Yamato out and attempts to challenge him to a duel, only to find him just as he’s asking Yonpachi if he can replace some of the damaged items from his collection, something which she actually aids him in. After this though she looks into him a bit and decides that she has to piss him off, however her attempts to harass the girl he likes proves to be fruitless as well as playing on his love of hermit crabs. So she now decides to lure him in with her body, which while it may have failed as well leads to him commenting that she’s kind of cute. Changing her opinion of him and wanting to take him on as her butler, however in trying to get closer to him she makes the mistake of knocking over and belittling the things his friends gave him.

Something which he can’t really forgive and finally makes him give her the duel she had been after before. And with Momoyo’s grandfather as the referee they begin, but no matter how many times Kokoro flips him he doesn’t go down. Refusing to yield until she breaks down in tears and apologises, and after which she finds that he had been wearing body armour. Leading to her storming off and Momoyo carrying him back, and the next day Kokoro finds that the embarrassing video of her has been deleted.

Ending Theme:


Now that we’ve trudged out of what could be seen as the introduction this was a great episode, not just because it was a Kokoro centric one but because of the focus it had on the other characters. With the likes of those from Class S even coming into it again.

Or at the very least making a quick appearance, where we were treated to the likes of their trio, Jun, Touma, and Koyuki briefly around the start, briefly alluding to Jun’s pure as white snow lolicon habits. Next to that I also liked how the other members of the Kazama family made an appearance, the harem antics are still tiring as always but the bros aspect of it manages to redeem it somewhat in how they chipped in since it looked like fun. Aside from that it was great to see Hideo and Azumi again as well, this time showing off Azumi’s personality switching in how she’s nice and obedient when Hideo is paying attention or acting as his zealous self, but the instant he looks away the facade is cast down and she becomes something of a delinquent. It was kind of sad we didn’t get to see her abuse  the Baldy but it was still pretty fun, which was probably thanks to Kokoro.

As you have to admit, there’s just something incredibly satisfying about seeing a haughty ojousama sort of character being taken down a notch, something which Kokoro easily accels at. There’s just something about the way that Kaori Mizuhashi voices her that makes her perfect for it, one moment she’s acting all high and mighty yet the next when the some form of resistance pops up she becomes completely submissive. Which as Yamato noted in this episode is actually kind of cute. But anyway, next to that the story that this episode had for her was fairly nice, as simple as it was it was fun to see her completely fail at pissing him off or getting the expected reaction from him, and with it there was even a little bit of development for Yamato as well.

Even if it really did just come down to just how important his friends are to him, where just by offhandingly insulting something they had given him on a whim his indifference towards her suddenly changed and he wouldn’t accept anything less than a tearful apology. It was probably going a little too far, however it should also be noted that it wasn’t that she accidentally knocked it over but that she openly considered the things that his friends had given him to be worthless, in doing so effectively declaring his friendship with them to be the same. But all up just how it ended was fairly nice as well, even if she did pout afterward when she found that he’d tricked her into thinking she was harming him, it ended on a nice note with him deleting the video and even acknowledging her when they passed each other next.


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