Fate/Zero 06

With the events of the last episode behind them, Saber and Irisviel head to the Einzbern Castle with the latter at the wheel when they come across a mysterious servant waiting for them in the middle of the road, Caster.

Who upon seeing Saber confesses that his true identity is that of Gille de Rais and declares her to be Joan of Arc, believing that the grail has already chosen him as the victor and refusing to believe that Saber is who she says she is. Believing that her memories have been tampered with as yet another cruel act by God against her. Of course this doesn’t sit well with her and she has no other choice but to send him away with a warning strike. And so following this Caster returns to his workshop and soon  puts an end to what Ryuunosuke was working on, declaring that in order to prove that no depraved act or crime is punishable by God, they’ll kill more and more.

Elsewhere at this point, Kayneth questions Lancer on how he wasted a Command Spell earlier, taking his promise to defeat Saber as the least of what he will do to make up for it. However as he’s busy berating him, his fiance Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri appears and states otherwise, also explaining the unique aspect of their Servant-Master relationship, she supplies the required Mana. However while Kayneth thinks that their base is impenetrable, he wasn’t counting on Kiritsugu just dropping the entire building once every guest but he and Sola had been evacuated. But just as Kiritsugu thinks that everything has gone well, he hears gunshots on Maya’s side of things and races to her rescue, finding her confronted by Kirei, armed with Black Keys, who had come with the intention of confronting him and provides an escape route for her.

After which Kirei’s Assassins report to him as he visualises how Kiritsugu saved his assistant from the shadows, informing him of Caster and his Master as well as their actions. Relaying them to his father Risei and Tokiomi, the latter finding an out of control Servant and Master uninterested in the war to be dangerous to the secret that is magic, so the former sets about providing an incentive for the other Masters to eliminate Caster first. However when Kirei finally retires to his room he finds that Archer has gone through his wine collection, somewhat pleased with what he’s found and wanting a way to spend his free time. Stating that he responded to Tokiomi’s summon because of the manner that it was done in, but in truth he finds him to be incredibly boring as a human being. Then shifting the conversation to Kirei, suggesting that he should seek the grail for simple pleasure. and because he’s never been able to find it he takes an interest in him.

Taking it upon himself to be his guide in seeking it, suggesting that he should have the Assassins also look into the other Master’s motivations, as out of the other five there’s surely to be a couple that should be interesting. Taking his leave when he agrees to consider it, believing that he may be able to find what he should seek by meeting Kiritsugu.


The art quality may have taken a bit of a dip after the past five stellar looking episodes, but this was an all right episode none the less. After last week’s amazing finish we’ve entered a new arc, and while that means that there wasn’t much action in this episode, just what it covered was interesting enough.

First off it went about giving Caster and Ryuunosuke some focus, showing off not only how deranged (censored) they are but also how deluded Caster is. Simply, to say he’s unstable would be an understatement, at this point he fervently believes that Saber is Joan of Arc (his bro from the Hundred Years War), which while amusing enough when seen as a reference to who just about everyone thought she was before the Arturia reveal, still serves as a testament for. Refusing to believe no other possibility and in all, seeing it as if he’s already won the war. Which is basically where it gets dangerous, we not only have an unstable Servant and Master, but now one with no interest in the war at all. Their actions are completely unpredictable, and especially in this case, dangerous as well. Either way if they’re not eliminated soon it could be a disaster.

After that though it was interesting to get a closer look at the relationship that Lancer has with his Master(s), Kayneth and Sola, both already appearing as parallels to his own myth, taking the roles of Fion and Grainne respectively. It may or may not have been subtle but there are already signs that Sola is attracted to Lancer, that if anything she’s been effected by the love spot upon his cheek, and alongside it there’s a few signs of mistrust from Kayneth because of this as well. So not only are they kind of incompatible regarding their ethics and morals, with Lancer’s strong sense of honour directly conflicting with Kayneth’s way of doing things, but there’s also the workings for a divide between them. While Lancer will surely serve him dutifully, Kayneth just won’t trust him and suspect him of trying to steal his fiance (who albeit, is from an arranged marriage).

Above all however the most interesting part of this episode was how Archer/Gilgamesh has started to corrupt Kirei, planting the seeds that would turn Kirei from the empty man unable to derive pleasure from anything, to the villain who achieves it through evil acts. Eventually turning him into the guy we see in Stay Night. With Gil directly influencing this transgression of his, suggesting that he should stop restraining himself and simply seek pleasure where it can be found. Providing Kirei with a bit of direction and even planting the seeds for betrayal on Gil’s part to rectify having a boring Master. Something that was also quite amusing as well, as Gil’s original Master and Rin’s father, Tokiomi has so much going for him, but he really is boring. Being someone whose really only good for being suave and holding a wineglass so far. In all though, this exchange just felt like a turning point, one more decisive than any clash or fight could be, setting things on their path and sowing the seeds for the role that Kirei will play in the story.


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