Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai 06

As Yamato plans to watch a certain video tape he finds that his television has been hijacked by Miyako in yet another one of her ploys to seduce him. After which the Kazama family are shown meeting at their base about preparations for a festival coming up.

For which they plan to build and carry a shrine with Yamato going through his contacts for the materials to build it. Of all things however the girls didn’t know just what this festival was for, being overcome with embarrassment when they find out just what the shrine is.

It then goes on to the festival itself where various characters are shown eating mushroom-shaped candy, and once again the girls are overcome with embarrassment at the thought of what it would look like to eat it. But after a bit of encouragement from Yamato, Momoyo goes on to show them the proper way to do it, luring everyone around them in before ending with a crunch. However during all of this Yamato was gone, shown instead looking for his beloved hermit crabs. Regardless however, back at the festival Chika and Mayo have trouble selling their homemade candy until Yonpachi and Jun clear them out, and Kokoro returns once more to flaunt her own extravagant candy. And so in response they issue a duel, in which they’ll battle with their shrines.

Of course this means that Kokoro automatically loses if she doesn’t have a shrine of her own, however Hideo makes his entrance just as this is about to begin in her stead with a shrine of his own, feeling that he should be part of this manly battle between men. At this point having learned of this, Yamato heads back to help them when he bumps into a mysterious man in his way. One who appears to know his father but hasn’t seen him in a while, leading to a conflict of ideals as Yamato explains how it was the corruption that made his father leave, himself seeing no point in voting if the only options are shit-flavoured curry and curry-flavoured shit. However the man sees him as a coward because he ran away, that he abandoned the family that makes up the country, and countering that some people’s only choice is shit-flavoured-shit. That at least he has a voice in the matter.

By the time he arrives back the battle is in its final stages with both shrines on the verge of breaking, and when they both snap at the same time both Cap and Hideo leap to replace them. However the sight of the latter’s replacement forces them to withdraw and admit defeat.

Ending Theme:


Now these are the episodes I had been expecting when this show first started, sure there were lots of phallic shaped things thrown about, ranging from the shrines they were carrying to the candy the characters were eating, and what the girls looked like they were doing while eating it. But it’s still a far cry from the generic harem segments.

As above all the thing that makes this series so much fun isn’t that but rather the other characters and the hijinks they get up to, and not just limited to those of the Kazama family either. It’s fun to see them all hanging out together, whether they’re going on a trip somewhere or even just walking to school together, but also to see it expand out to the other characters. Going from their classmates in Class F to those in Class S. It’s still fairly closed in but it just feels a lot more open than when it was only Yamato and if lucky all five of the heroines. Aside from that the things that take place when they all tend to meet like the duel in this episode generally turn out to be pretty entertaining.

Of course I wouldn’t get very far if I didn’t comment on the segments with the phallic shaped candy and just how it went about showing the showing the characters eating it. Playing it up in both a fanservice and comedic aspect through Momoyo (voiced by Yuu Asakawa) seductively instructing on how it should be eaten, with gratuitous and suggestive shots of both her and the other girls doing so, albeit embarrassed about the very idea beforehand. Before swinging it in another direction and throwing a few other gags about to add an extra comedic spin to it here and there.

After all of that the exchange between Yamato and the mysterious man, the Prime Minister in disguise was also fairly powerful, especially for something in this show. Going from an exchange on the futility and lack of action in modern day politics to one of just what makes up a country along with how regardless of that futility there’s still an aspect of choice involved. At least giving the appearance of hope for change even if people undermine just what is truly required to bring it about, and also something that really can’t be said for some places today and parts of the past. For a show that had only just been spiralling into some length if absurdity, it was just so unexpected yet great all the same. And it should also probably be noted that the Prime Minister appears to be fairly familiar with Yamato’s father, holding some ammount of respect for him.


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  1. zryn says:

    Of course, they’re not mushrooms but actual pe….

    Based on the real life Kanamara Matsuri.

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