Gintama 233

Crash landing back into the series, Sakamoto and Mutsu make their return. And once again while Sakamoto manages to easily piss off Gintoki and Kagura he gets along just fine with Katsura, and before they know it they’re heading up to his ship.

On the streets however the first stages of the Renhou’s invasion are in place, with the rain causing anyone who makes contact with it to have their face replaced with one of their masks and talk through signs. On Sakamoto’s ship at this point, he explains just how he knows so much about the Renhou’s plan to conquer the Earth, he was the one who actually brought them there, idiotically believing that they wanted to protect the Earth instead of conquering it. Aside from that there was also a hostess club he wanted to visit.

Of course this doesn’t exactly sit well with Gintoki and Shinpachi as this current predicament is entirely his fault, with Mutsu explaining how she did some research to find out just what their plan is and how they can stop them. So once again, Gintoki, Katsura, and Sakamoto head off to face them, intending to enter their base and infiltrate the Renhou while Mutsu stalls them. Disguising themselves with custom Elizabeth costumes, however Katsura can’t handle seeing so many Elizabeths, Sakamoto has motion sickness, and Shinpachi was only painted white. With everyone none the wiser. But he insists on hiding in one of their costumes just as a patrol finds them, taking him for a pimple and attempting to remove him with a saw.

After this they head to the dining hall to further gather information, with Fumiko explaining the command structure and that their leader is the ambitious Vader who rules them with an iron fist. So in order to avoid suspicion they have to go along with the rest, however they find that they eat gaming cartridges, causing Gintoki, Sakamoto, and Katsura to revolt when they find simple Nintendo cartridges to be unacceptable. The attention this draws nearly blows their cover though, but luckily Elizabeth meets up with them and covers for them. Unfortunately at this point, the deal that Mutsu was proposing to Vader falls through, and as she preaches that they won’t back down so easily, he shows her just why they’re known as the white devils.

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Kind of weak compared to the last episode but still an all right one none the less. Sakamoto is back and is still up to his airheaded ways with Mutsu attempting to keep him under control, and for a moment there I really thought that Elizabeth was Vader.

It must have just been the way it transitioned from him leaving to Vader’s reveal, the way it led up to him just seemed to suggest that they were the same person and that Elizabeth had returned, as unlikely as it would have been for him to be the big bad for this arc. It would have been interesting though, from what Fumiko had said we could assume that he was acting under someone else’s orders and it would have been Katsura and the other’s job to convince him to come back. But instead how Elizabeth is just another one of his underlings is something that I think works better, it places him in a position to sabotage the invasion itself. If anything however I thought that Vader’s reasons for wanting to conquer the Earth were lacking.

Once again it was also a lot of fun just to see how Sakamoto got along with the other characters and just what he gets up to, whether it was pissing Gintoki and Kagura off as soon as he got back or even seeing just how he actually gets along with Katsura. Something which was interesting to see as just about all his shown interactions with the other characters so far have been with Gintoki, even in the flashbacks to their past. Which speaking of as well, it should also be great to see all three of them team up for something since then, even if it doesn’t look like it will be entirely action packed. And next to that it’s also fairly fun to see how Sakamoto and his abusive righthand, or to put it better retainer, interact together as well.

Aside from that it was also kind of fun to see the gags that came up when they got inside the Renhou’s base, sure as usual quite a few of them came down to one or more of the characters reacting to the absurdity of the others or the situation it was in. But even so there were a few good ones in there, like the recurring gag of Shinpachi only being a pair of glasses, whereby the moment they were removed to the Renhou and the other characters ceased to notice him. If anything he could have just removed them in the first place without being painted white. And after that there was even the hierarchy concerning the game cartridges and last but not least, if anything the best, the matter of the Renhou possessing Gundams of sorts. The reason why they’re known as the white devils.


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