Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 07

Without anyone to challenge her Momoyo quickly grows restless, so she sets about challenging her grandfather but soon grows tired with the idea.

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After which Shakadou and the Itagaki family are shown waiting out at sea for a shipment, and back in Kawakami, Yamato reflects on his talk with the mysterious man as to what makes up a country. But just as Momoyo finds him, wanting to relieve some of her stress on her little brother, she finds this chance, and quite a few after that thwarted by one of the other girls. Unable to find a chance to be alone with him.

Leaving her thinking that he’s broken his promise to always be with her as she looks at the ring he gave her, demanding to know why when he finally catches up with her. And after this, Cap brings the Kazama family their latest request concerning the current surge in certain magazines, with the exception of Gakuto and Moro who are currently protesting against this. Eventually leading to the reveal that pictures of their previous hijinks made it online, from those of Wanko standing on the shrine to those of the girls eating candy, leaving Cap wondering why none of him made it up. However amongst all of this Momoyo still appears to be fairly upset and with a few words, storms out.

Leading to Yamato going after her, meeting some of the other characters on his way until he finds a suspcious girl with red hair who appears to be behind the current surge in the magazines. Deciding to tail her instead only to be found just as he finds their base, discovering that they were the same people from the factory. But just as Shakadou is about to get rid of him, the girls catch up and come to his rescue, leading to a heated battle in which Wanko recognises Shakadou as someone who got kicked out by her grandfather. In which Miyako engages Shakadou in a ranged battle, only to have Tatsuko break her and all the other girls’ guards by spontaneously kissing Yamato. However Momoyo arrives just in time to turn the tide of the battle, but before she can close in on Shakadou she finds a former member of the Big Four in her way, Tachibana Takae.

Ending Theme:


I guess you could say that this was Momoyo‘s episode, it was kind of sad to see it deviate from the fun hijinks and such aspects of the last two episodes but considering that, it wasn’t really that bad. Not to mention that we got to see the plot move forward a bit as well.

But first off the first half of the episode really felt as if it was Momoyo’s turn to get half an episode or so of development, going about showing her growing restless due to a recent lack of challengers and attempting to relieve her stress on her little brother only to have each attempt unintentionally thwarted each time by the other girls. In doing so bringing back that somewhat annoying, best ignored, harem aspect that the show has, though in a way that wasn’t exactly in your face. Not to mention that for the most part it actually followed her and not Yamato then, and we even got an idea as to what was going through her mind. And simply because the episode seemed to focus on Momoyo a bit more I enjoyed it, she’s a fairly fun character and from the way that Yuu Asakawa plays her it sounds like she has a lot of fun with her as well. That aside however, given Momoyo’s status as the flagship or main heroine of this series I was kind of expecting her to see an entire episode for this, though the half we saw was nice enough.

After that however, the overall plot also seemed to move forward a bit with the return of Shakadou and the Itagaki family, even in those incredibly fun comedy episodes we may see it move forward slightly (such as the talk that Yamato had with the Prime Minister as to what makes up a country), but their return seemed to signal a much more obvious advance. So far we know that they’re kind of up to no good, but not exactly what they’re working for, so they’re kind of mysterious as well. But that might be because I’m not exactly familiar with the True Route of the VN in which they mainly show up in, all I really know is that they kidnap Yamato and that he works his way out and escapes. Either way though, given their status amongst the villains so far their return just seemed to shift things forward a bit.

Last of all however the show seemed to take a much more serious twist upon the arrival of Tachibana Takae, one of the mysterious girls seen through out the past few episodes, a former member of the Big Four, and another character that I barely know anything about. Only that she’s supposedly really strong, though considering that she could take out a tank bare handed I can’t really say much else. That aside I’m also interested to see just what her arrival will bring about, let alone what she intends to do and why she appears to be cooperating with Shakadou and the Itagaki family. But anyway, as short as it was her arrival in this episode just seemed to make things a lot more serious, starting as an over the top battle and leading into the city set ablaze.


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