Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 09

Having recently awoken from his coma, the other members of the Kazama Family talk about how Yamato is doing while the girls appear to be in a stalemate of sorts, where the first one to leave will be seen as going to visit him first and therefore taken down by the others.

Following which Yamato is shown ashamed that he was taken out by a stray missile as he recovers from his injuries with Cookie there to inform on what had happened, comparing how Takae’s accomplice Saki had calculated their attacks to the likes of Gates and Gaile. A pair of brothers where the former uses his computer to predict incoming attacks while the latter fights hand to hand. Aside from that he also notes that Takae was the formerly fastest in the Big Four beforehand.

At this point elsewhere Ageha confronts Momoyo on how it was her recklessness that led to Yamato getting hurt, also bringing up how she had rejected him as an example for why her will isn’t strong enough to go up against Takae. Having successfully gotten away the Itagaki Family enjoy a meal together as Shakadou remembers how a politician on tv suggested that they make Japan neutral like Switzerland, before going on to talk about things like Swiss Bank accounts, possessing the means to access one such account for their next paycheck. However he accidentally knocks over the gas cooker and lights a cigarette, blowing the place up.

Later on Yamato decides to further look into the previous incident when he finds that he has a visitor, Miyako in a nurse uniform to take his temperature and take a sample of sorts. However before she can take it she’s interrupted by another nurse, Chris with a snack for him, but her ploy happens to have been thought of by two other nurses, Mayucchi with a meal she made herself  and Wanko with a nutritional one to help him recover. So in order to break out of this stalemate, Chris prepares to confess to him and drive the others away, but before she can the others do the same, leading to them all steadily levelling their claims up until they start stripping.

However this is interrupted by news of Takae’s next attack as they all head off to avenge him, but before they get there Momoyo has already arrived to meet her, finding that Takae’s goal is to declare war on the country itself. And because of this Momoyo’s grandfather has come to Yamato, using a technique to temporarily heal him to prevent his grand-daughter from going to far.

Ending Theme:


Undeniably a better episode than the last, it may have been good as far as action went but this series really thrives when it’s dealing with lighthearted comedy and how the characters all interact as opposed to that. And this episode brought that aspect back.

In a sense that serious atmosphere may have still been there throughout it, and would take over towards the end, but the comedic aspect of the series appeared to be more prominent before that. Once more coming back in that somewhat out of place harem aspect of the show as the girls attempted to do things like wake him up or pay him a visit only to be thwarted by the others. And for what it was I thought it was all pretty fun to see, this aspect usually annoys me with how blatant and out of place it feels, but it was a lot of fun to see things like the stand-off between the girls and eventually them all bursting into his hospital room in nurse outfits, all having had the same idea. Not to mention that it was kind of nice to see the events of those previous episodes mentioned then.

As brief as it was I also liked how we were able to see Momoyo get a little bit of development as well, as the only heroine who wasn’t making blatant attempts to woo Yamato, her time in this episode appeared to be spent brooding over the events of the last episode. Being faced with how it was her recklessness that led to him being left in his current state after she lost herself, and also coming from that conversation she had with Ageha, that it was her fear of change that led to her rejecting his earlier confession. As something small it was nice to see after the past two episodes, and if anything it feels as if it’s building towards her accepting him in the end.

Finally it was also great to see a small amount of development in the overall plot itself, throwing in both a quick scene with the Itagaki Family where the matter of eternal neutrality in international relations was brought up, and Takae even mentioned to Momoyo that her goal was to start a war with the country itself. But this alone still doesn’t exactly clear up her motives or goals, she wants to start a war, but for what exactly? She easily has the potential to harbour a grudge but that might not be the case at all. So overall, while it means that the next episode is probably going to be as over the top and action packed as the last one, I’m still interested to see how it will carry out, as well as just what Takae truly intends to do. If it even intends to delve into that.


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