Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 10

As the others make their way to where Momoyo and Takae are fighting it out their train abruptly stops, seeing just how serious the situation is as they spot Yamato fly in on Cookie. Managing to turn things in Momoyo’s favour by taking down Takae’s support, Saki.

Taking her as a hostage and subduing her by threatening to remove his underwear, learning that their reason for attempting to declare war on Japan was because they were abandoned by it. Aside from that the residing Prime Minister receives a call of alarm, which is revealed to be false, instigated by Shakadou and the Itagaki Family.

At which point Saki receives news of his actions and begins to confront Yamato on his father, taking advantage of the opening it creates to hack into Cookie and destroy him, turning the tables in her favour as she disarms Yamato. However just before she can strike the others arrive just in time to save him, challenging Saki after seeing what she did to Cookie, but even though they outnumber her four to one, she still manages to dodge and take them all down with ease. But in the corner of his eye Yamato spots Cookie’s beam saber and manages to catch her off guard, bringing Saki’s memories of how she and Takae were betrayed before she takes him as a hostage.

Assuring Takae that she’s all right before she brings her fight with Momoyo over to where they are, thanking her for her assistance in this stage of her plan. However upon seeing Yamato in his current state, Momoyo steps forth only to have the others attempt to restrain her, and just before Takae would finish him off, Ageha arrives just in time. Managing to fight them off before they retreat, however it would seem that Yamato’s condition has gotten worse. And when Momoyo reacts to this by shoving the other girls away from him, they remind her that she had rejected him twice and ask her to put herself in his shoes, leading to her telling them to stop referring to her as their older sister.

Ending Theme:

Damn you, random sun glare phenomenon.


Not as bad as I thought it would be, once again we had another mostly serious episode but unlike the eighth episode there seemed to be a bit more comedy hidden between all that seriousness as well. Aside from that it even managed to answer the question I had about Takae and Saki, just why do they intend to start a war with an entire country.

Being that they felt abandoned and betrayed by it, where due to utter incompetence they were effectively sent to their deaths when they were attacked and with retreat impossible were ordered not to fight back, as simple as it was  it was a great way of showing why they were doing what they were doing. Takae herself really could have had a number of reasons for her actions, a grudge after she was kicked out of the Big Four or even towards the Kuki for making her the way she is now, neither of which have really been shown to actually bother her, and they wouldn’t have fitted in with her declaration of war either. So seeing it based in a feeling of abandonment and betrayal was interesting to see, removing some of that mystery that surrounded it before while still throwing about those pseudo politics that this series must love to work with.

Alongside that, despite this being another episode with some over the top ridiculous action this one didn’t seem as bad, if anything the only thing that I was annoyed with about it this time was how it downplayed just how strong Mayucchi is, as it’s already done quite a few times so far. As even though she’s one of the members of the Big Four and was even shown near equally going up against Momoyo in the first episode, she’s generally grouped with the other girls when a fight actually takes place, sure her exchange with Saki went on much longer than the others but it still doesn’t exactly say much. Putting that aside however, Yamato turned out to have some awesome moments as well as he took up Cookie’s beam saber once more.

Finally the change we saw in Momoyo towards the ending was great as well, most of this episode may have been delegated to Yamato and Saki’s side of things while she and Takae fought it out in the background. Where aside from a few attacks around the start all we saw was the sheer destruction that resulted from it. But still she appears to have gone through quite a bit of development regarding the relationship she wants to have with Yamato, with her fear of change appearing to have been cast away and she’s ready to accept his feelings, effectively making a declaration to do so. It’s still going to be annoying if she joins in the harem antics after this though, but regardless this gradual change has still been nice to see over the course of the past ten episodes.


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