Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 11

Following everything that happened in the last episode as well as Momoyo’s declaration, Yamato appears to have been able to return to the dorm yet appears to be away from the table as Cap fills Gen in on what’s happened, mentioning that Hideo has sworn to fix Cookie no matter what.

But as they talk things still appear to be quite tense among the girls as they take turns slipping things onto Yamato’s plate, each time trying to one up the others, however upon noticing it Momoyo puts an end to it by devouring it all in one gulp, then effectively declaring that he’s already hers. Regardless though, things still turn into a race to see just who can get to him first only for them to burst into his room and find him nowhere to be seen. Then deciding to clean his room and go through his collection, interested to see just what he’s into when they find some DVDs. At this point though, Yamato has met up with the mysterious man again, wanting to find some answers to some questions he’s been having as the man a likens doing something as you would regret it later to justice.

By now back at the dorm there appear to be mixed reactions as to just what the girls are watching, ranging from nervousness and embarrassment to indifference, and oddly enough Mayucchi appears to be quite knowledgeable about what’s happening on the screen, blaming it on Matsukaze. However it isn’t long before Momoyo puts an end to it and demands to know just why they’re all so hung up on Yamato, leading to the four of them laying down their badges in challenge and Momoyo accepting. And just as Yamato appears to have found a few answers, with the mysterious man telling him to keep going regardless of whether their country is good or not, things are soon interrupted by a sudden declaration of war by Takae, swearing to eradicate them. Leading to the Prime Minister deploying the JSDF around his office only to have them overrun by delinquents gathered by Shakadou and the Itagaki Family, taking advantage of how they have to await orders to act by jamming their radios. At which point, having seen the situation Yamato decides to take action.

Having challenged Momoyo to a duel, the four girls find themselves simply overwhelmed by her and even their plan of simply supporting Mayucchi against her doesn’t appear to be doing them much good as she still crushes them with ease despite getting hit a few times. Leading to her slamming Wanko into the ground, and one by one they all explain just why they love Yamato, Wanko that he helps her keep going with her training regime, Miyako for saving her in the past, Mayucchi for helping her break out of her shell, and Chris that she’s come to respect his ways. Momoyo responding how he’s always been by her side and confessing that she turned him down because she was afraid of ruining what they already had. But before this can go much further, Yamato himself arrives to ask for their help, with the other members of the Kazama Family and Gen tagging along as well.

Ending Theme:


An all right episode if I must say, it was great to see that the focus has at least temporarily gone back to comedy, and while my fears of Momoyo taking part in those stupid harem antics of the show turned out to be true, at the same time she also works as a deterrent as well. Not to mention that we got to see Gen again.

Easily the best tsundere character in a while and one of my favourite characters in this series as well, it must be impossible not to like the guy. There’s just something amusing about his interactions with Yamato which would otherwise be cliche for a heroine yet for him are still quite fresh. As the guy who lives in the same dorm and sits behind him at school he typically tries to give the impression that he doesn’t give a damn about him, that if anything he annoys him, but underneath that he still does things like making him tea or giving him cake “because he had too much“, or even looks after his hermit crabs when he’s away. So if anything, while I was disappointed that we were barely able to see him over the course of the show I’m glad that we’re able to see him now alongside the usual group.

Next to that while I was a little annoyed to see that Momoyo, after her declaration to pretty much pursue Yamato as something other than her underling, was starting to take part in the harem antics that the other girls act out, something that had almost set her apart in the previous episodes. However even still she almost seems to be acting as a deterrent towards them, her approach typically came down to her breaking into the stalemate that the other girls were in and smashing it by telling them to back off from what’s already hers. And it’s not like they can exactly argue with her either. So in a way while she’s now an active part of them she’s also working as a way of shutting them down as well.

That said putting those annoying and somewhat painful to watch segments that aspect wasn’t nearly as bad to see in this episode, partially due to Momoyo’s aforementioned interferences, seeing them all watch the DVDs that they had found lying about in his room turned out to be pretty fun. With Momoyo maintaining complete indifference, Chris both nervous and embarrassed, and Mayucchi being strangely knowledgeable on the subject but blaming it on Matsukaze. But most of all it was probably the duel between the four of them and Momoyo, having all of them reestablish just why they love Yamato one by one worked to remind us that there were actually reasons for it there, and that it wasn’t just a matter of having them all go after him for the sake of going after him. Not to mention that the moment Momoyo ferociously slammed her own sister into the ground also worked to remove a good part of the silliness usually associated with it all.


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