Maji de Watashi Koishinasai 12 (END)

The Kazama Family arrive on the scene and one by one begin to take on Shakadou and the Itagaki Family as well as the delinquents they had recruited. And alongside it all Momoyo fights Takae again once and for all.

Finally got this out, why did the ending have to be so bad?

However while it looked as if they had the upper hand one by one they turn the tables on them until they’ve overpowered them, with Takae even using the very move that Momoyo had hit her with before against her. During which Yamato had taken on Saki again and had been defeated, now remembering his father’s reasons for abandoning Japan, he too held the same beliefs that the mysterious man had held regarding just what a country is but saw it as a place where it wasn’t possible to express love without being branded as something. Where as it was perfectly fine to criticise and express hatred. And at this point the mysterious man confronts and reveals his identity to the residing Prime Minister, who explains that this was all part of a ploy to gain votes and secure his position. He just wasn’t counting on Takae’s squad being on patrol where he intended to have the illegal immigrants sneak in.

A few floors below this on Momoyo’s side of things her fight with Takae has reached a standstill when Ageha arrives with a surprising revelation, that despite Takae’s apparent declaration of war she hasn’t harmed a single soul, meaning that her goal is simply to play the part of the villain in a larger plan. Something she herself begrudgingly confirms, resenting having to send her subordinates to their graves. By now though the Kazama Family has steadily began to turn things back in their favour, but Yamato is still lost as he remembers his promise to become the Prime Minister and make the country a place that his father would want to return though. So now with his newfound resolve he gets up once more only to find that Cookie’s beam saber has ran out of juice, but Hideo and Azumi along with the other members of Class S arrive just in time with the newly repaired Cookie. With which Yamato commands all the heroines including Momoyo not to die, however by giving that command they feel as if he should be saying the opposite.

With which they all go in for one last clash and manage to further gain ground against them, with Tsubame even arriving to back Mayucchi up until the Itagaki Family are forced to retreat. However regardless of their victory the one who orchestrated it all would seem to have gotten away completely unscathed, until at least a news report shows up as the former Prime Minister reveals that he’s been recording it all. Aside from that Cookie transforms into a mech for Yamato to pilot to help him take down Saki and ultimately aid Momoyo against Takae. But the cost of her last attack was the last of her life energy, leading to her weakly confessing how she felt when he gave her the ring, in all simply being a ploy to get him to kiss her and claim victory over the others. Leading to them all confronting him on just who he loves and him confessing that he loves his pet hermit crabs, the only ones who were there for him all along.


It may have had some fun moments but I’m really not sure whether to rage or not. No change in the status quo and no girl winning endings tend to be a standard in these sorts of shows, but even if it was a joke, just why would they go with the hermit crab end of all things?

It’s not even funny after Momoyo had been hyped up as the main heroine right from the start, with a large part of the show and quite a few episodes being devoted to her slowly coming to terms with things and deciding to take a risk by accepting the feelings that Yamato had for her. Honestly the sudden choice of going with that ending is probably the most disappointing thing amongst many about this show. The only novelty it really has is as a gag ending, and by using it like that all the development that Momoyo had undergone has been for nothing. Even an inconclusive end would have been far better if a Momoyo end wasn’t an option.

Aside from that the attempts at patriotism were also kind of hamfisted, up until this point it had been more of a matter of the country itself being corrupt and in a sense broken from a functional standpoint, where the higher ups compromise the fates of those below them to save face and save themselves, but then it spontaneously became a matter of the characters being able to say that they loved it without being branded as anything. That it was one where it wasn’t even possible to express love of any sort, also being revealed as the reason why Yamato’s father abandoned it. It was nice in a sense but ultimately it was pulled off poorly, when you look back on everything it just came out of nowhere and didn’t really seem to fit in with the pseudo political monologues either.

That said while both of those may have been problems that I had with this episode, as the sort of ending where all the characters somehow make an appearance to team up to save the day it was still kind of fun as well. Though it still came with a good dose of the usual over the top stupid/ridiculous action (arrows don’t work that way), it was still fun to see all the characters that we had barely seen at all in the past eleven episodes show up again, no matter how small a role that they played in what was going on. The confusing thing however is if the stereotypical villain is the Prime Minister, just what is Norio Wakamoto‘s character? Is he the former Prime Minister or maybe not even that, let alone other than looking cool just why would they have him hide his identity if he didn’t hold a prominent position of some sort. And if so does this mean that this takes place sometime after the events in the VN? Aside from that however I should also note that the animation was amazing and it was a lot of fun to see Yamato pilot Cookie 5, who was voiced by Fumihiko Tachiki.

Final Thoughts:

I’m going to be brutally honest on this, overall this show has been kind of crappy. There were a few gems here and there like the Kokoro and festival episodes but overall it just hasn’t worked out, it chose to focus on the wrong things and even then failed to capture that fun, relaxing, and friendly feeling that the VN and manga has.

Honestly, just how do you mess up turning Majikoi into an anime? If they had just taken the prologue word for word, and then if they wanted to set about adapting a single route or an omnibus of them, they would have been just fine. It would have resulted in a show that was good for old fans who had read the VN beforehand and welcoming for new ones who hadn’t. Who would have already been lost thanks to the large cast of characters being rapidly introduced and the unfamiliar setting, neither of which were really elaborated on. But instead they chose a much more risky method by going with their own story, which I guess is good as well, it provides something for the old fans that a straight adaptation couldn’t provide, if only the attempt wasn’t so hamfisted.

That said for the most part overall this anime really felt like an elongated teaser to get people hyped for the upcoming fan disk, Majikoi S so if that was their only intention I guess you could say that they succeeded. It wasn’t just limited to the timing of the show itself and how it ended with only a few more weeks to go until the fan disk’s release, but the addition of a Kokoro centric episode alongside everything else and Tsubame showing up in the first and last episodes were dead give aways. The former appearing to receive a route of her own in it as well as the latter, who also first appears in and looks to be being built up as the secondary flagship heroine for it as well.

Overall though if there was one thing that I really liked about this it was the addition of Hiroshi Kamiya as Yamato to an already growing beyond and transcending of awesome cast of voice actors, one that was strong enough to voice the main character in such a cast and also one that suited him. Managing to help him retain a good part of the awesomeness that makes him a good lead, given the direction that the show took with all the heroines other than Miyako unnaturally trying to win him over, he was actually pretty refreshing as a lead. He was fairly assertive and had his own way of going about things that was pretty fun as well.

In all though this show was, more so on its own, pretty bad, for people considering picking it up though I’d suggest reading the VN or manga instead. At least the uncensored BDs should be out soon.


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