Amagami SS+ Plus 01

One month on from the events that Tsukasa’s arc in the original season ended on, Junichi finds himself taking a bath with her only to find out that it was a dream when his sister Miya wakes him up for school. After which he walks to school with his now girlfriend, Tsukasa who catches him just as he’s reflecting on it.

Opening Theme:

“Check My Soul” by azusa.

And when they eventually arrive they’re greeted with the election to determine who will be the student council president for the next term, a position that Tsukasa is pretty much perfect for given her previous experience. However even so there appears to be quite a bit of competition, with Miya signing Sae up for it and in the form of Kurosawa Noriko. Other than that Kaoru points out that not only Tsukasa has backed Junichi as her vice-president but Noriko has as well. A particularly bold move that doesn’t sit well with Tsukasa.

A matter that’s once again brought up as Junichi sets about attempting to fulfil his obligation to get into the same university as Tsukasa by studying with her, where she explains that it must have been a ploy to throw her off that hasn’t worked in the slightest. The next day however the pre-election surveys put a dent in her self-confidence, as she finds that she only placed third behind Noriko and Hanazono Seiji, and at the same time sends her what could be seen as a declaration of war. But even still, she doesn’t give up and with their classmates help she and the other participants carry out their campaign. As part of which Junichi feels they should make a poster and takes up a camera to do it, treating it like a photo shoot until she catches him out.

When the next set of results come in though they all find that Tsukasa is now on equal ground as Noriko, with her hinting that she may have had something to do with Seiji being caught with a bag of magazines, putting a big dent in the number of girls that were voting for him. After which Noriko sets about her counterattack by having one of her friends call Junichi to meet her behind the school, as well as spreading rumors that she’s about to confess to him. All together putting Junichi on the spot as she confesses to him, and being signalled that Tsukasa is about to arrive, attempts to kiss him.

Ending Theme:

“Kokuhaku” by azusa.

Next Episode:


Just over a year after the original season ended I must say that it’s nice to see this show back with another season, this time opting to give two episode arcs to each of the heroines just as the previous season had covered each of their routes in an omnibus format. That aside it was also interesting to see that Tsukasa, voiced by Kaori Nazuka, was going to receive this treatment first.

It’s almost fitting when you remember how she was the last to receive it before, well excluding Risa who got an episode tacked on at the end, with Tsukasa’s arc being presented as the climactic overlapping arc that changed how we viewed her as well as maybe the events throughout the show beforehand as well. In short it was the point where the show could be considered to have ended, with everything afterward simply coming as nice extras. As the flagship heroine for the show it simply presented her in an entirely new light, we learned that the kind, cheerful, and helpful Tsukasa that we had grown familiar with was entirely a facade, instead she was cynical, distrustful, and was in fact pissed that all the work was being dumped on her. Simply put she changed entirely and we got to know just who she really was underneath all of that.

Aside from that it was also pretty nice to see how things were going one month from the end, Tsukasa’s arc may have had the best epilogue hands down by jumping ahead ten years to show them as a happy couple taking their daughter to the same Christmas festival, in all cementing that the two of them lived happily ever after. But there was still something nice about seeing the events that almost immediately preceded the end itself. Let alone aside from that just how this season should consist of side stories to each of the arcs of the first season should be great in itself, giving the chance to have the gaps in Kaoru’s arc filled and perhaps even provide the sort of conclusion that Rihoko should have received to start with. So while we already have a good idea of how things ultimately end in most of the arcs this season should still be all right.

But anyway, the story that this arc appears to be telling so far is still pretty nice, we not only see the cynical Tsukasa competing for the position of being the student council president but also in a sense for Junichi as well. With her competition for the former Kurosawa Noriko not only backing Junichi for her vice-president, but also making an attempt to steal him away from her. Though if anything those attempts are better seen as attempts to deal with Tsukasa and eliminate the only competition she has, she seems like the type who’ll do anything to win and the point that the episode ended on was planned out to the slightest detail, so in a sense it could also be seen as a test for the relationship that Junichi and Tsukasa have. Something which was also made this episode pretty fun as well, throughout it Tsukasa would be kind and cheerful but whenever Junichi started to have perverted thoughts her true self would come forward to call him out on it each time.


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