Amagami SS+ Plus 02

Tsukasa arrives before anything can happen between Junichi and Noriko and shuts the latter up with a single glare as she drags Junichi away by his tie to the shed just outside the school, where despite looking as if she’s going to clobber him she kisses him instead. Warning him not to fall for some cheap trick like that again.

With him swearing not to kiss anyone else in exchange for one more. Following this Junichi bumps into Rhoko on his way to school where the matter of how the participants for the position of Student Council President will be giving speeches soon is brought up as well as the Tea Club still being short on members. And aside from that Tsukasa receives a sash signed with messages of encouragement from her class that gives her an extra boost.

After which the time for the participants to give their speeches arrives, and as everyone makes their way to the gymnasium Haruka  wishes that she had ran for it as well, whimsically talking about how she could either pass the position onto someone else or commute from the university she’ll be going to when Hibiki tells her that it would be pointless since they’re graduating soon. First up is Sae, and while she starts to stammer Miya shouts a message of encouragement from the crowd. And after her is Tsukasa who still seems to need a little reassurement before she goes on to give her speech, followed then by a montaged version of Noriko and Hanazano’s speeches alongside the votes being placed. However while Tsukasa would have been content with any result she manages to win by a large margin, which Kaoru backed by Keiko and Umehara puts to the speech she gave. Aside from that Miya, Sae, and Ai head to karaoke for a celebration of their own, where Miya is already plotting Sae’s next campaign.

Other than that it looks as if Noriko may have really liked Junichi and that entering the election may have been an attempt to steal him away from Tsukasa, something she swears to do at all costs. Back on Junichi and Tsukasa’s side of things the two of them make their way home together early when a stray dog runs at them, and knowing that she’s afraid of dogs, Junichi decides to step up and protect her by leading it away, accidentally running into the river to do so. So in order to help him warm up Tsukasa brings him back to her house for a bath with the promise of washing his back, bringing back the dream he had at the start of this arc as she steps in wearing a swimsuit. And as she scrubs away she thanks him for everything that he’s done for her, as well as reminding him of the promise he had made to her.

Sometime after this in the epilogue, we then see Haruka and Hibiki graduate as well as how things still appear to go on as normal for the other characters as Tsukasa and Junichi are called for a meeting and make their way over there hand in hand.

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In the end this has been a nice two episode arc, it may not have been necessary but it was nice all the same. Even if there really wasn’t anything to advance there’s still just something fun about the characters that makes after stories like this one so nice to watch.

Storywise there just wasn’t going to be much of a point after pretty much everything (other than the cruel ending that Rihoko received) was resolved, but still the characters make watching it worth it. There’s just a down to earth feeling to them as well as the series itself that makes them so good, they behave realistically and in a sense they feel real as well. They’re not just the cookie cutter archetypes that are copy and pasted over and over again. And even when they’re not the exact focus, the scenes with the other heroines are still nice to watch, for what it’s worth I kind of liked watching Sae’s campaign against Tsukasa and actually expected her to be the dark horse of the election due to the mudslinging between her and Noriko, and as always as short as her appearances were Haruka stole the spotlight.

But anyway in all this has been a good arc, I’m not sure how to feel about the possible test for Junichi and Tsukasa’s relationship being wasted after she had caught him in a not so convenient situation with Noriko but at the same time I’m kind of glad that it didn’t go down that route. With Tsukasa outright seeing it for what it was as yet another crappy ploy by Noriko against her right from the start and moving on to what was actually at hand instead, the two of them working together to win the election for the Student Council President. And while with only two episodes to work with they probably didn’t have much of a choice this straight to the point with little to no forced drama aspect was something that I liked.

Instead of that drama it actually gave us the opposite as well in the form of plenty of scenes between Junichi and Tsukasa, showing off the fun sort of dynamic that the two of them have as well as how things had progressed from the point her route had ended off on. Which if anything was probably also my favourite part about this arc, things appear to be going well between them and while Junichi has a tendency to trail off or lose focus Tsukasa just has a way of roping him in. In a sense while the other heroines mainly just need him, he needs her just as much, someone to keep him on a steady path and quick enough to curb any of those perverted thoughts he has from time to time. It’s an interesting contrast to the relationships he has in the other heroine’s arcs.


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