Nisemonogatari 03

Araragi and Kanbaru finally finish up cleaning her room with her commenting on how he would make a good wife as well as while she thinks he and Senjougahara make a good couple, she believes he’ll actually end up marrying Tsubasa, then going on to comment on his relationships with the other heroines including herself. His mistress.

After which they decide to play a game that Kanbaru had hanging around, but because she didn’t know the rules he manages to beat her effortlessly, going on to mention the games he played with Sengoku earlier who Kanbaru dubs the final boss. Following this he decides to head out, asking about how she hides her left arm from her grandparents and learning that there’s a wall of sorts that keeps them from asking her anything like it. But just as he steps out the gate he runs into a particularly shady man who introduces himself as Kaiki, who seems like an opposite of sorts for him, and after he leaves Araragi compares him to Oshino and Guillotine Cutter before deciding not to get involved with him. Finding something threatening about him.

Not that long after this as the sun begins to set Araragi spots Senjougahara in the distance, and while he enthusiastically calls out to her and races to catch up her response is quite the opposite. Given that he ditched Tsubasa’s study session she doesn’t know him, and even when he clears the matter up there still appears to be something wrong that he’s done, commenting on how popular he is before grabbing him by his antenna and seeing that he’s already ran into six other girls today.Threatening to kill him as well as the other party if his adultery gets serious and expecting him to put just as much effort into being her man as she does his woman. After which once things have calmed down a bit he mentions his run in with Kaiki outside Kanbaru’s house, bringing things to the point they were in at the start of the first episode.

Where on the 30th of July with things now a little more clear in what she meant by protecting him, he decides to ask her about Kaiki, learning that his full name is Kaiki Deishuu and that in her opinion he’s an imposter. Going on to explain that of the five conmen that took advantage of her curse before it was broken with Oshino’s help, he was the first. And the reason that he’s now chained up is because she doesn’t want to lose him because of Kaiki, nonchalantly mentioning that she could kill Kaiki if it comes to it. But almost abruptly Araragi’s phone goes off with a call for help from one of his sisters, causing him to break free from his chains and with a few words exchanged as to why they like each other he prepares to head out. However his phone rings again and after an unhinged sort of reaction she apologises and sends him home, telling him that the call was from Tsubasa.


Three episodes in and it looks as if this arc may finally be getting started, with the exception of Tsubasa and Shinobu most of the character re-introductions are now out of the way and things have come full circle to the point that the first episode began on. We know just why Senjougahara had Araragi chained up in the old school building.

Other than that it was also kind of surprising just how lenient she was about his infidelity. In some cases it wasn’t entirely up to him, but his behaviour in the past two episodes hasn’t been entirely faithful. Aside from her believing that he had ditched his study session with Tsubasa, there was also how he had molested Hachikuji, fooled about with a skimply dressed Sengoku, and then himself was molested by Kanbaru. And now while the latter two weren’t intentional it kind of went without saying that Senjougahara was going to be pissed when she finally caught up with him, this is the sort of girl that Araragi seriously believes will kill both him and what ever girl is with him if he runs off. So to see her actually tolerate it as long as it wasn’t serious was kind of surprising.

Secondly to the feeling of, should I say closure, regarding how the season started it also feels as if things are finally beginning to move forward now that the character (re)introductions out of the way. Primarily through Tsukihi’s apparent kidnapping, things just seemed to kick into action the moment Araragi learned of it, and before it the sort of things we saw in the previous episodes could have continued near indefinitely. With this turn in events things have just been forced to shift out of that stagnant state. Aside from that there’s also just what Karen was up to in the last episode and considering that this arc is supposed to centre around her, this turn of events provides the perfect chance for their plots to join together.

Other than that though if there’s going to be someone even slightly related to it in some way, it’s going to be the new character that was briefly introduced, Kaiki Deishuu voiced by Miki Shinichiro. Who even despite the short of time he appeared in already seems to be being built up as a villain of sorts, the instant he appeared everything just took a far darker turn, the use of red and black gave a dangerous, depressing, and withering sort of feeling feeling. Not to mention how Senjougahara revealed that he was the first of the five conmen who took advantage of her curse and screwed her family over, eventually leading to the messed up state that it would later become. Simply put, he just doesn’t seem like a nice guy and he seems like the sort of character that you wouldn’t find it hard to believe had a hand in things when they take a bad turn.


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