Nisemonogatari 06

With his attempt to transfer the symptoms from the Flame Wreath Bee proving only to be partially successful, Araragi is on his way to Senjougahara’s place when he runs into Hachikuji, and instead of greeting her in his usual fashion he keeps the oath he made and greets her normally. Disappointing her.

As the resistance she would always put up was a way of encouraging him, if anything she was actually inviting him to do it, and so as she laments the wasted situation she makes it clear that he’s dead to her. But regardless he explains part of the current situation, leading to them talking about his sisters and discussing the idea of adulthood, aside from that he stutters her name just as she usually does his. And not that long after they part he arrives at Senjougahara’s house to find her sharpening a hundred pencils and joking about whether it would be seen as an accident if they all somehow found themselves embedded in someone.

The reason for this of course is that she intends to bring the fight to Kaiki, but when Araragi brings up Tsubasa, the way Senjougahara acts suggests that she’s being bullied by her. Regarding her highly and mentioning that she polishes her shoes. But as things go on they begin to talk about Kaiki, with Araragi volunteering to go with her when she goes to meet him, giving Karen’s current condition as his reason, and Senjougahara stressing that meeting Kaiki is something se has to do. Even if her parent’s divorce was something that would have happened eventually, she can’t forgive him for causing it because of that. Aside from that she also comments on his sister’s reputation as Tsugnoki Middle School’s Fire Sisters and explains that up against someone like Kaiki, merely being right will be your downfall.

All the while making references to her tsundere personality with Araragi ending things, by reasoning that because he loves her, they should go after him together in order to protect each other, and Senjougahara also plans to cut her hair once everything is settled. But before they do anything they both agree to get some sleep as there’s the chance that they won’t get any later that night. However when Araragi arrives home he finds a hysterically worried Tsukihi who reveals that Karen, despite her condition, has gone after Kaiki again. So now he has to go looking for her before it’s too late, telling Tsukihi to remain home and revealing that his mistrust towards them is also part of him worrying about them, his panicked state waking up Shinobu who he gets to help him look for her. But little does he know, Karen is closer than he thinks.


Another fairly uneventful episode, overall I still enjoyed it all but this lack of action is kind of holding it back, things are just moving far too slow in comparison to what you would expect out of an episode. With each one so far tending to consist of a few conversations and only a couple of significant things happening.

This time revealing that Araragi’s attempt to take the weight of the Flame Wreath Bee wasn’t completely effective, that confronting Kaiki is something that Senjougahara has to do in order to move forward, and that Karen has gone after Kaiki on her own again, not only keeping the matter of suspense in regard to her condition but turning it into a race against time. While Araragi simply had to meet Kaiki and have him dispel the curse, he now has to stop her and do it before it’s too late. With another fun conversation between him and Hachikuji on the side, where this time she was the victim of her own gag and she was actually disappointed that Araragi kept his oath after being karmically molested by Kanbaru. It’s an interesting turn of events but it feels as if things feel as if they’re moving at a snail’s pace.

Looking past all the little details, like the jokes that appear throughout all the conversations that Araragi has as well as all the little bits of insight into the characters and the ideas that are brought up and discussed, that’s all that really happened in this episode. However I’m not saying that those things are bad, if anything they’re one of the things I enjoy about the series and all the things by Nisioisin that I’ve seen and read(well the first two at least), even if he can be particularly cruel to his characters. It’s more of a matter of just how slow things are going. That said this probably also comes from comparing it to the first series as well, both Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari consist of two novels each, but while the former consisted of multiple stories the latter contains only two. So without that consistant formula things definitely feel as if they’re moving much more slower.

But anyway, putting that aside I still enjoyed this episode, as I’ve already mentioned the opening conversation between Araragi and Hachikuji was fun, offering some interesting aspects, and seeing Shinobu come to Araragi’s aid was pretty cool as well. Even if she doesn’t have a choice in the matter. But most of all the meeting between Araragi and Senjougahara was great, from the pencil sharpening to the hints towards another side of Tsubasa that she doesn’t show to Araragi and the remarks to her tsundere status, it was all a lot of fun to watch. Not to mention that personality. But most of all what it offered was a deeper insight towards her, she doesn’t entirely blame Kaiki but she does indeed hate him, and meeting him is something she just has to do. It was interesting to say the least.


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