Eureka Seven Ao PV

I’ve been kind of slow, well more than that, on these kinds of posts but anyway I’m hyped. The original series was simply amazing and I’d easily rank it in Bones’ best series, let alone probably as one of my personal all time favourites as well. And after the crappy alternative universe movie it looks like this one might just be a sequel to it. So alongside the second cour of Fate/Zero and probably a few other series, I’m eagerly looking forward to the upcoming Spring season.


2 Responses to Eureka Seven Ao PV

  1. im kinda late on this, but this pv totally slipped my radar lol. glad i came by. now im even more excited about this show =D
    definitely not going to let this one add to my backlog =)

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I kind of understand what it’s like to have a backlog now, though I’m not exactly sure how many shows I’m behind on at the moment.

    But anyway, yeah, with shows like this, the second half of Fate/Zero (where everything starts happening), Zetman, and Jormungand (White Fox hasn’t let us down yet). The next season should be a good one. Hopefully Bones can pull through and make this even a fraction as great as the first.

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