Amagami SS+ Plus 08

With their plans for their trip having fallen apart Junichi and Kaoru start to blame each other before things almost seem to turn in their favour, as a truck driver shows up and tells them that he knows a hot spring inn that they can stay at. Bringing Junichi’s fantasies rushing back until they see the actual inn itself.

Though despite being a little put off by its run down and creepy appearance, they continue on until they run into the owner, an old lady whose appearance fits the inn. And so after welcoming them in she leaves them to themselves as she goes to prepare dinner, so Junichi and Kaoru decide to take a bath. During which Kaoru is spooked by something and calls him over, telling him he can stay so long as he keeps to the other side, at which point they see just what frightened her. A monkey that’s now made off with her bra.

Following this they have dinner together and when they decide to head to bed they find that the owner had prepared their futons as if they were a couple. After which Kaoru goes on to confess what’s been on her mind recently, that the point of this trip had been to further define their relationship beyond friends. However when the time comes to pay the next day, Junichi finds that he had left his coin purse all the way back at the pay phone, leaving them now penniless and without a way to contact anyone, leading to them starting to turn on one another with Junichi attacking that she shouldn’t have brought so many snacks before. Despite this though they’re able to reconcile just as it starts to rain, but luckily they make it to a bus stop, where Junichi remembers what had happened at the inn.

After which they finally begin to properly make peace, with Junichi telling her that the path she had chosen was right and Kaoru accepting that she did buy too many snacks and had insisted on going to the restaurant that got them into this mess. So when the rain clears they continue on foot to the nearest pay phone and using what little change they have left call Miya again, but while she thinks she’s being helpful she doesn’t give Junichi a chance to say anything and hangs up after telling them that she’ll pay for their luggage to be returned. However before they look for a police box they decide to make the best of their situation, playing together on the beach and both confessing that they have fun when they’re together before their way out reveals itself. As Umehara sails past as part of his training. And in the epilogue things end in a similar way to how they began.

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I wouldn’t say that the end for this arc was as good as those that preceded it but regardless it certainly was a fun one. With things seeming to take a slightly more comical approach as Junichi and Kaoru continued on, complete with a haunted inn and having the two of them turn on each other before reconciling in the end.

Which despite the cliche aspect of it was still something that I thought was nice to see, given the situation that they found themselves in it was really only a matter of time before they started to turn against each other, each blaming the other for it over one thing that had happened just before it. Junichi predictably leaving his coin purse behind and Kaoru spending the money she had on the snacks she had bought in the last episode. And when they were finally able to reconcile and admit that they both were to blame, it provided a good opportunity for Kaoru to put what had been on her mind recently out in the open.

Allowing her to confess the reason why she felt that they should go on a trip and in doing so bring them a little closer as well, in a way I guess you could say that Kaoru was able to achieve her goal in going through it all. To further define the line between their relationship as friends and lovers and find out on just what side they truly sat, and while they may have fought a lot she seemed to be able to find that in end by concluding that just spending time with him is fun. Just like the first episode of Ai’s arc this plot may have taken a backseat to showing off fun scenes between Junichi and Kaoru, but even so given that the focus of her original arc it was still nice to see.

Other than that those fun scenes made this episode a good one as well, aided in part by how Kaoru seems to be narrating her own arc it was just fun to see the two of them go from one predicament to another. Particularly at the inn where for a good part of their time there they seemed to believe that the place was haunted and reacted to every little thing that happened. The only problem that I really had with these sorts of scenes between them was that they got a little tiring after seeing the same generic result again and again. That said it was also interesting to see that Junichi’s fantasies in the last episode did in fact somehow end up happening, not in the way he imagined but they did indeed end up going to a hot spring inn and later the beach.


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