Steins;Gate 25

Sometime after the events of the final episode, Okabe, Hashida, Mayuri, and Ruka decide to go on a trip to Los Angeles when Feyris enters a tournament over there. Of course this will also give them a chance to meet up with Kurisu over there.

So after meeting up with Mr Braun, Nae, and Moeka to let them know and ask what they’d like brought back, the four of them set about making their way to Los Angeles, where it doesn’t take long for Okabe to get into trouble with the airport police. But after being released he and the others meet up with Kurisu to find that she’s still her old self, after which they bump into the reason for their trip, Feyris who gets him into more trouble with the police. And following this they make their way to Kurisu’s place where they quickly make themselves at home and she reestablishes what had happened from her perspective.

And after this she brings them to where they will be staying, a motel, which given the unsavoury and creepy impression that horror movies have given them they’re not exactly too keen on, and when she learns of the sleeping arrangements Kurisu insists that she stays with them for Mayuri’s sake. But while they relent and decide to stay, Okabe loses and ends up having to sleep in the car, meeting Kurisu alone outside and giving them a chance to talk. With her recounting some dreams she’s been having of things that had happened in the past world lines that Okabe had visited, including one where they kiss that she’s uneasy about. Next up they all head to the Staples Center to the tournament that Feyris has entered and manages to win, and during they somehow set up a maid cafe where Kurisu helps out. Once more meeting Okabe who after a heated conversation spots a familiar figure in the distance.

A woman who looks just like Suzuha, so of course he chases after her fearing the worst that their attempts to save the future had been in vain, eventually catching up to her at a diner. Where she explains that she was a contestant in the recent tournament and whimsically mentions how it was foretold that she would be married with a kid in seven years. However while he was caught up in the idea of meeting Suzuha again when she’s born, he realises that not only is he practically broke but the battery on his phone is also dead, leaving him stranded in the desert. The predicament that the episode started with him in. But while things are looking bleak for him Kurisu shows up to save him only to find that she’s out of gas, so as the two of them now wait for help Okabe explains why he ran off and Kurisu that the dreams she’s been having are far too real, leading to Okabe confess that they are and that he’ll love her no matter what world line he’s in.


As an extra non-serious sort of episode this was a good one. Early on before the plot kicked in Steins;Gate lent itself quite well to being a lighthearted show about a group of friends living in Akihabara but as the show began to focus more on Okabe’s struggle and the bleakness of it all, that aspect became ever more distant.

So for that aspect alone this episode was a fun one, there was no overall plot, no multinational organisation other than the organisation out for world domination, and no overall weight towards something that had to be done. Just a group of friends going on vacation and hanging out just as you would expect them to and enjoying the brief change in scenery as the setting of Akihabara was swapped out for Los Angeles. Let alone with all the little things that happened throughout the episode. So given the serious atmosphere of the second half, as an extra light hearted sort of episode this was a nice one.

Other than that it also felt as if this episode was at least in part aimed towards us western fans, personally I’m not an American myself  but even so the way that the episode carried out gave me that impression. Not only has Steins;Gate turned out to be quite popular but for an extra episode they didn’t exactly have to bring the characters over to the United States, sure you could argue that it was to have them meet up with Kurisu, but even so they quite easily could have brought her back to Japan and set that one more episode in Akihabara again quite easily with only a few minor changes. However if they had done that we wouldn’t have gotten to see all the sorts of things that they wouldn’t have been able to pull off over there, such as being creeped out by a motel and Okabe being arrested at least twice.

That said even as an extra sort of episode it still managed to accomplish a few things, the story may have been wrapped up nicely and otherwise could have been left at that quite easily, but there were still a few things that needed to be, though not necessarily, clarified. The final episode managed to end at the perfect point as Okabe ran into Kurisu again by pure chance, but the meeting itself wasn’t exactly clear, was the Kurisu he met simply the one who he had previously saved or just like Mayuri did she still pertain her memories from the past worldlines? Did she indeed still possess feelings for him after all of this? These questions didn’t need to be answered but it was nice none the less to see that she indeed still did and Okabe to confess his feelings to her, even if they did end up in a kind of uncertain position. Aside from that, it was nice to see Kurisu in a maid outfit, and to also to see Suzuha’s mother show up, it may have been lazy to reuse her design but it was also a way of bringing Yukari Tamura into the cast and in a sense, Suzuha back as well.

As a side note, given that the movie that was announced at the very end of the series is said to be completely original I’m looking forward to seeing what White Fox has in store.


3 Responses to Steins;Gate 25

  1. feal87 says:

    The most interesting part of it, was Suzuha’s mother. How in the hell did Daru manage to conquer such a beautiful woman? 😛

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    There is some stuff out there for that but I’m not sure how valid it was, it was probably in the spinoff manga that Suzuha has. That said, I liked it as well, definitely one of the highlights of the episode.

    I’m curious to see how she and Daru would have met.

  3. Eron says:

    Do you think it’s possible Ruka and Mayuri get together in the future? So maybe the result from episode 18 wasn’t all bad in the end?

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