Nisemonogatari 10

Araragi’s attempts to study are interrupted when Shinobu greets him with an important matter indeed, that Mr Donuts is having a sale where everything costs 100 yen each. So with her unrelentingly insisting on going herself, he gives in and decides to take her there.

And on his way out he runs into Tsukihi who speaks her thoughts on justice and the Fire Sisters, that unlike Karen she doesn’t have an inner drive to pursue it and really is swayed by her most of the time, and so she feels it may be time to put the latter to rest when Karen goes off to highschool. But just as he’s about to step out the door he notices something strange, near completely stripping her in the middle of the hallway to find a scar that she supposedly should have but doesn’t. Groping her for good measure, before she goes on to mention her and Karen’s supposed boyfriends before storming off.

Following which he and Shinobu arrive at Mr Donuts where she’s simply taken away to say the least and is shocked when he tells her he won’t buy the entire store for her, with tensions quickly rising until he relents and proposes that they get five each for now. Sending her into a blissful state as he decides to ask her opinion on the two girls he recently met, telling him that Yotsugi is a supernatural creature bound to Yozuru the same way she is to Oshino. Her familiar. However if he wants to know more he’s going to have to ask the guy behind him, much to his surprise, Kaiki, who after taking his wallet divulges what he knows. That they too are into the supernatural, but unlike him are the real deal, exorcists or omnyouji in today’s world who specialise in immortal creatures.

So with this knowledge he heads back, suspecting that they’re after him and Shinobu, and if not, could there be other vampires around which he considers to be a plausible assumption. But when they arrive back they find Yotsugi and Yozuru at his doorstep waiting for someone inside, and when he voices his suspicion about their motives, Yozuru goes on to explain that Kisshot Acerolaorion Heartunderblade has been neutralised and that they’re after something else. Familiarly mentioning Oshino. And when Tsukihi finally answers the door she’s met with a devastating blast from Yotsugi that causes Araragi to completely lose it. However before he can even close in, Yozuru counters him with ease and restrains him, surprised by the connection between them and showing that his sister is still alive and well. Explaining that she is not truly human, being possessed by an immortal phoenix. At which point Shinobu decides to intervene and attempts to bluff her way out, and while they may not even be phased by this, they decide to give Araragi a day to deal with it himself. Heading off as they state their views, that supernatural creatures that lie and manipulate humans even without realising it are evil.


Well I must admit that I enjoyed this episode, Tsukihi finally managed to make a prominent appearance in her own arc and become the focus of it as well giving us a better idea as to who these two new characters are. And if all that wasn’t enough, Shinobu received a delightful good amount of screentime.

Which alone would have probably been enough to make this episode a good one, right from the start one of the fun things about this episode as we saw her fuss over something as simple as a donut sale in an almost childish way, and when they finally got to Mr Donuts she was truly adorable. Being shocked that she would have to choose but still happily snacking away at the few she was allowed to pick out. Other than that, this time around it didn’t really feel as if there was as much weight to her interactions with Araragi, as a lot of them before had been as a result of something plot related. So as something light on the side, these scenes were nice to see.

Other than that it was great to get a better idea of Yozuru and Yotsugi as well, two fairly enigmatic characters who disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared in the last episode, however this episode went on to clear a good part of that mist that surrounded them and showed how they would become involved in what was at hand. And interestingly enough Yozuru appears to be familiar with the mysterious Oshino as well, showing herself to be in the same range of work but with an apparent stiffer view. While Oshino seemed content with maintaining the balance Yozuru appears to take a more black and white view to the supernatural.

Which brings us to the (long awaited) involvement that Tsukihi will finally have in her own arc, that while she may be innocent she’s still something that Yozuru deems evil. It still hasn’t really been fully explained yet, all we know is that she’s possessed by a phoenix that somehow grants her physical immortality but no anything else that it does, but it’s interesting already so far. Looking past that this episode also finally presented her with a good amount of screentime as well, not to mention fanservice, and with it gain an interesting insight as to her views on justice. Confirming in yet another way that she is fake and forboding the end of the Fire Sisters.


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