Amagami SS+ Plus 11

Picking up only a couple  of months after Haruka’s original arc, with Haruka already looking at wedding dresses and inviting Junichi to meet her parents. After which it skips ahead to Haruka telling Hibiki about this and confessing that she wants to be proposed to the same way her grandfather proposed to her grandmother. Who was romantically proposed to outside a chapel when she graduated.

Feeling that she would have the same kind of unwavering relationship and mentioning a relative of hers, Jessica Sexy Morishima, a slightly older blonde version of her. And of course with their graduation coming up, Hibiki has completely seen through it and not only calls her out on it but calls Junichi over as well. After which things somehow lead to them roleplaying a wedding, complete with Haruka humming a tune as they walk down the aisle and Hibiki as the preacher who cuts them off at the end, but while Junichi was looking forward to acting out all the other stuff in between, Haruka skips ahead to a couple expecting a child, and then even further to a happy family.

Unfortunately for Junichi however, Hibiki being forced to act as their kid, asks him how he proposed to Haruka, earning him a cold shoulder when he can’t exactly come up with a response. But while Haruka still isn’t speaking to him, all three of them run into Jessica on their way home, with Haruka introducing her and Jessica deducing that he must be Haruka’s boyfriend, making her jealous when she kisses him on the cheek. Following which she explains that she’s here for her graduation and something else which Haruka cuts her off at, the proposal which Jessica later tells her that she got but had to ask her boyfriend and suggests that she do the same. But Haruka, not wanting to force him and feeling that she only just happened to fall in love at the right time isn’t too confident about it.

On Junichi’s side of things, not only has Jessica got him thinking about what Miya’s equivalent would be like but has also made him realise that he won’t be able to see Haruka as much when she graduates and moves on to university. Lamenting the situation and realising that she’s not her lively self when he meets her the next day, offers to pick things up where they left off before, and to make things worse Kaoru takes it as if he’s been dumped and starts spreading rumours. But before things can get worse he gets a call from Jessica on her way to see the sights in Kyoto, and lets him know before she goes that Haruka must be feeling lonely. So in order to do something about this, he meets her outside the school and drags her to a familiar shed, where he not only confesses that he loves her but also that he won’t lose. Finding that his fears were for naught, and in inviting her over to his house sometime.

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In all a great episode to what looks to be a great arc, there’s definitely a poorly thought out plothole in attempting to throw Jessica Morishima in out of nowhere (it didn’t help that they used Haruka’s 2P costume option), and the very matter at hand doesn’t exactly feel as if it’s being treated with any importance. But Haruka’s a fun heroine if there ever was one and we get bonus Hibiki screentime on the side.

One of the characters who I wished had an arc or route of their own, she seemed to get a bit more attention in the PSP port of the game but from what I’ve seen it wasn’t actually that much. There’s just something fun about Haruka’s straight-laced counterpart, who interestingly enough is voiced by Haruka’s VA, Shizuka Itou’s buddy in real life, Yuu Asakawa, let alone the fact that she’s voiced by her is almost enough in its own right considering that the voice work could be considered one of the main incentives in the series. Other than that, while it was one of the things that irked me about Sae’s arc and her character I think it’s fun how Junichi and Haruka roleplay, she’s still letting him live out his fantasies along with her own but she’s not exactly being pushed into doing it. Overall though, it probably doesn’t help that Haruka is my favourite heroine in this as well.

In my opinion the only thing that let this episode down was the half-thought out addition of Jessica Morishima or Morishima Jessica, you might be wondering what I’m talking about as she’s essentially and quite literally a slightly older blonde Haruka. How could you not like that you might ask. But once you actually think about not only is her design being a recolour of Haruka’s and nothing more incredibly lazy, but just how is she related to Haruka? Anything other than her sister just doesn’t add up when Haruka’s grandparents are implied to be gentlemanly somewhat aristocratic Englishmen, and this isn’t a series that messes about with unrealistic hair colours either (I know debating this point in anime is retarded but still), unless there’s some sort of complex solution Jessica would have to have a non-Japanese last name. That said as poorly thought out as it was, seeing an adorable younger Haruka made up for it a bit.

Other than that, as somewhat vague as it all is again the story that looks to be taking place in Haruka’s arc seems kind of nice so far as well, dealing with her enivitable graduation and feeling as if it could end with of all things a proposal. Considering that we haven’t exactly seen Haruka as much just before graduation, or at least from a closer view, it’s also fairly interesting as well. With her life at highschool almost at an end, it’s quite understandable that even the loveable and lively Haruka would be feeling down, about to part ways with everything that she’s become familiar with and be thrust into something completely different. It’s not as much but it still kind of fits in with the reversal theme that this season has going for it. But either way this arc should be a good one.


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