Amagami SS+ Plus 12

Having come over to his house Junichi and Haruka waste little time in roleplaying as a newly married couple as dinner is prepared, and as usual Haruka has complete control over it while Junichi is just happy to see her smile.

Continuing from this Junichi explains how his parents and Miya coincidentally happen to be away and Haruka takes him by surprise by mentioning that she’ll be staying the night, filling his mind with fantasies before they move onto Haruka’s cooking. As it would happen, Miya is currently bathing with Ai and Sae at this point and expects her brother to be home all alone, the complete opposite to how he’s actually spending his night.

Where at this point he and Haruka are sitting around the Kotatsu when she decides to take a bath, facing Junichi with the difficult choice of whether to peek or not considering her reaction over Christmas when she actually wanted him to, yet just as he makes his decision she finishes up and steps out in a particularly revealing negligee. Facing him with the same difficult choice, where this time she chose to wear it because she wanted him to see, but going by his reaction she changes into something a bit more modest just as he decides to look. Following this they head to bed where shockingly Haruka tells him that she’ll be going to England once she graduates. Making him see her recent actions in another light, but before he can learn more about this he finds her nowhere to be seen at school and only runs into Hibiki by luck. Who in response asks him what he will do about it.

So in order to try to contact Haruka he tries calling her but gets Jessica instead who having recently returned from Kyoto explains that Haruka will be going back to England no matter what, the reason why she came to Japan, and that there’s a chance she won’t come back. Leaving Junichi with only a single window of opportunity to do something, the graduation ceremony. Where having begged Tsukasa for the honour, he presents the speech in the ceremony’s final stages, but having presented it he goes on to confess to Haruka, the girl he loves, and propose to her in front of the whole school. With her accepting and leaping into his arms. During which Haruka’s trip to England is revealed to have only been for a week, a ploy by Hibiki and Jessica, and in the not too distant future they marry surrounded by their friends and family.

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Looks like Haruka did end up having the best arc, or at least one of the best arcs, it managed to balance the fun sorts of scenes with those related to the overall plot of the arc nicely and the ending was amazing. You could see that it was going to end with Junichi proposing to Haruka but I don’t think you could predict that he would do it in front of the entire school.

Seriously you can’t exactly get more definitive than that, near every arc has a confession, heck near every anime with an integral aspect of romance ends with a confession but a proposal? Not that many come to mind, it steps things up a bit to say the least. Let alone the boldness to it all was great as well, Junichi may have been urged on because he thought that Haruka was soon going to leave and be gone forever, but it takes a bit of courage to step up in front of the entire school, recite the story of how you met and all the details, and then propose to the girl you love. None the less the school idol as well. Let alone it was one of those cases where the ending was near perfect.

Before that though it managed to balance fun scenes and the build up to the proposal itself quite nicely, it may have been a ploy on Jessica and Hibiki’s behalf but the idea of Haruka leaving for England was good, sure from the other arcs we already know that she wasn’t going to leave from the start. As even in arcs that take place after this she can still be seen hanging out with Hibiki, but for a moment there it really felt as if she was going to leave, it would have given a reason for Jessica showing up and it would have provided the right sort of story for Haruka’s graduation. She wouldn’t have just been saying goodbye to her life at school but her life in Japan, everyone and everything she really knows.

Other than that it was also as fun as always to see Haruka and Junichi’s roleplaying, as a Haruka fan it may be kind of biased to say having noted something similar as one of the things that I didn’t like about Sae’s arc, however in this case Haruka has complete control so while he may be at her mercy he isn’t acting like an idiot. Not to mention things always seem to cut off or jump ahead at the points he was looking forward to. And as a side note it was great to see the part about how she wanted him to peek from her original arc come up as well. Most of all though Haruka’s just a fun character, funloving and being voiced by Shizuka Itou, and as a heroine she’s also loveable and adorable. She’s probably turned out to be my favourite in the series.


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