Uchuu Kyoudai 01

Starting things off with the sort of atmosphere that the two brothers were born into, Mutta to despair and Hibito to rejoice, the two brothers head out exploring in when they see a UFO in the sky.

Opening Theme:

“Feel So Moon” by Unicorn.

Nineteen years after this in 2025, the younger of the two Hibito happens to have become an astronaut and is well on his way to becoming the first Japanese person on the moon as part of NASA’s preparations towards setting foot on Mars. Mentioning his experience with the UFO as his driving force and that he considers what he’s about to do an honour, however he feels that one person was supposed to go before him.

This person being his older brother Mutta, now a former relatively successful car designer after he headbutted his boss over making fun of his brother, being carted away in a car that he designed. Now with little other choice but to move back in with his parents, who while they first welcomed him with open arms are now far less enthusiastic than they were about him living with them. So with the pressure to get a job building up, he suits up and heads out looking for jobs only to find that his boss spread the word about what happened, so despite his experience he’s still regarded as someone who headbutted their boss. So as he wallows in despair he laments that as an older brother he’s been unable to stay one step ahead of Hibito, remembering what they had seen and returning home where he finds himself remembering how he and his brother met Mamoru Mohri.

At which point however he gets a message from Hibito, who having learned about his situation asks him to check out a tape they recorded back in 2006, the night they saw the UFO and both declared that they would be astronauts with Mutta telling him that if he was going to the Moon, he would go to Mars. Rekindling the promise they made to each other, so one month later while he works odd jobs he finds himself looking into this but doubting himself when he finds himself the recipient of a successful examination application from JAXA.

Ending Theme:

“Subarashiki Sekai” by Rake.

Next Episode:


The first show of the new season that I’ve chosen to blog, I may not be overly sure on how it’s going to turn out in the four cours that it will have but this was a nice start. The idea simply has the potential for a nice inspirational story and some of the jokes were funny as well.

It wasn’t much but the small bits of irony throughout the episode were great, aside from the connection between a football player being red carded for headbutting another player and what Mutta would do to his boss there were also those towards a car that he himself had designed. First being shipped off in one and then having to issue tickets to another. They weren’t exactly right in your face but they were still good, and along with Mutta’s character I thought they provided a nice fun style to it all and worked well to lighten things up.

Other than that the relationship between Mutta, voiced by Hiroaki Hirata, and Hibito, voiced by Kenn, is interesting as well, it’s not exactly enough to call it a rivalry but given Mutta’s belief in what’s expected of an older brother it works in a similar way given that he somehow always finds himself a few steps behind Hibito. Who on the other hand appears to share this belief as well, he could probably let it slide when his brother was doing quite well for himself but deep down there’s a sense that he wants him to be ahead  and to fulfill the promise they both made together. It’s a nice relationship to say the least.

Working with that the style of the story appears to be pretty good so far as well, it looks as if we’ll be seeing wacky sorts of hijinks as Mutta works on his way to becoming an astronaut and catching up with Hibito, but at its heart it appears to be about chasing after childhood dreams. Mutta is in his early thirties, an age where you could be expected to give such up in exchange for stability in your life, but even so with little to lose and driven by his relationship with his brother he’s still going to chase after it. It has the potential to be pretty inspirational at the least, particularly with the challenges he’ll be up against on his way.


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