Uchuu Kyoudai 02

Recounting events from his past, Mutta visits his Aunt Sharon at her observatory, remembering how they would look at the moon through her telescope and would all play instruments together, with the excuse for his brother’s absence being a little different

During this Mutta also voices the doubts he has, knowing all too well that even though he’s been accepted that only around three in three hundred and fifteen will be accepted, doubting whether he could be a member of that three. To which however his Aunt picks up the trumpet and asks him why he chose to play it over all the other instruments she has, the reason she gives was that he found it the hardest and encourages him to play it once more, even if what he plays isn’t that good. With it being regarded as his shining star.

As he awaits the examination Mutta also picked up a job as a mechanic, and following his talk with his aunt he begins to take the preparations for it a bit more seriously, though while he believes that it will be a walk in the park he’s stumped during the English test. Three weeks later however a letter from JAXA arrives confirming that he’s made it through the first round, expressing his feelings of success by playing his trumpet on the bridge. Before the second stage things already get off to a bad start when he loses his cellphone, almost being overwhelmed during the interview where he mentions that he’s Hibito’s brother.

After the interview though he doubts whether it worked out well, especially when he couldn’t get over a loose screw in his chair, something that though minor had him trying to fix it. Other than that he meets a fellow applicant in his thirties, Kenji Makabe who takes some pride in guessing his age, and in no time at all they quickly become friends. Also noticing a rather cute girl a few tables away. Following all this though one of the interviewers reveals an extra test that Mohri once tested him with, a loose screw. Going on to reveal that only three applicants picked up on it and offering to make a bet.

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Two episodes may not be much but this show is still going strong, so far it seems as if it could be that one show that every season has that doesn’t do much to grab attention but simply excels in terms of characters and story. With this episode introducing a few more characters and having Mutta gather the determination he’ll need to succeed.

Which I thought he was able to find in a pretty nice way, the odds of him making it through are pretty slim so there’s really no reason why he wouldn’t be doubting himself at this point, so if the story is to progress he needed to once more find the resolve to get through this doubt. Doing so by looking back to his past, which I liked as not only did it give him the determination he would need but it also gave us a better idea of who Mutta used to be and how different he is now, he used to do things the hard way simply because they were hard, or at least according to his Aunt Sharon. Making that moment where he played his trumpet again a great one.

Other than his Aunt it was also great to see more characters introduced or at least for a few characters that look as if they’ll be fairly important show up, the first being Kenji Makabe who already seems to be a fun character and looks as if he’ll be playing the bro character on Mutta’s side of things. And secondly, Serika Itou who looks as if she’ll be the heroine of the story, and even though we don’t exactly know much about her at this point she’s also voiced by the amazing Miyuki Sawashiro, so that has to count for something. Either way though we should be able to learn more about her in the next episode.

Finally the actual exam side of things was pretty fun as well, it was all fairly quick, coming down to a written test, followed by a few physical examinations, and later an interview, but the fun part came from the test within a test that was the loose screw. Where other than singling out the three characters that will play a role in the story and showing that Mutta had indeed done well, it also presented another way in which Mutta and Hibito’s apparent childhood hero Mohri was influencing Mutta’s path to becoming an astronaut, on the surface it was simply a one of those fun hidden tests that one of the interviewers had thrown in but beneath that it was so much more.


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