Jormungand 01

Beginning with an introduction of how the main character Jonah hates weapons, the show picks up just as he’s been employed as a bodyguard of sorts for the arms dealer Koko Hekmatyar.

A Black Lagoonesque show being animated by White Fox, picked up.

Opening Theme:

“Borderland” by Mami Kawada.

Of course the rest of her team greets him with a hint of scepticism as they prepare for their next mission to retrieve their goods currently being withheld by customs in Eastern Europe, with an official from a neighbouring country warning her of the repercussions of selling it to the neighbouring military. However she doesn’t exactly take his threat seriously, and not before long Jonah is already opening fire on their pursuers, taking not only Koko by surprise but also some of the other members of their team. And at which point just what the goods they intend to retrieve are revealed to be capable of putting the militarily inferior Eastern European country on par with its superior neighbour, thus breaking the balance of power if Koko does succeed in selling to them.

The firefight continues for some time after this, with the likes of Lehm and Valmet joining the fray as Jonah continues to gun down their pursuers, only to find that one of their pursuers have an anti-tank missile. However while he misses the first time he succeeds the second, and Koko and her team emerge victorious as Koko lectures Jonah on her position and offers to teach him how to accept weapons, reasoning that she deals them for world peace. After which things pick up again sometime at night while Lehm and Jonah are watch duty, having to deal with a sleepwalking Koko as Lehm offers him some advice. And the next morning they get their next mission, to deal with a rival dealer who picked up on what they were up to, Kroshkin.

Their plan for this being to have Koko meet him in person with Jonah posing as her younger brother, and a group to hide as her backup, while Tojo and Valmet meet with an official of the country to sign some papers. The meeting itself starts off calmly enough until at least the matter of him moving in on her turf is brought up and things get a little violent as Kroshkin snaps, smashing a bottle over Koko’s head and maintaining the upper hand by revealing that he has snipers hidden away in the neighbouring buildings. To which Koko reveals herself to be completely unfazed by him, her team having eliminated his snipers and Tojo and Valmet having succeeded in cancelling his deal, and Jonah putting a bullet between Kroshkin’s eyes. After which Jonah undergoes something of an initiation ceremony as he makes omelets to eat with everyone.

Ending Theme:

“Ambivalentidea” by Nagi Yanagi.

Next Episode:


Well this was a fun start, I came into this expecting a fairly good action show with pretty high expectations since it was being animated by White Fox and it certainly delivered that with an assortment of fun characters. In a way it reminds me of Black Lagoon.

So far it lacks the little complexities to the characters, morals, and the setting, but it easily has the potential for that, and both are gun action heavy with the sequences being played either seriously or in a fun over the top sort of the manner. Both take place in underworlds of sorts, and just like Black Lagoon it seems so far as if it could lend itself well towards black humour. It doesn’t surprise me that there’s some relatively official crossover material either (look up the Book of Venom and look beyond Rei Hiroe‘s beautiful coloured illustrations). Being by another member of I’ve Sound the opening is pretty similar in style as well. Either way the everyday lives of arms dealers should make for a fun show.

Other than that the apparent heroine is also a fun character as well, Koko Hekmatyar is definitely nuts in an entertaining fun sort of way, being happy and carefree during incredibly dangerous situations, and being voiced by Shizuka Itou seems to amplify that somehow. Beneath that however there still appears to be a darker side to her, she supposedly pursues world peace by selling weapons and there was definitely something creepy about how she called out Kroshkin. So I’m interested to see more of her way of doing things and just what led to her turning out this way.

The only downside is the main character, Jonah who being a kid on a team of highly trained and capable adults pushes my suspension of belief and seems rather out of place, not to mention I’ve never been particularly fond of the emotionless sort of characters either. Even so though, from what little we learned about him, he does have a good reason for it, but even for a child soldier his prowess is still a little too much. Ironically enough though he hates weapons so it’ll be interesting to see how that carries out, hopefully he’ll at least open up a bit more around the other members of the team later as well.


2 Responses to Jormungand 01

  1. feal87 says:

    Oh god, Koko is so awesome…*_*

    Watching her rolling around was an A+! 😀

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Agreed, I just had to have a gif of that when I saw one.

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