Eureka Seven AO 01

Two men meet in the ruins of a city that appears to be Tokyo and talk of a girl with turquoise coloured hair, with one believing that she will return someday.

I have no idea how I’ll blog this many shows with to my current stagnation and midterms coming up, but I’ll try to do it anyway. Pressure is good for combatting procrastination.

Following which, on the island of Iwato within the Okinawan archipelago the protagonist, thirteen year-old Ao Fukai gets a call from his childhood friend Naru Arata and heads to pick her up. Talking about a dream she had, and showing signs of a sickness as they attempt to find a friend of hers, a sloth named Noah. However because he still has a job to do, Ao has to run off and somehow runs into a group led by a man named Gazelle acting as a courier for the Japanese Army, with Gazelle crashing and blaming it on Ao, during which a member of his group Pippo drops their cargo and being in a rush, they don’t notice a missing bracelet. And if that wasn’t enough, their ECU spontaneously reacts in the form of a Scub Burst.

The reaction being picked up at the HQ of the organisation that the two men in the prologue work for, Generation Bleu in Switzerland and force their team Pied Piper to scramble, with the possibility of something known as a Secret appearing rising within the Okinawa significantly. Back in Okinawa, Ao meets up with Naru just as the reaction begins to recede, leaving behind a large chunk of Scub Coral as Gazelle’s group takes off. With explosions following in the distance as Ao and Naru escape. Following which Ao heads home, reading reports on the incident, and running into his adoptive father Dr Fukai on his way out, reminding him that he has his entrance ceremony tomorrow. Leading to an exchange of words where Ao attempts to shake off his concern and Fukai stressing that he’s still his son regardless, Ao later talking on the phone with Naru where she dismisses his excuses and insecurities. Elsewhere Gazelle’s group finally realises that they’re missing something.

When they head back to look for it though they’re only met with a crater, and Gazelle can’t help but feel that something is messed up about it all, that they’ve been dragged into something big. And later that day not one but two more Scub Bursts appear in Okinawa, Pied Piper arriving around the same time to intercept it, but before they can arrive Iwato is thrown into chaos as pieces of Scub Coral rain down as a G-Monster appears. Causing Ao to run for his life until he can’t run any further, cursing the G-Monster and causing the bracelet to react, reading “EUREKA AO” and bringing him memories of his mother just as Gazelle’s group arrive. Intending to retrieve it, but he refuses to hand it over at all costs.

Ending Theme:

“stand by me” by Stereopony.

Next Episode:

Also I love how the to be continued/つづく part is back.


A little disjointed here and there but still a good start to the series, there’s a nice feeling to it, the music is great, and so far all the characters are fairly likeable as well. But most of all there’s something of a mystery as to what’s happened since the previous series.

Or maybe it’s just because it’s been a while since I last saw it, but either way we’ve pretty much been told that Ao is Eureka and Renton’s kid but not what forced them to leave him with an old man on Okinawa, almost reminiscent of what happened with Renton’s sister and own father in the original. So I’m interested to see how this will turn out, just what did Eureka and Renton do after the original and where they are now. Other than that I’m also interested as to whether we’ll see some of the characters from the previous series as well. Or even whether some of them are connected to the ones in this, either way it would just be interesting to see how things turned out for them, and we should be seeing Nirvash again soon.

Other than that the atmosphere is great so far as well, it’s still not entirely clear whether this could be a direct sequel to the original or some sort of parallel universe, but while it lacked that wonderful central european setting the new somewhat tropical one of Okinawa isn’t that bad either, it’s actually kind of refreshing in a way and we even got a glimpse at the previous setting. Alongside that the music was great again as well. That said it’s probably just my memory at fault, but it’s kind of discerning that there’s no Skyfish to be seen, let alone the political structure of the world has changed, and if this is indeed a sequel there appears to have been some rather significant changes since.

Even one episode in the characters are great as well, Renton’s strengths came from his gradual growth and you slowly grew to like him more as the series progressed but that doesn’t appear to be the case with Ao so far. While he still appeared to have a few insecurities and hesitations regarding Naru you could still say that he was a likeable character, and for the heroine Naru isn’t so bad either, so far she’s likeable and kind of cute. And secondly the replacement for Holland, Gazelle and his group along with the apparent Gekkostate replacement Pied Piper are fairly cool/likeable as well, though the latter are kind of suspicious.

Either way this is off to a strong start and I’m eagerly looking forward to what will happen next.


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