Jormungand 02

On her way to meet a client Koko finds that she’s been drawn into a war over a pipeline that one party seems focused on keeping covered up.

Who having the upper hand waste little time in surrounding Koko and her team and escorting her to their boss, who despite maintaining the usual pleasantries also maintains a forceful manner, with Koko realising that if she doesn’t get away soon she’ll be stuck with him extorting shipments out of her. However before things can go any further an apparent acquaintance of hers arrives, a fellow arms dealer Mr Currie of CCAT and his bodyguards Mildred and Lew, Mildred taking time to dote on Jonah, while Currie ruins Koko’s attempt to slip away by revealing the connections she has. At which point she goes on  to reveal the lengths he would have gone to keep the conflict a secret, eliminating all witnesses without discretion.

So in order to get a way Koko decides to pretend to accept the contract, knowing that they’re near broke anyway, and in the meantime meet up with Tojo and Valmet, but due to the current situation it’s near impossible to get a signal in the area so the would be client arranges an escort for her, a way of attempting to force her to keep her side. However it doesn’t take long for the tension between her and their escorts to build up, and when they finally get to an area with a signal they find themselves in a battlefield where despite helicopters flying above with infrared sensors she keeps smiling. She then goes on to explain the situation to Jonah, that the conflict will soon end in a stalemate, and despite those like Currie who like to fan the flames she can’t see the appeal in selling for such reasons.

After which having been able to meet up with Valmet and Tojo, they take back the upper hand and eventually run into Curries group, who had incidentally eliminated their escort, putting them in quite a mess. Eventually leading to Valment and Mildred heading outside to scout, but somehow ends up with Mildred letting her rivalry with her get to her head and Valmet completely overpowering her, lecturing her for carrying around so many knives. And on their way back, Mildred goes on to exclaim that Valmet’s backstory of betrayal and persistence is cool, feeling that those like herself are empty and reasons are simply excuses. However knowing that the would be client is closing in, intent on some payback, they head back and Koko reveals that her plan is to pretty much ditch Currie and his team. Exposing what they had done and using their chance to escape, Jonah noting that it’s the first time he hasn’t had to fire a single shot, and the would be client noting on how the conflict ceased.

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Two episodes in and still fairly fun so far, though it is kind of hard to take the characters and everything that’s going on as seriously, there’s pseudo-global politics going on but at the same time with Koko’s antics it still feels a lot like a slice of life series about arms dealers.

Which is not to say that it’s bad but it just adds a certain silliness to it that makes it hard to take it all as seriously as it tries to be at times, as well as keep track of all the little details when it does try to be serious, even if there isn’t exactly much to it. That said it’s in no way bad, it’s actually one of the things that I enjoy about this series, despite everything that may be going on it maintains a somewhat fun lighthearted atmosphere and when guns aren’t blazing Koko and her team all act in a pretty fun way as well, they’re like a big close-knit family. And on that note it was great to see Jonah show a bit of emotion as well.

Secondly the apparent situation was pretty interesting as well, consisting of a low scale conflict over a pipeline close to the Russian border with another unamed Eastern European or Middle Eastern country, the sort of report you could briefly spot when reading the newspaper or just generally checking the news but completely skip or look past without a second thought. A typical insignificant report about tensions rising along a far away border to no result. However it managed to delve pretty deep into it, along with the factors limiting it there was also the moral and political aspect to it, the group that Koko ran into were actively eliminating any potential witnesses regardless and their Cassus Belli wasn’t exactly just either.

Finally there was also Koko’s moral aspect to it in how she refused to sell to them, that while she sells weapons she isn’t some warmonger who fans the flames in order to keep selling her wares and would rather just let things take their course. Though it can be argued that she didn’t want to risk getting involved without a stable payroll and knowing that there was no money there, was going to move onto a conflict where there was. But either way that’s still the impression that I got, especially since her supposed pursuit of world peace by selling weapons is still kind of vague at this point.


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