Uchuu Kyoudai 04

As part of the end stages of the exams the examinees undergo another interview, each vying for the top and taking the chance to imagine their picture on the wall alongside those that preceded them.

For Mutta this didn’t seem to go so well however, not only was he intimidated but during the second part one of the interviewers asks him whether he found something new about himself recently in English, completely catching him off guard. Following this though he too takes a look at the wall and finds the spots of his childhood heroes and that of his brother Hibito, declaring that the one next to him will be his.

In Texas at this point Hibito happens to be having lunch with some of his colleagues when they start talking about how NASA will pay for their employees to have their family visit, and while they don’t exactly expect him to use it he has just the right person in mind. Back in Japan the examiners are going over the results, Kenji and Serika having pretty much made it in already while Mutta’s results aren’t that certain. The examinees on the other hand prepare for a group photo, with Mutta being barraged for his brother’s autograph, and then all go out drinking together. Going on to talk about how the interviews went for them and exchange contact details, however when Serika comes to him he remembers that he flushed his phone. But fortunately Kenji writes them all down for him.

So the next day Mutta wastes little time in picking up a new one and not that long after he steps out of the store he already has a call, answering it expecting Serika but getting Hibito instead, who after briefly asking him about the exam mentions that he can come over to the United States free of charge next week. Giving him the chance to look around and pick up some experience in the break before the third exam.

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Another fairly good episode, with the second exam winding to a close it had a small feeling of closure to it as the examinees all wished each other the best and went out to celebrate. The scene with Mutta claiming the spot next to Hibito was nice as well and I must admit that Kenji is a pretty awesome bro character.

I mean even before this episode he was pretty cool for a bro character, while how easily he handles everything puts Mutta down a lot he’s also always there to pull him back up and give him a push to go further as well, it’s hard to imagine Mutta where he is now without him. Let alone when everyone was exchanging contact details after the exams and what happened to Mutta’s phone earlier, he was there write them all down for him. Other than that it’s pretty fun how their friendship revolves around handshakes as well.

Other than that how Mutta laid claim to the spot next to Hibito was pretty nice even with the goofy approach that Mutta had to it (though that was still one of the fun things about it). But anyway it still made for a pretty nice moment, while he didn’t think that he did too well on the interview he was still determined to succeed and not only take his place alongside his childhood heroes but particularly his younger brother who had beaten him to the punch. Fitting in with that nice driving force that Mutta has of how he should be the one making footsteps to follow in, and as a side note it was interesting to see a few signs about an expedition to Mars as well.

Finally with this episode and the secondary exams out of the way, it seems as if we’ve reached the end of this arc, where while it’s pretty much given that Kenji and Serika will make the cut it just doesn’t seem as certain for Mutta, aside from lung capacity the only thing he seems to have going for him is that one of the higher ups has taken a liking to him. So things don’t exactly seem that sure at the moment, either he’ll likely scrape through or he’ll have to try again. It’ll be interesting to see just how he makes it through and with him heading to the United States the next seems pretty interesting as well, more focus on Hibito would be great, not to mention we’ll also find out about that pug.


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