Eureka Seven AO 03

Having brought Naru to his hiding spot for the Nirvash, Ao confides his reluctance to pilot it in her while Pied Piper has to deal with one of its pilot’s Elena being captured by the Okinawan authorities.

Soon after this Naru’s father and other men spearheading the path for independence track down Ao with little regard to Naru. Following this Rebecca of Pied Piper goes to negotiate Elena’s return and is met with some hostility while Fleur helps with the rescue operations and Ivica heads off to talk with someone about the Nirvash’s pilot.

Around this point Ao has been brought to their base where he is both interrogated and talks with the island’s apparent political leader, Kazuyuki Kaneshiro, who explains to him just why he’s despised by the other islanders, that Eureka had fallen from the sky thirteen years ago and around three years after Ao was born, while he was already seen as an alien there was a Scub Burst that only stopped when she was captured by the Americans, with Naru being one of a the few survivors of the families caught up. Even shamefully apologising for it. Following this  Gazelle having thought on this and seeing the blame as misguided decides to do something, while Ivica has also arrived determined to find out whether Ao’s mother is the same woman he thinks she is. But before he can get his answer, Gazelle’s group crashes through the wall to rescue Ao, being revealed to be the Kazuyuki’s son and blaming his all talk attitude for their current pseudo independence.

After this they return Ao to his grandfather’s house which has been set ablaze, but even so he still tells Ao not to hate them, leading to him grabbing a photo of his mother and making his decision. However at this point an even larger Secret/G-Monster emerges, forcing Pied Piper to take action as it deploys a swarm of much smaller ones, and so with his decision made, Ao returns with Gazelle’s group to the Nirvash, determined not to have to apologise as Gazelle’s father had to him.

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Though this was a little light overall I thought that this was another good episode, things are steadily becoming a lot more clearer than they were when the show began, and the Okinawan/Ryukyuan independence plot still has some potential. If anything however I’m wondering just what Pied Piper’s role in this will be.

Some things about it like Fleur and Elena backing Ao up with their IFOs, the Hallelujah and Kyrie respectively (both words related to prayer), and the connection that the captain Ivica has with Eureka are a given, but just what their overall role will be is something I’m interested to see. Particularly if the story remains anchored at Iwada, as an independent group they have little reason to aid the path to independence let alone make common cause with the jingoistic islanders. So I’m generally just curious of what their role in the story will be. Regardless though, Fleur’s counterpart Elena is pretty cute as well, the likes of Ivica are generally pretty cool so far, and they generally seem like a fun group, even Rebecca knows how to have fun.

The only thing that seems off at the moment is how desperate the islanders are to attain their independence, such revolutions are never pretty and generally do tend to be a lot more bloody, but their way of going about it is just kind of distorted. They go on and on about it but they don’t seem to know about fully obtaining it let alone maintaining it. As expected their plan seems to be something along the lines of,  A) having a super robot and B) using it as their sword and shield, so far, the adults at least, seem to be all talk and loaded up on jingoism so it’s hard to take their plight seriously. Gazelle and his group really had the right of it, they refuse to accept their failings as being their own and blamed it on the thing that must have embodied alienness to them, Eureka.

Best of all though things are getting a lot more clearer, there’s still no clue as to what’s happened to Renton but it seems as if this season is taking place in a parallel universe that a pregnant Eureka just happened to drop into, there’s just barely any other hint of the events of the past season. Let alone the mechanics have changed as well, the organic LFOs gone in favour of IFOs which while not bad so far, sadly seem to be bound by that crappy plot device of how they can only be piloted by a select group. Second to that Ao also seems to have better found his place, having learned where the hatred that must have followed him his whole life was rooted as well as making his decision to defend the island regardless. It’s quite a lot for only three episodes and it was kind of sweet how both his mother and grandfather’s messages about not hating people effected his decision, let alone everything about this picture was pretty sweet.


2 Responses to Eureka Seven AO 03

  1. i finally started watching this. i must say, im now hooked, and this is gonna be one of the handful of shows i’ll be keeping up with.

    honestly i was hoping this would be a direct sequel to the first season, but as of now, it seems to be a complete reboot of the series. even the movie could have been explained as a pre-incarnation prequel to the first season, but this is just completely unrelated lol.

    so far, im loving all the characters. at first i didnt like noah, but he is growing on me XD
    gotta love those head vulcan/machine guns as well. its not often that you get to see such violent and destructive automatic weapons in anime. especially in mecha shows where they are usually pea shooters lol.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    I’m loving the characters so far as well, so far aside from the jingoistic islanders I don’t think that there’s been a single unlikeable one yet. Ao has been great, Naru is adorable, Noah is quirky, and both Pied Piper and Gazelle’s group have been awesome. Aside from that I like that as well, usually vulcans are only useful at making the pilot seem like they’re doing something when they aren’t.

    Also I think that this does constitute a sequel for the previous series, parallel universes were confirmed and it just so happens that this story takes place in one that Eureka fell into some time after it. So while it’s fairly loose, it is still related to the past series.

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