Jormungand 04

With Orchestra right behind her Koko’s team race to shield her as they begin to bear down on her, however their hidden weapon manages to disable them and even force Jonah to act, though at the cost of their vehicle.

Following this both parties appear to be pinned down, Jonah and Koko behind some steps leading down to the ocean and Orchestra behind a shipping container, and while Chinatsu pleads that they pull back her Master is having none of it and runs out. Subsequently taking a bullet to the heart and one to the head from Lutz some 900 metres away. Upon his death Chinatsu begins to break down swearing to kill them all as she nimbly retrieves her fallen Master’s crucifix and escapes, Lutz refusing to shoot a young girl.

While they may have escaped this whole ideal has drawn some unwanted attention as a CIA agent, Jerry Schatzberg comes forth to arrest Koko believing he finally has what he needs to take her down. But even so the authorities refuse to hand the evidence over, rather bringing up how arrogantly he had acted and completely dodging his questions. At this point Koko has met with an acquaintance of her father’s who’s trying his best to cover this whole matter up, and even though she’s pretty much allowed to walk away Jerry intercepts her on her way out and punches her right in front of the local authorities, to which she coldly states that she doesn’t have the time to deal with the likes of him. Following this Koko meets up with Jonah who escorts her as they exchange beliefs on weapons and those who wield them, discussing the priorities of her clients and who holds the most weapons.

After returning to their hotel however, Chinatsu makes her move only to find Koko already waiting for her with Lehm posted on a nearby rooftop, upon meeting each other Koko notes that this was a gamble that she just managed to win and asks her just why she doesn’t wear underwear in exchange for her reasons for being an arms dealer. Her answer being somewhat ridiculous, she thinks it makes her shoot better, while Koko’s answer is silenced. However even when given a chance to join her team, Chinatsu refuses and is promptly shot down the instant she reaches for her gun. Dying looking up at the sky, as Lehm explains to Lutz that he’d rather shoot a young girl than risk losing his comrades to her.

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Well what did I say, I will admit that Chinatsu’s death was kind of sad but at the same time she and her Master really brought it upon themselves, the only surprising part being that someone didn’t do it before Koko’s group. But that aside another good episode, the characters are still pretty fun, Koko has somewhat one-sided nemesis, and we also saw that she has some pretty big connections.

Which isn’t exactly that hard to believe, we’ve already seen her sell directly to the military of a few countries so far and given how quickly the setting is changing we can easily assume that she does it a lot all over the world, so it goes without saying that she should know some people capable of pulling a few strings who wouldn’t exactly want to see their trusted supplier inconvenienced. If not she would have already been stopped or would at least have a lot more trouble doing what she’s doing. The only mystery about this is just who her father is and just why is he regarded so highly, oddly enough searching Hekmatyar brings up an Afgan warlord but I doubt that it was intentional.

Secondly to that this episode also brought in an apparent nemesis, or someone who at least considers Koko to be their nemesis, a CIA agent by the name of Jerry Schatzberg, however so far he doesn’t exactly seem that impressive. More like a reappearing annoyance to Koko than an actual threat, let alone so far he isn’t exactly that likeable either, he barges into a foreign country genuinely acts in a completely disrespectful and arrogant way and then has the nerve to demand stuff from the local authorities. A lot can be said about it but it’s hard to see him as being righteous in his pursuit, because of this part of me is hoping that his appearance was really only a one time thing since it’s just hard to both take him seriously and see him as a serious threat to Koko and her team.

Partly because of stupidly they did things and that they really brought it upon themselves, seeing Chinatsu’s Master being dropped by a sniper was actually rather satisfying, I will admit that Chinatu’s own death was still rather sad though. When all is said simply, she was little more than a victim of circumstance and a rather weird one at that. She just happened to survive one of her Master’s massacres and in what can be seen as a messed up version of Stockholm syndrome grew attached to him as the only one she had when her world was turned upside down. Her death may have been something that she herself set in motion in her determination to avenge him, but still her circumstances set it apart, one act of fate plunged her into dillusion that would lead to her tragic end.

Either way this was another fun episode with a few sad things in the middle, and with both Jonah’s past being touched upon as well as Koko’s brother being introduced from the preview it looks as if the story is starting to pick up.


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