Eureka Seven AO 04

As he heads in to fight the G-Monster/Secret, Ao attempts to figure out how to actually pilot the Nirvash, forgetting about the arm he had lost earlier. Alongside this Fleur and Elena coordinate an attack to destroy as many of them as possible.

Upon the Nirvash’s arrival Fleur is forced to cover and meet up with Ao, calling him out on a basic mistake and activating his radio, while she also tells him to stay back he affirms that he has to protect the island and comes up with a plan to do so. One approved by the system on the Triton and that Ivica gives the go ahead for, so while Fleur keeps them at bay Ao heads to the Triton to replace the Nirvash’s missing arm with one of the Kyrie’s spare guns and then proceeds to run along the G-Monster/Secret firing everything he has.

Following this the G-Monster/Secret and all the ones that came with it are destroyed in a single swoop but the explosion that comes with it gives Naru a feeling of dread. After this Gazelle and Truth, using Pippo as bait to lure his father away, investigate the Scub Coral that came with it and witness Fleur and Elena excavating a piece that seems to work as a power source. Elsewhere at this point, Ivica and Rebecca arrive to meet Dr Fukai as he goes over Naru’s condition, Ivica revealing that Eureka had once saved him and his suspicions that Ao is her son, offering to take him with him, Fukai leaving the choice to Ao and Naru insisting that she help find him. Following the explosion it appears that Ao managed to escape relatively unscathed, being found by a man who takes him to the Okinawan capital to see the state of it, he also takes him to a bar that his sister runs, however he catches her intending to sell Ao out to the Americans.

Having left the man explains his reasons for saving Ao, that he was once saved by a giant just like the Nirvash, as they head to his workplace, currently the world’s largest Trapar mine, where they find the members of Pied Piper and Naru waiting for them, the latter having packed his bag for him. So having finally met, Ivica passes on a message from his grandfather that he doesn’t want what happened to his mother to happen to him. Yet even so Ao affirms that he’ll still pilot the Nirvash to find her, and as American forces move in on them, Naru gathers what strength she has and with tears in her eyes sends him off. Him promising to come back before he docks the Nirvash onto the Triton.

And as the episode ends, Gazelle’s gang is shown to have stowed away.

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This show just keeps getting better and better, complete with the now affirmed Ao we got some more awesome action scenes, an even wider view of what’s at hand, and probably most of all that the story isn’t going to be rooted to Iwada. The only downside is that Naru is being left behind.

I mean in the past few episodes she’s proven herself to be absolutely great as a heroine, a little dull but she’s cute, has a nice personality, and best of all her interactions with Ao are great. There’s really no doubt that she has genuine feelings for him but are simply hindered by things like her condition, family, and any previous insecurities that Ao once had. It really must have taken a lot out for her to let him go, she tried to keep face but was in tears the entire time. Let alone there’s little reason for her not to come along as well, she even wanted to but refrained upon his misunderstood insistence, that said given that Renton and Eureka spent a good part of the original together aside from a few arcs in between, it could provide an interesting contrast to have Ao head off while Naru remains on Iwada, as far as any romance between them goes everything seems to be pretty far ahead already.

In return however it also dispels any chance of the show remaining rooted on Iwada, it would be one thing to keep the Okinawan/Ryukyuan independence plot as a core aspect of the story but there’s a chance that it could grow a little stale if it went with a monster of the week format while remaining there. Let alone those islanders would have had to be seriously unlucky to constantly have their homes ravaged by G-Monsters/Secrets. All that’s left now is to see which way it will go now, it seems possible that it could in part go with that but it surely won’t be as bad if it does. Pied Piper have generally proven themselves to be pretty cool, and in general Gazelle’s gang are a lot of fun as well. If Naru was going with them I would have thought it was perfect.

Moving on though it was interesting to see this episode attempt to open the world up a bit more, revealing the United State’s place in the world and painting a more detailed picture of Okinawa’s political situation. One that isn’t restricted to a bunch of old farts sitting around an island bitterly blaming their mistakes on some kid that popped up along the way. That despite their strength in the FP field and public will for independence they remain little more than a puppet state, one that’s slowly becoming less and less signifigant on the world stage. Secondly to this there was also the brief matter of how IFO’s are powered from the apparent cores of Scub Corral, something that really seemed as if it was supposed to be hidden from the public.


2 Responses to Eureka Seven AO 04

  1. finally, a decent show that isnt stuck on one location =D
    given how things look in the op, i’m sure naru will catch up with them or they will go back for her at some point.

    funny how it took me three eps to figure out who voiced elena. i was thinking so hard for the first two eps to remember who the VA was and was too lazy to look her up. when i realized who it was in ep 3 i was like, “wow, she’s improved.” i dont even remember her name off the top of my head, but i remember how annoying she sounded when she played maka in soul eater lol. she was still sqeaky as p-ko in arakawa. i think she improved a little in hanasaku iroha. but it seems that her voice has matured and stopped being so squeaky this time around. that or im just getting used to it by now lol.

  2. Ginnodangan says:

    Personally I recognised her as the as the main from Soredemo (a SHAFT show about a maid cafe with an awesome Maaya Sakamoto OP), but I think she’s come a long way as well. She also stands out amongst the rest of the cast.

    It still could have been all right but I loved that the setting will be shifting elsewhere as well, and hopefully, it’s how long until then that I’m wondering about. It would be something of a waste to leave her behind for too long.

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