Jormungand 05

Having left the middle east, Koko and her team bide their time as they make their way to South Africa by ship when news of a visitor arrives, Koko’s older brother Kasper.

Because of just what lies between him and Jonah she’s forced to keep the latter preoccupied in order to avoid them running into each other while the two siblings talk about how work is going. Kasper warning his sister about a Chinese group that could prove troublesome. Meanwhile inside Jonah is studying English under Wilee, however when he runs off the restroom the thing that Koko wanted to avoid happens as he and Kasper run into each other. Jonah lashing out at him in rage, while Kasper responds nonchalantly as his bodyguard Chiquita restrains him.

At this point the story jumps back three months to somewhere in Western Asia where a group of orphans including Jonah  were staying at a military base, the supplier that the military there used being a subordinate of Kasper’s and to further press west there was something that they had to do. Leading to them seizing two of the orphans, Jonah’s friend Marka being among them, and so suspecting what will happen to her, Jonah decides to take action. Killing everyone that’s sent against him until he’s left face to face with Kasper’s subordinate and shoots him when he tries to buy his way out, however immediately afterward he’s overwhelmed by an immense presence before a woman closes in and restrains him, Chiquita. Following which Casper arrives, and while he maintains a somewhat friendly guise he also reveals that Jonah’s actions played right into his hands, that without this base a highway will be built that will make his work as an arms dealer all the more easier.

Following this he locked him in a shipping container with only water, giving him time to think his position in the world over, and eventually led to them making a deal, in exchange for his skills in working for his little sister, Kasper would ensure that his friends would be taken care of. In the present at this point, Koko kicks Kasper off the ship for bullying Jonah and as they watch him sail off, Jonah notes that regardless of what else there is there’s still things he likes in the world. And as the episode draws to a close, Lehm reveals that a lot happened in Africa for Valmet, Jonah is once more skipping class when he makes his way to the top of the ship, remembering the deal he made with Kasper and how he first met Koko.

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Well this was an interesting episode, for one thing we were finally able to see Jonah’s past and as unbelievable as it all is for a single kid to do it paints a much better picture of him, and his view towards the world. Alongside this it also introduced us to Koko’s brother, Kasper who seems to be the closest thing to a villain that the series has so far.

There isn’t exactly anything that explicitly screams that he’s evil but the way he appears to regard his job is kind of questionable, there was something of a smooth preplanned atmosphere to his actions in this episode, almost as if he intended to run into Jonah onboard. And in contrast to Koko’s overly cheerful demeanor he appears to possess a much more calmer one, which while not exactly important I still felt was worth noting. However the thing that seems to place him in this position however is the conflict that he has with Jonah, and even so, despite how much he may hate him he pretty much has his hands tied.

Jonah’s backstory, while in a way predictable, was also kind of nice to learn as well, it still doesn’t exactly explain how he, an orphan stuck in a small military base in the middle of Western Asia, can go up against professionals time and time again and still come out on top. Let alone how he even managed to wipe out an entire base of assumingly professional soldiers, other than luck, but I guess it’s the sort of thing where suspension of belief is key. But even so it was great to learn just what drives him, his friends in Kasper’s custody, and at the same time it was kind of sweet to see how he and Koko first met. Bringing the series full circle.

Most of all though I liked what it told us about his character, he’s gone through hell but he still maintains a rather optimistic view of the world, that despite that there’s still some things to be happy about in it. In a way it really says a lot, while we may see him as a kid who’s mostly emotionless except for the odd outburst it’s more like he’s confining himself to it for the sake of his friends. If anything he’s actually fairly selfless, for good reason he may despise arms dealers and all they stand for, but even so if it means that his friends will be looked after he’ll do anything that he has to. Even if it means taking up arms and helping them shift their wares. Personally I’m still rather uneasy of him being in his current position, but even so for him this development was great.


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