Jormungand 06

As they make their way towards South Africa, Koko and her team have to deal with some pirates unfortunate enough to come across their ship, meeting them of course with a ruthless overkill sort of strategy that sees all but one of them blown to smithereens. Koko being kind enough to send the one Jonah saved overboard.

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At this point Scarecrow happens to have run into the apparent head of the Chinese Daixinghai Company, Chang, and wastes little time in trying to intimidate him even if his threats aren’t going anywhere, his hired muscle having the crap beaten out of him by Chang’s subordinate Karen when he leaves the room and allowing them to simply up and leave before he gets back.

In South Africa who Koko has come to meet is introduced, Dr Miami, a Japanese robotics specialist with a certain fondness for butterflies sought after by various militaries. Elsewhere Valmet does something of a workout, chanting Africa, when she runs into Jonah and decides to give him some quick knife lessons. Following this Koko meets with Marine, who apologises for Dr Miami’s absence and explains that a mysterious Chinese man and his assistant have been meeting with Dr Miami recently. After which where they are is shown to be a weapons expo where Koko bumps into Curry’s group once more, and then he bumps into the man her brother warned her about, Chang. Who invites her to dinner.

From this Lehm leads Koko’s group out to recover Dr Miami from her butterfly hunt, and of course they’re not the only ones either, Karen leading a group of Chang’s men to catch her as well. Alongside this Karen is shown to bear a personal grudge towards Kasper and all those related to him. However her attempts to bring Koko’s team into an ambush are foiled when Jonah gets the idea to start making a lot of noise by shouting and firing to lure them out, Karen responding by attaching bayonets to her pistols and shooting the one who blew their cover. The dual bayonets seeming to strike a certain cord with Valmet.

Next Episode:


A little exaggerated but still a fun episode all the same. For one thing it certainly seems as if the plot is starting to pick up in this new arc, new characters are being introduced in force, including an opposing figure of sorts, and it looks like some of the deeper aspects to the characters will be touched upon. Overall this episode simply has a lot more staying power than those before it.

To start with the characters introduced, Dr Miami, the apparent focus of this arc seems pretty fun so far, she’s shown to have a lighthearted and slightly comical side. Relating to anything where rare and endangered butterflies are involved and is rather childish in how insistent she was on going hiking over meeting Koko. However at the same time that isn’t all there appears to be to her, alongside it she also appears to have a slightly colder side to her in how nonchalantly she talked about weapons created using her research, so while I don’t think exactly know enough to have a clear opinion, she still doesn’t seem all that bad so far.

Alongside her there was also Chang and Karen, and while I expected Kasper to be the overall villain of the story, they look to be taking that role in this arc and so far aren’t  that bad at it either. For one thing it was great to see them make short work of Scarecrow, who at this point really seems like more of a joke character than anything else, and beyond that the way that Chang holds himself is interesting as well. He seems to possess a calm and composed demeanor but at the same time there’s a certain subtleness to all his actions that says that he’s not to be underestimated. After him his assistant Karen also seems pretty good so far, she was utterly ruthless in this episode and was shown to bear a grudge of sorts against Kasper.

However most of all there’s also how her arrival means for Valmet, she isn’t directly the one behind the incident in Africa in her past, but her dual bayonets definitely struck a chord so there’s some chance she’s connected to it. Either way with the way that Valmet snapped at the end of the episode there shouldn’t only be a rather awesome fight between them, but also some more information on her, we know that something big happened in Africa for her but we still don’t know fully what that is. So with the next episode coming up it’ll be interesting to gain a better insight to her.


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